Monday, November 7, 2016

by Gary Rosenberg

I’d like to engage us in a discussion to try and decipher what I see as the cause of the current world dysfunction and seeming chaos in so many countries across the planet.  This discussion is not meant to convince you of any particular ideas or potential solutions, but to give you an opportunity to expand all kinds of possibilities beyond what we typically see as reality.  What we tend to consider as real is very limiting in terms of who we really are and the power we have to manifest reality knowingly or unknowingly in our world.

Many of you over the course of your lives have read spiritual writings and/or participated in spiritual experiences such as yoga, meditation, psychic readings, retreats and more.  As such then you are aware that much more is going on in Life than we experience in our world.  I have had numerous such events in my life the most recent one which was a 2x4 across my head which finally forced me to focus on my self-realization process.  With the help of some extraordinary people, my determination and spiritual guidance I have made exceptional progress in my personal health challenges and surpassed my spiritual expectations.  There is still a long, long way to go in this the journey which is full of joy and love.

The discussion in this and following posts will be influenced by my personal experiences and validations throughout my life.  I will attempt to relate our personal power with what is going on in the world and how, while sometimes seemingly impossible we all have the power to change things.  One resource I will recommend which has had the greatest influence on my life is “Conversations with God” (the complete works) by Neale Donald Walsh.  If you’ve read this, I suggest you read it again.  If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to.  I have read numerous spiritual and philosophical writings and this one book beautifully explains so much with logic and Love that it should resonate with most of you.

OK.  So, let’s jump right in.  Why is the world so messed up?   Everything starts with our thoughts:  Our personal disposition, our health, our personal lives, our families, our friends, our communities, countries and world are manifested as our thoughts think them.  Our material creations manifest themselves through our thoughts.  Wars are manifested through our thoughts.  Loving communities are manifested through our thoughts.  This is important, because our thoughts and therefore all of us are very powerful.

Throughout history God has sent numerous messengers (Jesus, Krsna, Buddha, spiritual writers, spiritual leaders, yogis, gurus, etc) to help us remember who we really are (which is Love) and how powerful we are.  We are powerful because God has made us in his/her image.  This means we have the powers of God to create. 

Life is a process of never ending self-realization.  In this process we never die, our Self or Soul only manifests itself into another form.  In this process we forget who we truly are (Love) and based on our spiritual evolution some of us take more or less time to figure this out.  Just like God we have the power to create.  Our power to create depends on our connection with the Universe and our ability to focus our thoughts on that which we want to create.  The Universe will give us whatever we want, if we know how to communicate properly.  Not communicating properly can lead to some pretty bad results.  (My personal negativity had much to do with my ill-health).

In this world of duality God has assembled for us he has given us free choice in the process of remembering who we are.  For we cannot know what we are (Love) if we do not experience what we are not (Fear).  The trick is to always remember that we are Love and not get lost in Fear.  Remember, we do not die – ever.  Once you get beyond Fear, there is nothing but Joy.

This is easily said, but very difficult to achieve without detachment from our material world; discriminate between desire and true power in your thoughts (“I want” vs. “I am”) and be disciplined to practice a life of truth and love every day (meditation, gratitude, service, kindness, patience, calmness, respect for yourself and others).  Ancient India until this day has a whole system of gurus who teach this method.  As we know they have attempted to help humanity in this and other countries.  It is a long and determined process.

How do we get what we want from the Universe?  The process is called:  Thought, Word, and Deed.  You think it; you state it or write it and you act on it over and over and over again.  The statements have to exhibit your confidence in your power to create your reality.  If you are not clear on this you can expect to get the opposite of what you want.  To say I want money over and over again will only continue to place you in a position where you want money, because that is what the Universe hears.  Your statement of confidence needs to be, “I am wealthy.”  And, you have to take actions which will help achieve wealth.

In my personal situation one of my positive affirmations to the Universe I repeat every day is, “I am healthy, I am happy, I am holy.”  Let’s look at “I am healthy.”  I repeat this silently  in my thoughts every day when I go for my walks.  I have dramatically changed my diet and eat purely vegetarian, organic whole and non-processed foods.  I exercise and meditate daily and read positive oriented books and partake in joyful activities.  I am working with alternative health practitioners and an energy healer.  Through this process I am getting better at detachment, meaning that negative energies have less of an effect on me and material things have lost their importance.

Within our world and throughout the Universe there are civilizations which have achieved different levels of spiritual evolution.  Our world can be described as spiritually primitive.  This is not a value judgement, only an observation.  Just read the daily paper, listen to the news or watch TV and you know what I’m talking about.  Spiritually primitive people and societies run on fear and their realities manifest this fear because their thoughts constantly think fear. 

If we want to change our personal reality and on a larger scale our society we need to detach ourselves from fear and focus our thoughts on Love every day all the time.  And, we have to act in Love every day all the time.  Again, this is not an easy task, but by taking steps each day we will start to see results, particularly on a personal level.

Our world has manifested so much despair and fear because of the constant collective barrage of fear and negative thoughts and actions.  We are unknowingly communicating all of this to the Universe which is responding in kind.  The Universe does not make value judgements.  It only responds to what we think and do.  That is how powerful we are.

In the midst of a spiritually primitive world there are people and societies who are more spiritually advanced and their lives often manifest this.  However, sooner or later the prevalence of negative thoughts and actions may catch up with everyone such as the constant exploitation of nature, social manipulations and the misuse of technology.  In fact I would say we are too spiritually primitive to have been given the technology we have today.  A spiritually advanced civilization would never have made the atom bomb or the vast arsenal of poisonous chemicals we have unleashed on the planet.

In ending this conversation I will summarize some concepts to think about:

The Universe responds to our consistent thoughts and actions.  The Universe does not make judgements.  For the Universe there is no right or wrong, only what our thoughts (our power) through consistent repetition manifest in our physical world by communicating with the Universe.

There are no rules.  We get to make up our own rules (free will).  For the Universe there are only universal laws (i.e. Do unto others as you would unto yourself; what goes around comes around; we are all one)

God loves us unconditionally and nothing we do in the self-realization process will change this unconditional love.  “Anything goes,” but there are consequences for our actions (what goes around comes around).

Our true essence is Love, but we have to remember this and the self-realization process is to help us remember.

In this world we get to make our own rules (God still loves us unconditionally).  The rules we make and how we solve our problems define who we are (Spiritually primitive or spiritually advanced; fear or Love.)

Anyone can develop the power of thought word and deed and through this power manifest whatever they want.

If we want to change our world we need to advance our collective spiritual growth.

In the end, nothing matters. We never die.  We all go to God’s realm of Joy and get to continue with the self-realization process manifested in another body and even another world.   We have nothing to fear. 

With nothing to fear, what will you do?

Know you are powerful, know you are Love.

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