Friday, October 6, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

Our path towards self-realization and the evolution of the soul is a long journey requiring a strong intention, determination, fearlessness, love and patience.  At this moment in our human evolution our soul or true essence remains elusive and unfamiliar to most of us.  We are still captured by our egos and desires for pleasure for personal self-benefit.  Our egos have grown in strength for millennia and within our world there are groups of people who have multiplied the power of their collective egos by working together.  Their power is such that we see their manifestations in war, hunger, toxic pollution, degradation of an exploited planet, greed, slavery and fear.

I recall a friend who was a Chinese herbalist and medical practitioner who said that Chinese medicine believes the longer you have been ill, the longer it will take to heal.  Humanity has been ill spiritually for nearly as long as our creation and therefor it requires a concerted effort, time and patience for us to heal.

Part of the healing process will involve people to make their personal spiritual growth their number one priority.  This starts with an understanding that connecting with and freeing our soul is really what our life path is about.  That by freeing our soul we supersede our ego as the power to create our realities and interact with the Universe through love and bestowal instead of fear and desire.

We all have the intuitive knowledge to know that this is our true path, some of us more than others.  Many of us may find that this intuition is deeply latent and seemingly unknowable, but it is in all of us.  When we hear of people becoming ‘awake,’ self-realized,’ miraculously healed’ or having an ‘epiphany,’ we are referring to a process of connection with our soul and the Universe which manifests in joy and love.

For far too many of us our life struggles and challenges distract us from this path.  For others, personal desire becomes a key distraction.  However, we all have the capacity to become powerful spiritually evolved beings, regardless of our station in life.  And, those of us who have found our deep connection with our soul have a responsibility to help others who may find the path too difficult.

The solution to healing humanity will come from the spiritual world, the world of causes, not from the corporeal world, the world of results.  So, how do we make that connection with our soul and the Universe and with this begin to help heal the world?

First, start to think about what the soul is.  This does not necessarily require reading books on the spiritual or even attending church or other spiritual gatherings, though I will talk about this later.  

What I am suggesting is pay attention to the thoughts that go through your mind when you think about your soul.  What ideas come to mind, what feelings arise, are you comfortable doing this, do you sense any strong memories and what things and experiences resonate with you as you think about your soul?  Take some time to do this each day for a week and see if and how your desires change.
If after this time you feel a stronger inclination to pursue this journey more deeply you can entertain further exploration with spiritual writings, books and online websites that may resonate with you.  You may even find online courses.  After a week of contemplation if you do not feel a strong desire to go deeper, then continue another week of contemplation or take a break and come back to it.

As you continue on your personal spiritual journey you may want to begin to connect with others who are on similar journeys, have a deep sense of importance in their spiritual work and want to share and interact with others.  In fact, if you find groups of people who resonate with you, your spiritual growth will accelerate as the positive energies from each member of the group heighten and strengthen the souls in all.  I’m sure many of you have experienced situations where a whole room of people is thick with beautiful positive energy which is unmistakable and oftentimes joyous.

Interacting with others who have similar spiritual aspirations is an important part of our spiritual evolution and Kabbalists stress this group work for students and anyone studying Kabbalah.  The importance of the group in spiritual transcendence is seen in our churches, synagogues, mosques and ashrams. 

If we consider the power of the collective ego mentioned at the beginning of this writing, then the power of the collective soul can be an enormous counterbalance and healing agent to what ails our world today. Take some time to experiment with different spiritually oriented groups both formal and informal and you will eventually find those which are most meaningful for you. So, I encourage you to seek out other souls on your spiritual journey and spend time with those who resonate with you. 

Can we heal the planet?  In an answer yes, particularly if we view our world as part of the wider Universe.  As part of the Universe, we and everything that exists are timeless.  So, while our world may seem at times like it is in a tailspin towards destruction keep in mind that our true nature is immortal and we have the power to change and create new realities if we change our thoughts and desires with the most determined intentions.  We can counter the negative forces influencing our world with our personal spiritual journeys and growing ever more, ever larger groups of people who exert their collective souls of love and bestowal onto all.

Some of my favorite books I can suggest for those interested in the journey to your soul and want to go deeper include the following:

Spiritual Warrior, John-Roger:  This book offers some excellent exercises to help illuminate your soul.

Three Magic Words, US Andersen:  This book has been my bible.  It explains in beautiful prose how we create realities by tapping into the power of the Universe and offers meditations.

A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle:  This is a classic for the journey of the soul and offers guidance on how to break the pattern of pain and struggle many of us experience.

Bridging Heaven and Earth and Embracing the Present, Leonard Jacobson:  If you are interested in what a channeled book reads like, get these two books.  Beautifully written they tap into us deeply.

Tao Te Ching, translated by Stephen Mitchell:  A deep wisdom all should embrace.

Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda:  This is more a story about the people who influenced the author than the author himself.  It is an enlightening journey through late 18th Century/Early 19th Century India and the spiritual culture of Hinduism.

The Way Home, Madis Senner:  Wonderful book documenting how everything has consciousness and particularly Earth consciousness.  This book helps us get grounded and clear on how the Earth also has conscious powers which we need to respect and connect with.

A Brief History of Everything, Ken Webber:  American philosopher, Ken Webber takes us on an incredible journey of individual and Universal transcendence.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra:  While Deepak Chopra needs no introduction, this book taps into Universal Laws which interact with our lives daily and shows us how we can make them work for us.

Websites which may be of interest:

There are numerous groups of spiritual seekers in our communities.  One good website where you can find these groups is

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