Monday, April 13, 2020

By Gary Rosenberg

As a student and teacher in Metaphysics I find myself returning to some basic truths which generally help me to get centered and understand what is being manifested in our world at any time.  Most of these I have discussed in past posts on my blog. However, they bear repeating at this time.

I always begin every exploration of manifestations in our world with the premise: “Behind every manifestation is a consciousness, an intention, an idea, a desire.”  What is meant by this statement? What we often refer to as God, the Creator, all that Is, the Divine and is pure consciousness – mind.  It manifests everything beginning with thought through a process It has created called Creation and governed by Universal Laws.  The laws I have cited here are just some of the basic ones.  There are many more and I encourage you to start exploring these.

The Universal Laws are impersonal, non-judgmental and always enforce.  Likewise, the Divine is impersonal non-judgmental and always ready to interact with us.  As that of the Divine, created by the Divine we are at our essence pure consciousness, what we often refer to as the Soul or Inner Being.  As that of the Divine we also have the powers to create or co-create similarly as does the Divine, beginning with our thoughts.  Our purpose is to receive love from the Divine and express this in our own special way. Being blessed with free-will and immortality we get to express what we desire most regardless of the outcome.  We continue to co-create eternally manifesting realities.  Those realities we want we call good.  Those realities we don’t want we call bad.

The Divine doesn’t care what we manifest.  It continues to bestow It’s love and Goodness on us always and it is simply up to us whether we are open to receive it or not.  Once we receive this love, we are to bestow it on others and the process of reception and bestowal of Divine Love continues in reciprocal fashion.

So, as we look upon our world today and wonder, what kind of God would allow this, the coronavirus to happen, we have to remember that It is a God which created us with the free-will to use our powers of co-creation in any way we choose.  It does not punish us for what we create.  If what we co-create manifests a world of dis-ease, pain and struggle, the pain and struggle is the result of our thoughts and desires interacting with the Universal Laws.  If we do not like what has been manifested in our world then we need to take a hard look at how our thoughts, desires, words and actions may have contributed to this and change them.

We need to seek truth with all honesty, recognize our mistakes in our thinking and desires both individually and collectively, work to correct them without passing judgment and reimagine a new world we really want.  This is a world which does not manifest so much pain and struggle, which understands our interconnectedness with each other and all life and which purpose is to bestow love.

Our world at this writing is experiencing yet another manifestation of a long history of cause-effect relationships of thought which began some 400,000 years ago with the introduction of the Anunnaki to our world.  This was a visitation of beings from another planet with powers of creation focused mostly on technological manifestations.  They were technologically advanced and spiritually immature. These beings who looked a lot like us were the creators of our modern- day humans through bio-genetics.  They brought with them a consciousness of separation, domination, exploitation and disassociation to our world which has been carried within us manifesting in unconscious fashion all the events leading up to today. 

I will not get into a discussion of the Anunnaki in this writing. You can learn more about them by exploring the works of people like Zecharia Sitchin and others who have translated the Sumerian Tablets which pre-de the Old Testament by 2500 years. Once you understand who the Anunnaki are you will better understand why our world is the way it is.

 I will discuss the Anunnaki in a future post.  For now, simply understand that the current coronavirus pandemic is yet another human drama created by our collective consciousness of separation handed down by the Anunnaki.  Through this consciousness of separation and disassociation we have manifested a world which is now unraveling with our whole biosphere and ecology nearing total collapse ensuring all manifestations of living things cease to exist including us.

In the midst of this truly existential threat the coronavirus drama continues to exhibit our total disassociation with reality as information through the news and social media abounds with distraction, fear, misinformation, contradictions and outright lies.  While I don’t doubt that the coronavirus exists, there are multiple agenda being played out taking advantage of the situation including world domination, personal power, political power, exploitation, fear, personal profit and likely more.  I honestly doubt there is an altruistic motive behind the response to this event. It is up to us individually and collectively to seek and demand truth from those powers which have managed this epoch- making travesty and visualize our own new world which is inclusive, cooperative, egalitarian, interconnected and with the purpose of a more harmonic Humanity.

The issues we face are much bigger than the coronavirus.  The major challenges for Humanity remain: How we are to fix all the manifestations of mistakes made over millennia?  How do we clean the oceans?  How do we decommission all the lethal nuclear plants?  How do we de-escalate nuclear arms? How do we begin to eliminate all the toxins in our environment from pesticides and herbicides to all the chemicals in our air and water?  How do we stop climate engineering? How do we re-design cities for more sustainability and interconnection with each other and the environment?  How do we ensure free and just societies in the future?  When and how do we reset our individual and collective consciousness to do this and so much more?

Remember we are that of God.  We have been created with free-will, the power to co-create and immortality.  Even though we may be heavily influenced by the consciousness of the ego-based Anunnaki we also have within us the consciousness of Divine Love.  It is totally up to us which of these we choose to manifest in our lives. The more of us who choose Love, oneness, fearlessness and cooperation over separation, fear, domination and exploitation the sooner we will see a shift in how we collectively address our current and future challenges

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