Monday, August 16, 2021



By Gary Rosenberg


What are the ways to get to Knowledge?  What are the ways to discern the true from the false?   It is Knowledge which shows the way to Truth.

To gain Knowledge one must first desire Truth. One must set the intention to seek Truth.

To activate Knowledge, one must practice seeking Truth. 

One must trust God, the Universe and our Teachers.

One must be observant without judgment and pay attention to one’s inner knowing.

In our world of form, of 3D there is much deception, half-truths and illusions all for the purpose of individual self-benefit.  This is due to our separation from God which makes us feel separate from each other, Nature and The Greater Community.

In order to gain access to Knowledge we have to accept our interconnection with everything.  We have to accept that our thoughts and actions affect the wider Universe including the Greater Community.  We have to try and think about how our thoughts and actions affect the Whole.

Seeking truth in our world means asking questions of those we engage with, of ourselves, of our Teachers and of the Universe.  Always seek validation of any statement of truth.

Know that Truth is neither good nor bad.  It is Truth.  Our world is part of God’s Creation which has certain Laws and Truths.  The Universal Laws are always enforced and it is these Laws we need to reference when seeking true from false.

For example, the Universal Law of Oneness tells us that everything is connected.  Nothing goes untouched by what we do, say or think.  What we do on this planet affects the wider Universe in terms of energy, thoughts and manifestations.

Gaining access to Knowledge requires a confidence in ourselves to know what is true or false.  To accept what is real and to embrace this reality as Truth.  Living in denial does not change the Truth and only keeps us from doing the work we are here to do.

There is a bridging of the physical and the spiritual/energy/consciousness worlds.  The physical world is comprised of manifestations or expressions of consciousness/intention. Quantum Physics has shown us this.

Our intuition or sixth sense is a way we can discern true from false.  It can be a feeling or simply ‘knowing.’  To gain Knowledge we must practice this sense or knowing and pay attention how often we are correct or not.

There are those in the world who speak truth.  We need to pay attention to those we gravitate to and validate if what they say or teach is true or false or half -truths.

 Be willing to experience new things, meet new people, listen to ideas without judgment.

Be willing to take risks.

Become a good listener:  Listen to other people, listen to your Teachers, listen to your Inner Self.


Monday, August 2, 2021



By Gary Rosenberg


We are well over a year into the Covid-19 Event and after daily mind- numbing media blasts of fear and division while only a short respite from such terrorism we now find sectors of the world drumming up more of the same behavior modification programming with the “Delta Variant.”

As the media madness around Covid-19 rages on let’s consider how and where Humanity’s time and energy has been spent in the most orchestrated global mass mind control in history:

Quarantines, lock-downs and shut-down businesses resulting in heavy negative impacts to economies

Huge national debt,

Lost jobs

Masking and social distancing

Social divisions between vaccinated and unvaccinated

Huge profits by pharmaceutical companies

Increased suicides with surprising rise in child suicides

Total distortion of science with the media calling applied science “the science” and pure science as “conspiracy theorists.”

Unprecedented censorship

So called “experts” with no medical expertise

Conflicts of interest.

Lies, distortions, hypocrisy, changing narratives and personal agendas


All of this becomes a strategy for social control on a global scale.  Why?  What’s really going on?

First recognize that we live in a highly toxic world with myriad synthetic chemicals, nuclear waste, nuclear emissions, nano-particles of plastic, daily stratospheric aerosol spraying of nano-particles of aluminum, barium strontium and who knows what else, waste dumps piling up uncontrollably, a proliferation of toxic pharmaceutical drugs, illicit drugs, pesticides, herbicides, EMFs and whatever the so-called scientists decide to dream up next.

So, do you think people are getting sick?  Under this constant attack on our bodies, it’s amazing we have lasted as long as we have.

Then we have the total ecological collapse of the planet including the depletion of the Ozone layer and amazingly enough we’re all transfixed on Covid and now the ‘deadly’ Delta variant as the planet burns.

Know that the collapse of the planet’s ecological system is the collapse of Humanity and it is happening fast regardless of what your locale might look like.  The major cause of this collapse is geoengineering and only a few people talk about this while the population is transfixed on the ‘virus’ which has never been isolated, only identified as genomic code by the Chinese and is likely a bioweapon based on the book, Is Covid-19 a Bioweapon by Dr. Richard M. Fleming.

We live in an insane asylum where the majority of people go about their daily lives with the hope someone else will fix the problem and totally ignore the world around them.  For those who demand truth, the solution to the myriad of existential problems we face is not the vaccine, it is an awakening of the human population to what is really going on.

Enter the Alien Intervention

I would suggest that before you continue reading you take some deep breaths, relax, open your mind to greater possibilities for what Life is about and try to remember one important thing:  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We are much more than we seem.

I will not get into a deep spiritual or metaphysical discussion as I have links to this kind of information for those interested.  However, what we call Life goes well beyond what we are experiencing in our world and beyond what our minds can comprehend at this time.  The purpose of this paper is to awaken people to the truth of our world and why humans and our world are in such turmoil – and offer some suggestions on what we as the Human Race need to do to persevere and evolve into sovereign creations of God.

The planet Earth has been visited or intervened by other intelligent life for Millennia.  Most of the information on these interventions or colonization like the Atlanteans, Pleiadians and Lemurians has been handed down through word of mouth.  However, there is one great gift that past civilizations have left us and states in writing how humans as we are today have come into being:  The Sumerian Tablets.

These tablets written almost 6,000 years ago in Cuneiform have been deciphered by numbers of people, the most noted is Zechariah Sitchin.  For those who may be interested I highly recommend you do your own exploration of this extraordinary event in Human/Earth history.  You might start with Sitchin’s first work, The 12th Planet.

The Sumerian Tablets tell the detailed story of how some 450,000 years ago our planet was visited and later inhabited by an extraterrestrial species called the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki came here principally for Earth’s minerals and other resources which could be used for maintaining their way of life.  Their intention was to exploit the planet for what they wanted beginning with gold mines.

The stories of the Anunnaki are interesting because they depict a species who were technologically advanced and spiritually and emotionally immature (DNA of the Gods, Chris H. Hardy, PhD).  They brought to our world much technology we see today including computers, smart phones, space travel, genetic engineering, energy technology and cities.  They also brought Patriarchy, conflict, weapons of mass destruction, a desire to dominate Nature and an ego-consciousness of separation which permeates our world today.

They used slaves called the Igigi to work in the mines for 150,000 years until they rebelled. In order to fulfill the mining needs, one of the leaders of the Anunnaki, Enki set out to genetically engineer Homo Erectus to be capable of working in the mines.

There were many trials, mistakes and monster creations manifested over time.  With the first ‘workable’ lulu created it was found they could not procreate.  Enki realized he could not continue to clone these workers for as many needed in the mines.  He worked with Ninhursag, a superior geneticist and “Mother” of Homo Sapiens who helped him, “come up with a human couple who could be a match for their own mind and culture.” (DNA of the Gods, Hardy, page 93).

We humans are a hybrid species whose ancestor, Homo Erectus was genetically engineered and this genetically engineered life form then procreated with the existing Anunnaki on the planet to form our civilization of hybrid species, Homo Sapiens.

However, as I alluded to earlier there have been a number of Alien visitations to our planet throughout its history.  The Anunnaki was just one such ET intelligence influencing our world.  There have been more and their influence is strong.  They have come for our resources and control of the planet.  They have technology far superior to ours including genetic engineering, mind control, climate engineering, dimensional travel and engage in interstellar trade.

As humans living on the planet Earth, we have entered the Greater Community of worlds in a Universe of separation from God.  This is not some biblical jargon.  This is real, it is the world we live in and we need to come to grips with it because it explains everything going on. For those who find this difficult to grasp I would suggest it is because to understand the spiritual world and how it affects our physical world of form you need to go beyond reason. 

Humans have been totally unprepared for this and even with some extraordinary guidance we have made huge mistakes which will take us thousands of years to begin to correct only if we find it within ourselves to accept the truth and take appropriate action.

Why do you think such bizarre things are going on right now?  At the same time our planet is in total ecological collapse, we are focused on a ‘virus.’  Yet people demand life get back to ‘normal.’  We have another sector of the Human Race who can’t wait to get to Space, Mars and beyond.  We create deadly networks of 5G satellites in space and on the ground, we are infatuated with genetic engineering and have established dangerous biolabs all over the planet, governments seem only interested in surveillance and control and we continue to consume  relentlessly depleting our resources.

People continue to look to governments to fix everything and it is these same governments which are causing the problems. Is this not insanity?  We are truly a slave species as described in Michael Tellinger’s book, Slave Species of god.

The evidence of ET intelligent beings here on Earth now and for quite some time is widely available and it is quite clear that governments have intentionally covered up this truth.

In 1997 Jim Marrs (December 5, 1943 – August 2, 2017) published a remarkably researched book, Alien Agenda.  Marrs’ research takes us through a documentation of modern history encounters with ET manifestations which combined with the sources of this information makes for a compelling new appraisal of our world.  It also documents a conflict between sectors of our Military; those who wanted to disclose the Alien presence and those (the CIA) who wanted to cover it up. 

The enhanced UFO sightings began in 1947, the same year the National Security Act was passed and the CIA was formed.  Beginning in 1947 the U.S. Airforce began to explore if these sightings posed a threat.  The program operated under the code names Sign, Grudge and Blue Book.  In 1952 the CIA notified the Airforce that they were taking over the UFO research and it was no longer the jurisdiction of the Airforce (which of course reported many of the sightings.)  This began the cover up.

In 1953 President Eisenhower established a parallel research and study program, Project Gleem which was changed to Project Aquarius in 1966.

In 1958 an abandoned and operational UFO was discovered in Utah with technological data only some scientists could understand.

In 1966 the United States established contact with aliens and “felt relatively sure the Aliens’ exploration of Earth was non-aggressive and non-hostile…”  (Alien Agenda, Jim Marrs, 1997, Page 113)

In 1972 The CIA approached Harold Puthoff, who with Ingo Swann worked on psychic research, was approached by the CIA.  The CIA was concerned with the Soviet Union’s work in parapsychology and wanted to engage their work for the CIA.  This began the government's Remote Viewer program which uncovered much about the ET phenomena.  So, while the CIA was covering up the Alien presence as “conspiracy,” they were heavy into work in this area.  (Alien Agenda, Jim Marrs, 1997, Page 303)

Independent research on the UFO/ET phenomena has continued for decades, most of which has been discounted as “conspiracy theory.”  The CIA and governments throughout the world have done an excellent job of hiding the truth because the ET beings want to do what they are doing here unimpeded for as long as they can and certain self-appointed human groups have obliged.

Linda Moulton Howe, an independent investigator who has been researching animal mutilations and the ET phenomena for over 30 years has uncovered truths about the Alien Intervention which have been substantiated by others including Jim Marrs, Col. Philip J. Corso (May 22, 1915 – July 16, 1998), David M. Jacobs, PhD, Maj. David Morehouse , Dr. J. Allen Hynek (May 1, 1910 – April 27, 1986) and so many more. 

There are a number of recent interviews with Moulton Howe three of which I will cite now and can be seen here, and here.

Below is a summary of three interviews: 

May 5, 2021 with Alexis Brooks (2018)

Secrecy is being enforced by ETs who do not want us to know there is inter-breeding going on.  (This is explored more in the works of David M. Jacobs, PhD. Which will be discussed below).

The goal of government is to block Nature and collapse Earth’s magnetic field, because we know we are in a Universe where other intelligence takes advantage of these magnetic field collapses.  Portals open up with collapsing magnetic fields. Lt. Philip Corso talks of places that have active portals.

The ETs came to the government with technology which we see manifested throughout life today.

The underground Alien presence on Earth as an existential threat to humans. There is a secret war with some non-human ET group(s). (Consider that in the Sumerian Tablets they talk about wars between different Anunnaki factions.)

The agenda of the 1% totalitarian regime is that Earth becomes a barter machine with other life forms in the Universe.  In fact, that is the direction we are in now.


December 15, 2020 with Howard Hughes

There has been a harvest of genetic material from this planet.

One of the big pieces of the Alien Agenda of ETs is to harvest genetic material to mix and match genetic material from humans. 

ETs harvest genetic material, terraforming the planet (Terraforming is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying the atmospheretemperature, surface topography or ecology of a planetmoon, or other body to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life.) (Geoengineering?)

We are one of the genetic experiments with the ETs.  We are an ET experiment.

The controllers will keep all this secret as best they can and have been doing so from 1947 to the present.

We have been lied to by policies of denial.  FDR was aware of space vehicles – with clones.  Truman in 1947 was told in June of that year of reports of 9 craft/saucers.  One week later a craft crashes in Roswell.

By getting people on Mars, it will not matter what happens on Earth.  Certain humans in some form will survive on other planets. 

A lot of the UFO phenomena interacting with this planet is Artificial Intelligence.  So much of what we see in our skies is AI.

June 20, 2020 with Alexis Brooks

The government knows that Earth is considered to be laboratory property by at least 3 alien groups for the last 250,000 years

Alien intelligence beings have been manipulating DNA.

Certain individuals with the United States and its WW II allies took it upon themselves to negotiate a treaty of collaboration with the ET presence in the 1960s.  This gave permission to Alien groups to trade technology for mutilations and abductions?

The whole history of Earth is due to the competing ET civilizations.

We have been engaged with interstellar trade since 1972 with one or more ET civilizations. What are they trading?  Everyone likes and needs gold.  We have been receiving scarce elements.

The planet had been divided up by the ET groups for control.  Three of the competing ET civilizations do not have the same experimental priorities.

Note that the only commodity is trade.  These three groups trade amongst each other.

So, what is the Alien agenda in this world?  Nothing less than total control of the planet for its resources.  The ET beings see human and all life as simply an experiment to create whatever it is they need for their own survival.  A big part of this agenda is genetic engineering which includes human abductions for sexual gametes and to help in the creation of human hybrids and more advanced hubrids as discussed in David M. Jacobs book, Walking Among Us (Disinformation Books 2015). 

Human abductions have been going on for decades and Dr. Jacobs 30 - year investigation provides detailed information from abductees through hypnosis to corroborate much of what has been discussed here.  Not only are Alien beings in our world but there are likely thousands if not hundreds of thousands of genetically engineered hybrids among us who are totally aligned with and subservient to their ET creators and their agenda of intervention and control of the planet.  These hybrids are now influencing in governments, corporations and other institutions all over the world.

Then there is the detailed description of the Alien Agenda painstakingly researched and delivered in Elana Freeland’s book Under an Ionized Sky.  This could be the most important book of the 21st Century and while she doesn’t say so, she is reporting to us the manifestations of the Alien Intervention in its creation of a world-wide Technocracy:

“An era of Nazi mental rape and extreme human rights abuse is upon us.  DEWs assure plausible deniability in a jurisprudence system foundering on a bygone age.  RFID readers track our driver’s licenses and subcutaneous nanosensor microchips. Discs like stadium loudspeakers direct bi-phase polarity frequencies from microwave towers.  The Homeland Smart Grid is locked in place for the Space Fence Transhumanist Age speeding humanity toward an ‘enhanced’ future.”

-Under an Ionized Sky, Page 339

God Speaks

In 1996 a humble Presbyterian Minister, Marshall Vian Summers began hearing a sound in his head: “Please receive us, please receive us.”  He was not sure what this was but did not want to get involved and ignored it.  After some time of hearing the same message he accepted and the beginning of a Divine Message unlike any Humanity has received began – for 40 years.

The request to “receive” was from a group of beings on other worlds combining their telepathic powers to make contact with Earth.  They referred to themselves as the Allies of Humanity and their message was a warning: “Humans were fast entering the Greater Community of worlds and were woefully unprepared. “The Allies' message was long and detailed, comprising 4 Books.  It described a Universe of billions of worlds of higher intelligent life, how it functioned, the trade and interventions that went on between different races of different worlds, how these worlds destroyed their own planets with the desire for increasing technology and depleted their resources to do so and how many of them traveled the Universe in search of other worlds to exploit and sustain themselves.    

These are worlds of higher intelligence and technologically advanced.  They are also spiritually immature as the universe Earth resides in is a universe of separation from God.  The message goes on to explain what we must do and how me must do it to maintain our sovereignty.  We (or those who have chosen to represent Humanity for their own self-interest) have done much of what we were warned not to do including negotiating and trading with the Alien intervenors.   

The message said not to trust the intervenors for Humanity’s true allies would not venture out beyond their own worlds because it is too dangerous.  The Alien intervenors are powerful.  They do not use weapons.  They do not have to.  They are masters at mind-control and technology.  Humans are not advanced enough to resist this.  Thus, the world we find ourselves in.

However, we must resist no matter how challenging or dangerous this may be.  For the future of humanity depends on humans demanding the truth, that the intervenors leave and that those humans who have malevolently acted on behalf of all humanity be held accountable. The intervenors do not expect resistance.  They think they are too powerful and we are too weak.

The Allies message identified 4 parts to the Alien intervention:

1)      Influencing individual political and commercial power leaders.  Promising them technology, wealth and power.

2)      Creating hidden establishments in the world to project influence and ideas in a wide scale – as a pacification program, (i.e. entertainment, social media, gizmos, infatuations with sex, consumption of things, holographic spiritual images etc.)  Amplifying certain negative thoughts and emotions in the mental environment (i.e. fear and division)

3)      Manipulating spiritual and religious beliefs. While our spirituality is a gift we have to give the Greater Community, it can be manipulated and used against us.  The Universe is a universe of competing powers.  The ability of the intervenors to influence is centered in the mind.  There are many back-doors into our mind. In the mental environment unseen forces can be used against us (i.e. angels, saviors, etc.) The intervenors are masters of mind control.

4)      Hybridization programs to help integrate the ET experience into a human being. Create the ET/Alien leadership for our world.  These hybrid beings look human but fundamentally they are not. (Transhumanism)

The end goal is to present the intervention as a spiritual force, manipulating our spirituality.  The strategy of the alien agenda is to direct the actions of people in some way.

They want us to feel overwhelmed.  The intervention sets up conspiracy theories.

How to Counter the Intervention

We have to disclose and vocalize our rejection of the intervenors, their offers, their programs and their presence.  We have to vocalize our demand that they leave, they have not been invited, they have deceived and coerced people to do and sign things we as Humanity do not accept. For example, the Anunnaki genetically engineered Homo Erectus who never gave permission for such an experiment and whose evolution at that time was such that the Anunnaki truly took advantage of the situation for personal self-benefit (the creation of a slave-species.)

The intervenors do not anticipate dissent. 

Demand disclosure of the intervention of the ET presence.  Demand the intervenors leave.  At this time based on those who have been influenced it looks like we have welcomed the intervention – we have not.

Demand disclosure and accountability of the elite controllers who took it upon themselves to negotiate on behalf of Humanity with the ET intervenors.  These include the U.S. and its Allies from WWII.

Contact has begun.  It is an intervention.  We are the native peoples whether genetically engineered or not.

Three requirements of Humanity as expressed by the Allies of Humanity:


Unity (Reconciliation, restoration of faith in one another)

Discretion (stop advertising what we are doing to the rest of the Universe)

In addition to the Allies of Humanity Message in 1981 Marshal Vian Summers began receiving a major beautiful Message from the Angelic realm with volumes of works which can only be described as a gift from God.  It is a spiritual practice with wisdom and guidance unlike any I have encountered in my 7 years of a deep my spiritual journey.  I encourage you to take a look at it.


Where to Go from Here?

The Covid-19 ongoing event is nothing but a campaign of fear, distraction and control.  It is likely genetically engineered and released purposely or by accident but has not been proven to exist.  It is part of the Alien agenda of chaos being executed by aligned humans (and Alien engineered hybrids) who have been duped into accepting promises of technology, power, trips to Mars and other places of excitement for them.  The Aliens do not care about them as they do not care about us.  The human controllers are being used just as we are being abused.  The Alien mind-control operations are that powerful.

We first need to recognize our new reality and accept the truth of our world and nothing less.  As hard as this is, we also need to accept our true essence as that of God is immortal.  While our physical bodies perish, our inner light or soul is eternal and is here now to do work – the work of freeing Humanity from the Alien intervention and our personal and collective egos.

We humans need to unite as one Race if we are to survive with any future sovereignty in the Greater Community.  This does not mean giving up our individual freedoms.  It means working cooperatively to solve the myriad of problems of an agenda disassociated from the very Nature that supports us and that we are intimately connected with. The Greater Community sees us as the Human Race.  The constant messaging of tribal divisions is to make us weak and easy to exploit.

As more and more of us become aware of our true reality we need to try and be patient and compassionate with those who don’t.  Yet, we cannot compromise on the truth. We must pursue correction with wisdom, strength, Knowledge, integrity and fearlessness.  For we are here for a purpose and it is self-evident once we open ourselves to know and receive it.

The resistance needs to start now. We need to be talking about the Alien intervention in knowledgeable fashion recognizing the power the Aliens have and the power we have as sovereign beings as that of God.  What we begin in this lifetime will be carried over into the next advancing us and Humanity along the way.

I encourage you to take this seriously.  We are not here for vacation.  We are here to do work.  When we depart this world and go back to our Ancient Home, we will rest.  Then we will get our next mission. We are the warriors of Humanity.  We are the collective voice of Truth.  We have chosen to be here and we are not done – we have only just begun.