Wednesday, July 1, 2020


by Gary Rosenberg


The Justice we seek only comes with the raising of human consciousness so that we stop manifesting the things we do not want.   It takes forgiveness, kindness, compassion and the ability to be non-judgmental.

Forgiveness of everyone for no matter what they do.  We are all in the Earth School and will all make mistakes of various degrees as we learn and raise our consciousness individually and collectively.  Forgiveness breaks the pattern of negative thoughts around anger and hurt and with this stops the corresponding manifestations of these thoughts.

Kindness towards others creates the positive energies which effect those who are offering this kindness and those who receive this kindness.

Compassion recognizes that as we all learn in the Earth School and make mistakes, we experience discomfort of all sorts: guilt, emotional pain, physical pain, fear, doubt, anger, etc.  By recognizing this and offering understanding and comfort to others we establish an energy of connection which builds the bond of Humanity.

Being non-judgmental can be challenging as can be forgiveness.  However, if we understand the importance of forgiveness, then we will find ourselves judging people less.  As we begin to understand that we are all connected, that everyone’s true Inner Being is Goodness, that we are here to learn by the roles we choose to play in the Earth School and that we all create our realities through our thoughts which are triggered by emotion, then we can begin to understand why judgment has no place in the Divine Universe. 

The more we raise our consciousness to that of Divine Consciousness and Love the less pain and suffering we will experience individually and collectively.  And Justice will be served.