Wednesday, January 22, 2020

From a letter I sent to one of my students

If you can remain open to the magic of Divine Love, your life will always be filled with joy no matter what challenges you face.  You are much more powerful as “That of the Divine/God” than you know.

Your life, like so many in this world has been filled with pain and challenges.  This is particularly true of women and while I am getting clearer visions as to why this is, I will not go into it at this time.  Just know that I have much compassion for you and all women who have been violated, abused physically and emotionally and in so many cases subjugated to a lower ‘caste’ in our world.

Metaphysics has little to do with religion and yet behind most religions lie the wisdom of metaphysics or mysticism.  Kabbalah is often referred to as Jewish Mysticism.  Sufism is sometimes referred to as Islamic Mysticism. Christianity has its own history of mystics. Some of the earliest mystics were the Hermetic Philosophers of ancient Egypt, the most famous being Hermes Trismegistus.  The Hermetic Philosophers where the first to recognize, understand and experience the Universal Laws as the true Laws of the Divine. These are the only laws you need to understand and follow which will help you grasp why the world is as it is and how you can co-create what you want interacting with them.  They are the key to raising our consciousness.

Now I want to share some key concepts which we can delve deeper into at another time:

Everything is Mental; emanating from Divine Mind/God.  Behind every manifestation in our world is a thought, idea, desire, intention.  This is where Creation began and where it continues to unfold.  As that of the Divine we are co-creators and continue to manifest individually and collectively beginning with our intentions, our thoughts and desires.

The Divine has created Humanity to receive Its love and Goodness and to help express this Love and Goodness as co-creators with the Divine.  The Divine only wants us to experience pleasure and the Universal Laws help guide us to do this.  We have been created with free-will as co-creators and due to our mistakes or misinterpretation of the Spiritual world we have manifested much unnecessary pain and struggle in this world.

This world is the Earth School.  We keep coming back here until we learn the lessons necessary to raise our consciousness to a higher level of Spirituality and realm of higher Love.  We need to recognize our mistakes, forgive ourselves for them, fix them and move forward.

The Divine loves us unconditionally.  This is proven by our immortality; our ability to reincarnate.  The Divine and Its Universal Laws are impersonal, non-judgmental and always active. We get to do what we desire with the corresponding results based on interactions with Universal Laws.

The Spiritual world is the world of cause and our physical world is the world of results.  This is why we have manifested a world so out of balance.  Individually and collectively we do not understand this.  So, we keep trying to fix things with tools like technology and they don’t solve our problems.  Until we reconnect spiritually, the manifestations in our world will only get more challenging.

The Spiritual world is about cooperation and purpose. As the Law of Divine Oneness teaches us: everything is connected, everything effects everything else.  What we do to others, we do to ourselves.

We are co-creators with and as that of the Divine.  Individually and collectively we co-create unconsciously.  We need to learn to co-create consciously, what I refer to as conscious creation.  The Universal Laws help us do this.  It all begins with intention.  When we co-create consciously with the intention to manifest Love and Goodness, things will begin to change.

The greatest attributions of the Divine we can practice are forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.

“All is not as it seems.”  As much as we think we know, there is so much we have yet to learn.  We should always be humble.

Your presence in this world at this time has great purpose.  The pain you have experienced is the challenge for you to choose which direction to take:  The path of forgiveness, compassion, love, acceptance, cooperation and Oneness.  Or the path of fear, anger, manipulation, dominance, competition and separation.

We always get to choose. That is what free-will is.  When we connect with our Inner Being, we begin to choose that which makes us (and others) happy.  At some point as we raise our consciousness, we get to experience bliss or Divine Love.  From my personal experience I can say that this is truly an expression of Divine Presence.

Know you are powerful.  Know you are love.