Wednesday, October 28, 2020



 by Gary Rosenberg

To the Anunnaki, your descendants, your remnants and your cohorts:

This letter on behalf of Humanity recognizes your existence, the influence you have had on this world called Earth and the distortion and discord this influence has manifested on the species of Humanity you genetically engineered called Homo Sapiens.

The time has come for your influence to stop.  You have knowingly or unknowingly set in motion a most destructive force which has eliminated much life on Earth and threatens to destroy the planet’s ability to support any life in the near future.

Let us explain:

The Sumerian Tablets which have been deciphered by numbers of people over the last 100 plus years tells your story.  And while interpretations of the Sumerian writings may vary there are certain truths which continue to present themselves in our world to this day.

You arrived on Earth some 430,000 years ago in part by accident but when you discovered the planet’s great bounty of gold you decided to bring many of your civilization here to exploit this resource.  Some believe you needed gold to help protect your planet Nibiru from a depleting Ozone layer.  Others believe you needed gold for its elemental attributes as a way to maintain your long lives.  Regardless of why you chose to stay and exploit our planet, your intention was to exploit its resources for personal self-benefit.  It is this ego-based intention interacting with the Universal Laws of Divine Mind which began your march towards changing the face and future of this world – forever.

Your culture is that of a species of Humanity which is technologically advanced and emotionally and spiritually immature.  Your technological prowess has been on displayed from the onset of your arrival here which in itself is based on technological wizardry.  The structures you built including communications systems, aqueducts, power sources, gold mines, likely Pyramids and vestiges of modern cities as well as your medical technology and genetic engineering were feats of creative minds and capabilities unsurpassed even in what we know today.

You also brought to this world a Patriarchy and hierarchy unknown at the time of your arrival.  You brought weapons of mass destruction and warring factions among yourselves.  You had no affinity for life in this world other than what it could give you.  You seemed not aware of the Universal Law of Oneness and the importance of the interconnectivity of everything. You saw yourselves as separate and superior to the life of this world.

You also brought to the Earth realm the concept of slavery.  You employed a group of your people called the Igigi who worked for you in the gold mines.  After tens of thousands or years the Igigi revolted and no longer wanted to do the painstaking work in the mines. There ensued a bloody battle which had to be stopped and after which a new solution to mining gold had to be discovered.

So, the two half-brothers Enlil and Enki, who together ruled Earth at the time, commiserated on the problem to find a solution.  Enlil was designated by his father, King Anu to rule the world of Earth.  Such was the disconnection from Spirit that your people thought they could rule the Divine’s world.  Enki, being the technologist was in charge of the mines and infrastructure.  So, Enki would have to come up with a solution to the Igigi revolt.

Enki noticed a life form, Homo Erectus, which he decided he could genetically engineer to a form which was advanced enough (but not too advanced) to work in the mines.  After numerous experiments including horrendous mistakes, Enki with his spouse Ninki began to form a creature who was capable of working in the mines.  However, this creature could not procreate, so Ninki took her DNA, carrying a child and engineered it into the evolving Homo Erectus thus creating the first Homo Sapiens who could mass produce themselves as slaves for the mines.

What you did not understand at the time of development of Homo Sapiens was that you were doing more than just creating a being to do your bidding.  You were interacting with Divine Power through Divine Laws which interpreted your intention, desires and actions as follows:

Your intervention of Earth for personal self-benefit for whatever reason interfered with Divine Intention and set in motion an energy of distortion which set forth to and attracted from the Universe all kinds of opposing consciousness manifesting discord throughout the world.

The exploitation of the planet’s resources with total disregard for its effect on the wider ecological system began a series of cause-effect reactions which today has manifested in a world of decay, depletion, pollution and death of numerous species of life.

The genetic engineering of Homo Erectus created a slave species with a collective consciousness or ego of both domination and submission.  Essentially, Homo Sapiens have learned how to dominate those who are submissive to manipulate each other in ways which have manifested in a totally disconnected society today:  disconnection from each other and Nature.

The desire to have your genetically altered Homo Erectus procreate which you embedded in the psyche of Homo Sapiens combined with the slave consciousness of domination has manifested an over-populated world far surpassing the carrier capacity of the planet.  In fact, your intention to create Homo Sapiens to procreate was so strong that we now have a planet of beings far surpassing yourselves – the same beings you have feared would someday overtake you.  And, you have been creating systems to control Homo Sapiens since their inception including mind altering drugs, brain-washing propaganda, incessant fear-based media campaigns and most recently mandatory vaccines, not to mention geoengineering of weather.

In fact, you have been trying all sorts of methods to destroy Homo Sapiens as our desire for life has become much stronger than you anticipated.  At the same time, your incessant desire to tinker with life at any cost has you now pushing an agenda of Transhumanism in the face of a dying planet.  The absurdity of your actions is truly surreal.

As a highly technologically based and spiritually immature society, you have brought to Earth the science of technology devoid of the guidance of Spirit.  You basically have seen this planet as your laboratory to experiment with life in any way you choose with total disregard for the consequences.

Your emotional immaturity combined with your technology has ravaged this planet with incessant wars and destruction.  You have encumbered our world with unnecessary fear, struggle and pain.

What you have manifested in this world is one of the greatest errors in the evolution of Humanity.  And, the fact that you keep doubling-down on your intention to control all humans and all of life in this world as it is dying due, in large part to what you have promulgated the last 430,000 years truly is psychopathic. 

And yet, we as Homo Sapiens, as human beings have a soul just as you do, as the ultimate Creations of the Divine.  We just as you have free-will to choose what we think, what we believe and what we do.  And we, just as you get to use our free-will any way we like with the corresponding results as we interact with Divine Power, with the Universal Laws which are non-judgmental and impersonal.

We just as you desire our sovereignty and freedom as Divine Beings.  However, we reject the heavy ego consciousness you have brought to this world.  We reject the unnecessary pain and suffering this ego consciousness has wrought on the world.  And we reject your continued domination of this world.

You, the Anunnaki, your descendants, remnants and cohorts are hereby placed on notice that we, Homo Sapiens, sovereign beings as that of God forgive you for what you have done, express compassion for the pain you must be in to have manifested such pain in our world and demand that you now stop.

We the sovereign Homo Sapiens are poised to raise the collective consciousness of ourselves and Earth as that of God.  There is no room for your ego-centric consciousness in this endeavor.  We are determined in this effort and will do whatever we must to persevere.  We hope that you as a species of Humanity evolve spiritually and emotionally.  We know that we have much of our own evolving to do  and no longer need nor want your intervention.  We are asking, we are demanding that you leave.

We wish you well.  We wish you peace.


The Species Homo Sapiens as that of Humanity as that of God.