Tuesday, September 8, 2020



By Gary Rosenberg

 “Behind everything manifested in our 3rd dimensional world is an intention – a thought, idea, desire.”

-Gary Rosenberg, Life Coach, student and teacher of Metaphysics

Our world is the world of results and the Spiritual world is the world of cause. 

-Kabbalah Wisdom

Our world is reaching an inflection point.  Humanity is at a major crossroads.  The path forward from this moment will require a collective awakening and awareness of who we really are and the strongest of intentions to choose Humanity’s destiny.  If we are happy with Humanity’s current trajectory, in denial of this reality or simply care not to think about it we will manifest one reality.  If we are dissatisfied with our current created world and desire with determination to change it, we will manifest another reality.  It is our choice.  There is no Messiah, no White Knight, not even God will make this choice for us - will not save us from ourselves.  This is what free-will is about.  Each of us individually and collectively have helped create our world of today. Each of us individually and collectively are responsible for Humanity’s future direction.

This paper will attempt to explore a theory, perspective and possibilities of how we have come to this point of seeming fast moving chaos.  It will take into account the translations and interpretations of the works of those who have studied the Sumerian tablets written in cuneiform 2500 years before the Old Testament and other Messengers.  This includes the works of Zechariah Sitchin, Michael Tellinger, Chris H. Hardy, Shafak Gok Turk and others.

The Sumerian tablets are considered by many to simply be myths; that the people of the period would spend much, much time and energy to make up and carve in stone imaginary stories. We are talking about tens of thousands of tablets. Others interpret these writings to be based on more truth than fiction. While their interpretations may be imperfect my theory of their work is based in part on what we have manifested in our world today; that what they have discovered is in fact the intention behind what we see manifested in today’s world. For the Sumerian tablets describe intentions on the part of the Anunnaki, extraterrestrial beings very similar to humans today which set off a whole series of cause-effect events over 400,000 years ago creating our current world.  And, the momentum of such cause-effect events has reached a level of such discord that we now see a world on the edge of collapse, tyranny and fear.



 First let’s explore an old Kabbalah story of the creation of Humanity called the Shattering of Adam’s Soul.  As we continue, please keep in mind that I have taken the story and expanded it based on ideas received from Spirit as is much of this writing.

Humanity (referred to as Adam from Adama, meaning Human) as a creation of the Divine/God was at first a Creature of pure conscious thought like that of the Creator.  This Humanity (I will refer to as Human Creative Consciousness or HCC) was designed with free-will and the same powers to create as that of the Divine; to become a co-creator with the Divine.  HCC’s creations would be in worlds of form in which it’s thoughts, desires and intentions would manifest what the Divined hoped:  The Beauty and Goodness of Divine Intention. 

The Divine only wanted HCC to experience joy and love and constantly bestowed upon HCC the infinite powers of joy and love.  HCC would receive this energy and co-create manifestations of form accordingly. As the story goes at some point HCC receives this thought, this desire to be God/the Divine.  However, HCC could not be the Divine and so its soul shattered into 600,000 pieces throughout the Universe.

My deeper inquiry in thought into this story received the following ideas:  First where did HCC get this desire to be God?  Well as that of God HCC is part of and connected with God, so HCC most likely received the idea or desire to be God from God.  God could not exist if It did not have a desire to be Itself.

HCC having free-will misinterpreted this desire to be God as its own.  It was a Metaphysical misinterpretation.  However, once this desire was expressed with such great intensity interacting with the Universal Laws, they had to act.   The Universal Laws received the message “I want to be God” as “I am not God.”  For if HCC truly remembered its connection with God as that of God it would have realized it was already God.

So, the Universal Laws responded allowing HCC to manifest the illusion of 600,000 pieces (could be any number) of separation from God which really were pieces or levels of HCC consciousness from the most separated from God to the most connected to God.  Yes, regardless of HCC’s illusion it is and has always been that of God.

Why do I tell this story?  This story helps us understand that Humanity is much bigger than what we see and experience here on Earth.  The story implies that there are thousands or hundreds -of -thousands of species of Humans throughout the Galaxy and maybe beyond.  And, that these Human species are the manifestations of different worlds of consciousness all stemming from HCC’s Metaphysical misinterpretation; a thought which triggered the ego’s dominance. Each species of Humanity exhibits different levels of consciousness of separation as well as hold the God consciousness of Oneness, though deeply hidden by the illusion of ego.

Our world of form is currently in a deep level of consciousness of separation.  Most all the discord we see is the manifestation of this consciousness.  All of us, as that of HCC have individually and collectively manifested the world we see today.  All of us, as that of God have the power to change what exists with the greatest of intention.

However, the challenge is great and time is running out – such are the challenges upon challenges we have co-created.  It is time we understand exactly who we are, for the history of Humans in this world as described in the Sumerian Tablets may be essential for us to accept if we have any chance to change direction or start all over again.

 The writings of the Sumerian Tablets are extensive as are the works of Zecharia Sitchin and others.  I am offering here a much-shortened version of the story of the Anunnaki.  For those who may be interested I highly recommend you do your own exploration of this extraordinary event in Human/Earth history.  You might start with Sitchin’s first work, The 12th Planet.

The Sumerian Tablets tell the story of how some 450,000 years ago our planet was visited and later inhabited by an extraterrestrial species of Humanity called the Anunnaki.

 The Anunnaki arrived here on Earth 450,000 years ago from their planet of Nibiru whose orbit was/is elliptical around our sun allowing it to come closest to Earth every 3600 years.  It was during these times of closest proximity that the Anunnaki traveled to Earth.  The Sumerian Tablets describe in detail the journey of the Anunnaki including the planets and challenges they experienced on such a journey.  The Tablets also discuss in detail astronomy and astrology which would not normally be considered possible by Humans at that time as well as the creation of Pyramids and other structures.

The Anunnaki came here principally for Earth’s minerals and other resources which could be used for maintaining their way of life.  Their intention was to exploit the planet for what they wanted beginning with gold mines which are still present in South Africa and other parts of the globe. Their desire to exploit was not so different than our own today.  The fact that they found and chose a planet to exploit for resources is not unlike us seeking asteroids and other planets for our own exploitation.

The Anunnaki essentially set up a home away from home here on Earth before the rise of Homo Sapiens.  They first colonized the areas which would lend the resources necessary for survival including the landing and launching of space shuttles, water and land for food.  These areas included three river systems of the Nile, the Indus and the Tigris (12th Planet page. 285).

The leaders of the Anunnaki called the Nefilim set up shop on Earth led by two half-brothers; Enlil and Enki.  Enlil was in charge of ruling Earth and Enki, who was the technologist was in charge of the mines and creating the necessary infrastructure.

The stories of the Anunnaki are interesting because they depict a species of Humanity who were technologically advanced and spiritually and emotionally immature (DNA of the Gods, Chris H. Hardy, PhD).  They brought to our world much technology we see today including computers, smart phones, space travel, genetic engineering, energy technology and cities.  They also brought Patriarchy, conflict, weapons of mass destruction, a desire to dominate Nature and an ego-consciousness of separation which permeates our world today.

They exploited each other and for approximately 150,000 years they employed, through the direction of Enki a lower level of Anunnaki, the Igigi to work the hard labors of mining. That is until the Igigi rebelled at which time Enlil and his father Anu were forced to address the situation.  This matter was solved by Enki’s decision to create (genetically engineer) a lulu or primitive worker from Homo Erectus some 300,000 years ago. 

There were many trials, mistakes and monster creations manifested over time.  With the first ‘workable’ lulu created it was found they could not procreate.  Enki realized he could not continue to clone these workers for as many needed in the mines.  He worked with Ninhursag, a superior geneticist and “Mother” of Homo Sapiens help him “come up with a human couple who could be a match for their own mind and culture.” (DNA of the Gods, Hardy, page 93).

 Eventually, using Anunnaki DNA they created Adam and Eve, the first Homo Sapiens who could procreate new populations.  In fact, the Anunnaki eventually found the new human women so enticing they procreated with them and over time created the hybrid species we are today.  With the intervention of the Anunnaki in the evolution of Homo Erectus, we will never know what Humanity on Earth might have been.

However, we do have some clues.  Here is a description of Homo Erectus as seen by Anunnaki from the Akkadian text, “The Epic of Gilgamesh:”

He filled the pits that I had dug,

He tore up my traps which I had set;

The beasts and creatures of the steppe

He has made slip through my hands.

 And as Sitchin acknowledges from these writings, “…Yet he is not without substantial intelligence, for he knows how to tear up the traps and fill up the pits to catch animals.  In other words, he protected his animal friends from being caught by the alien hunters.”  (The 12th Planet, Sitchin, pages 342-343)

And we have today the Indigenous Peoples all over the world who persist with a close connection to Nature and the Divine. As an example, Australian Aborigines in the deep Outback have the keen ability to communicate telepathically for hundreds of miles and perform spiritual healing. (See Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening, Robbie Holz)

There is so much in the Sumerian Tablets which help us make sense of our world today if we take time to research the works of those who have deciphered them and open our minds to these very real possibilities.  We have reached such a critical point in the survival of Humanity in this world that I feel it necessary to bring to your attention the marvelous messages the Sumerians left us.  It is up to us whether we choose to pay attention or not.

Now let us explore the power of intention, desire and thought in what has been manifested in our world as creations of Humanity. (You may want to read HOW WE CREATE OUR WORLD – THE POWER OF THOUGHT I wrote several years ago) The Anunnaki are a species of Humanity and as such have the power to co-create with free-will as designed by the Creator. Some of them are most likely still with us today and/or their descendants.   They have trained disciples, Homo Sapiens to help rule the world and likely these people have extraordinary control and power over the planet. 

The Anunnaki first came to Earth with the intention to explore and exploit the planet for resources and material wealth.  They had no affinity for this world other than personal self-benefit.  They displayed by their actions a deep ego-consciousness of separation: Domination, anger, fear, jealousy, deceit and exploitation of all life for personal self-benefit. 

The two most influential Nefilim were the half-brothers Enlil and Enki who each established different factions on Earth which fought each other for dominance and control of sections if not the whole planet.  The Sumerian Tablets describe many such stories in detail.  Conflict was a hallmark of the Anunnaki.

Enlil had disdain for the lulu.  He would just as well use Homo Sapiens for their purpose as primitive workers and then see them all perish as he feared they would overrun the Anunnaki with their population growth.  Enki was the consummate technologist and was interested in seeing how far he could genetically engineer Homo Sapiens without allowing them to advance beyond the Anunnaki.  He therefore limited how long they would live and how much of their DNA would be activated.

By genetically engineering Homo Erectus with the intention to be lulus, Enki manifested a strong consciousness of slavery which influences our world to this day.  I would suggest that all of us continue to carry this slave consciousness within us which allows the majority of Humanity to be so easily manipulated.  Slavery has been with Humanity in our world for Millennia.

With the purposeful genetic engineering of Homo Erectus, Enki implanted in Homo Sapiens’ DNA an ego consciousness of separation which has little understanding nor interest in the Divine or Nature other than to manipulate it.  Homo Sapiens carry this consciousness within them and see little use for a greater understanding of how the Universe works, let alone just how powerful they are to create Goodness or what we refer to as Evil.

The Anunnaki intentions, thoughts and actions set off a whole series of cause and effect energies which have manifested exponentially; witness:

The intention to have Homo Sapiens procreate en masse has likely yielded 7.8 billion people today.  The intention was great.  Add to this the desire to dominate and the exponential energy of cause and effect is nearly unstoppable.

The ego consciousness of domination and Enlil’s desire to destroy humanity most likely has manifested in our near destruction as we have arsenals of weapons of mass destruction and non-stop wars between Humans all over the globe.

The consciousness of exploitation and separation from Earth/Nature has resulted in the very likely total collapse of life on this planet and soon.

The creation of a “slave species” has manifested in a world of beings who seek guidance from ‘experts’ in all facets of life and have willingly given up their power to the ‘gods.’  (See the book Slave Species of god,” by Michael Tellinger). Humans continue to exploit humans forming divisions which the ruling elite (‘gods’) easily manipulate.

The ego-centric consciousness of being God (rather than that of God) and thus separate from God opens the pandora’s box of genetically engineering anything and everything at a whim.  This has lead the way to Transhumanism which the whole effort with vaccines is part of.

The ongoing rape of the planet for natural resources well beyond what we need has all been promulgated by the Anunnaki ego-consciousness.

And yet at some point we too are responsible.  For within each and every one of us exists the consciousness of the Universe.  We all have many different levels of consciousness from the darkest ego-centric illusions to the highest God-consciousness reality.  We have the free-will to choose where we want to go individually and collectively.  However, we need to choose.  We need to take back our power.  We need to consciously desire Divine Love, Divine Goodness, Divine Justice and Divine Truth. 

We must understand just how powerful all Humans are in our interaction with Universal Laws (“rules of the road”) and the Divine through our thoughts and actions.  The world we see today is of our making, individually and collectively.  The Divine does not intervene.  It offers us messages and guidance to help us.  It has designed us with free-will which means we have to make choices.  It has sent to us messengers of all kinds throughout time to support us whether prophets, angels, spiritual writers and healers and our own ‘Mighty I am Presence.’  It has blessed us with immortality.   Ultimately It is up to us to decide when we wake up.  When we reject the negative ego-consciousness brought to this planet by the Anunnaki humans and choose our own path as the beautiful hybrid Human species, Homo Sapiens on our own terms we will be set free. We get to choose Divine Goodness as that of God or ego as that of the Anunnaki.

This is hard work and it must be done.  Now that we know, based on the Sumerian Tablets how we got here, where will we choose to go next?