Thursday, November 23, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

The season of gratitude is upon us beginning with Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.  While this is traditionally a time for family and friends to gather around the dinner table to enjoy a feast of turkey, dressing, squash, potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and more, Thanksgiving can be a time for pause and reflection.

Symbols of Thanksgiving include Pilgrims, turkeys, pumpkins, tall big buckled hats, Native American Indians or any combination.  Let’s remember that the Pilgrims were devout Christians who fled Europe to seek religious freedom.  They were Calvinists who wanted to practice their religion free of the state church of England.  In 1559 it was a crime not to attend services with official Church of England congregations. The Pilgrims fled England and arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620.  They held a ceremony of gratitude in the fall of 1621.  Native American Indians while not sharing their religious views celebrated a robust harvest with the Pilgrims which helped them survive the winter.  This is the story we are told and the premise for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving from its beginnings has been an interfaith holiday about faith, Nature’s bountiful food and gratitude towards the Divine.  Gratitude is the core of Thanksgiving and while often expressed in the reciting of things to be grateful for is not always recognized for the power this emotion and thought has in creating our realities.  Gratitude is an attitude which needs to be practiced every day. 

Beyond the story of the Pilgrims, gratitude is a powerful thought and when expressed with sincere intentions can manifest God’s goodness in our lives each and every day. When the thought of gratitude interacts with the Universal Laws it becomes most powerful.  In fact, once we understand the workings of the Universe in our spiritual evolution, we will see that we can be grateful for everything that happens in our lives whether we define these things as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

First, remember from my past writings that we are immortal.  Our true essence is love, pure consciousness which can and does re-manifest itself in new forms as we progress through the different stages of our spiritual evolution or self-realization.  We can be grateful that the Creator created us with this immortality though at this time we live in the corporeal world with the illusion of being mortal.  If we express our deepest gratitude to the Creator for this creation, we may find we become less fearful and more accepting of the inevitable transition (death) to our next spiritual stage.

The Creator made us as powerful beings capable of creating our own realities with our thoughts.  
However, we don’t always get what we want because the Creator also established Universal Laws   which everyone is bound by and which offer us the ‘rules’ of the “Game of Life.”  Following the Universal Laws will help us to become more powerful in creating lives of goodness as God wanted.  Not following these laws can result in increased challenges, pain, suffering and a longer path to self-realization. 
We can be grateful for these laws because they guide us and we can be grateful for the challenges, struggles and pain we face in life, because they remind us we have made some error as regards the Universal Laws and need to get back on track.

Remember, there is no right or wrong – God does not judge us and we should not judge ourselves or others.  God loves us unconditionally, as we should love ourselves and others.  There are only errors that need to be corrected.  There are consequences to these errors which need to be accepted as a reminder we have to make changes to our thoughts and actions. Regardless how many or how consequential these errors are we can always find our way back on the path to goodness with the help of the Universal Laws.

If we look at the world we have created and find it wanting in so many ways, we can be grateful that this world reminds us of who we are by showing us who we are not.  The pain and suffering we experience is a reminder that we have as humanity gone far from the path towards goodness and that we have a lot of work to do to correct this.  We can choose to take action to change this or not just so long as we understand there are consequences for our action or inaction. The Universal Laws remain in play always and until we individually and as groups: Communities, cities, states and countries come together in a concerted effort to correct what we have done, these Laws will continue to remind us we are on a path towards pain instead of joy.

We can start making this correction with our own lives, our own thoughts.  For in the midst of all the pain and suffering in the world, people can still carve out realities of goodness, joy and love if they choose to.  This is the beauty of God’s creation.   We can choose to be fearful, angry hurtful, jealous, sick and depressed or we can choose to be loving, caring, joyful, creative, healthy, vibrant and powerful people in our lives regardless of what challenges Life presents us.  And as we are presented with challenges we can take the time to understand what may really be going on and work to correct the situation shortening the time of pain, distress, anger, fear or ill-health we may be experiencing always remembering that we are immortal and nothing can destroy our true essence.  We are that powerful.

There is much we have to be grateful for every day.  Once we begin to express gratitude towards the Divine and those we meet on a regular basis the power of gratitude only grows.  When the power of gratitude interacts with the Law of Attraction, we get more of what we want each time we express gratitude for what we receive.  When we express gratitude towards others, the Law of Reciprocity (what goes around comes around) results in us receiving more expressions of gratitude and goodness from others.

If we express gratitude in advance, we can begin to expand our created realities exponentially.  For example, what if we express the thought of gratitude for the doctor or healer we are going to see for some ailment and then express gratitude for that ailment healing and express gratitude to our body for eventually healing this ailment?  All of this gratitude has been expressed in advance of any physical outcome and will trigger Universal Laws to react to our thoughts, our expressions of gratitude in advance.  Try practicing gratitude in advance over a period of time and see what happens.  
Experience the look on people’s faces as you express gratitude to them at no particular time for being a good friend, spouse, child, co-worker, the person at the check-out, etc.  If you are really adventurous, try expressing gratitude to a stranger for all the good things they have done.

Gratitude is a powerful thought and an expression of our deepest appreciation and love for our fellow human beings, Nature and God.  Practice it often and with the sincerest of intentions to create a life of love and joy all around you. 

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving full of gratitude, joy, peace and love.

Friday, October 6, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

Our path towards self-realization and the evolution of the soul is a long journey requiring a strong intention, determination, fearlessness, love and patience.  At this moment in our human evolution our soul or true essence remains elusive and unfamiliar to most of us.  We are still captured by our egos and desires for pleasure for personal self-benefit.  Our egos have grown in strength for millennia and within our world there are groups of people who have multiplied the power of their collective egos by working together.  Their power is such that we see their manifestations in war, hunger, toxic pollution, degradation of an exploited planet, greed, slavery and fear.

I recall a friend who was a Chinese herbalist and medical practitioner who said that Chinese medicine believes the longer you have been ill, the longer it will take to heal.  Humanity has been ill spiritually for nearly as long as our creation and therefor it requires a concerted effort, time and patience for us to heal.

Part of the healing process will involve people to make their personal spiritual growth their number one priority.  This starts with an understanding that connecting with and freeing our soul is really what our life path is about.  That by freeing our soul we supersede our ego as the power to create our realities and interact with the Universe through love and bestowal instead of fear and desire.

We all have the intuitive knowledge to know that this is our true path, some of us more than others.  Many of us may find that this intuition is deeply latent and seemingly unknowable, but it is in all of us.  When we hear of people becoming ‘awake,’ self-realized,’ miraculously healed’ or having an ‘epiphany,’ we are referring to a process of connection with our soul and the Universe which manifests in joy and love.

For far too many of us our life struggles and challenges distract us from this path.  For others, personal desire becomes a key distraction.  However, we all have the capacity to become powerful spiritually evolved beings, regardless of our station in life.  And, those of us who have found our deep connection with our soul have a responsibility to help others who may find the path too difficult.

The solution to healing humanity will come from the spiritual world, the world of causes, not from the corporeal world, the world of results.  So, how do we make that connection with our soul and the Universe and with this begin to help heal the world?

First, start to think about what the soul is.  This does not necessarily require reading books on the spiritual or even attending church or other spiritual gatherings, though I will talk about this later.  

What I am suggesting is pay attention to the thoughts that go through your mind when you think about your soul.  What ideas come to mind, what feelings arise, are you comfortable doing this, do you sense any strong memories and what things and experiences resonate with you as you think about your soul?  Take some time to do this each day for a week and see if and how your desires change.
If after this time you feel a stronger inclination to pursue this journey more deeply you can entertain further exploration with spiritual writings, books and online websites that may resonate with you.  You may even find online courses.  After a week of contemplation if you do not feel a strong desire to go deeper, then continue another week of contemplation or take a break and come back to it.

As you continue on your personal spiritual journey you may want to begin to connect with others who are on similar journeys, have a deep sense of importance in their spiritual work and want to share and interact with others.  In fact, if you find groups of people who resonate with you, your spiritual growth will accelerate as the positive energies from each member of the group heighten and strengthen the souls in all.  I’m sure many of you have experienced situations where a whole room of people is thick with beautiful positive energy which is unmistakable and oftentimes joyous.

Interacting with others who have similar spiritual aspirations is an important part of our spiritual evolution and Kabbalists stress this group work for students and anyone studying Kabbalah.  The importance of the group in spiritual transcendence is seen in our churches, synagogues, mosques and ashrams. 

If we consider the power of the collective ego mentioned at the beginning of this writing, then the power of the collective soul can be an enormous counterbalance and healing agent to what ails our world today. Take some time to experiment with different spiritually oriented groups both formal and informal and you will eventually find those which are most meaningful for you. So, I encourage you to seek out other souls on your spiritual journey and spend time with those who resonate with you. 

Can we heal the planet?  In an answer yes, particularly if we view our world as part of the wider Universe.  As part of the Universe, we and everything that exists are timeless.  So, while our world may seem at times like it is in a tailspin towards destruction keep in mind that our true nature is immortal and we have the power to change and create new realities if we change our thoughts and desires with the most determined intentions.  We can counter the negative forces influencing our world with our personal spiritual journeys and growing ever more, ever larger groups of people who exert their collective souls of love and bestowal onto all.

Some of my favorite books I can suggest for those interested in the journey to your soul and want to go deeper include the following:

Spiritual Warrior, John-Roger:  This book offers some excellent exercises to help illuminate your soul.

Three Magic Words, US Andersen:  This book has been my bible.  It explains in beautiful prose how we create realities by tapping into the power of the Universe and offers meditations.

A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle:  This is a classic for the journey of the soul and offers guidance on how to break the pattern of pain and struggle many of us experience.

Bridging Heaven and Earth and Embracing the Present, Leonard Jacobson:  If you are interested in what a channeled book reads like, get these two books.  Beautifully written they tap into us deeply.

Tao Te Ching, translated by Stephen Mitchell:  A deep wisdom all should embrace.

Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda:  This is more a story about the people who influenced the author than the author himself.  It is an enlightening journey through late 18th Century/Early 19th Century India and the spiritual culture of Hinduism.

The Way Home, Madis Senner:  Wonderful book documenting how everything has consciousness and particularly Earth consciousness.  This book helps us get grounded and clear on how the Earth also has conscious powers which we need to respect and connect with.

A Brief History of Everything, Ken Webber:  American philosopher, Ken Webber takes us on an incredible journey of individual and Universal transcendence.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra:  While Deepak Chopra needs no introduction, this book taps into Universal Laws which interact with our lives daily and shows us how we can make them work for us.

Websites which may be of interest:

There are numerous groups of spiritual seekers in our communities.  One good website where you can find these groups is

My work now as a Life Coach is to help those who seek some guidance, motivation and encouragement while on their life’s journey.  You can learn more about my work at my website:

Friday, September 22, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

As I continue to see the toxic aerosol spraying of heavy metal nano particulates daily over my home in the San Francisco Bay Area and as monster hurricanes continue to be manipulated I feel the need to take our conversations to another level.  (Quick Note:  Weather and hurricanes have been purposely manipulated in some form or other since The Cirrus Project in 1947.

My past blogs have talked about humankind’s evolution with some emphasis on the science of Kabbalah, the premise of which is that the Thought of Creation was for the Creator to bestow pleasure onto a vessel or creature.  This creature was designed to receive pleasure in its early formation.  That is, in order for the Creator to bestow pleasure, something had to be wanting and willing to receive it.  So, the Creator created a world run on desire, and in this case a desire for pleasure which is seemingly never satisfied.

For more detail on this refer to my past blogs.  However, the ego and humankind’s unending desires are topics of religious systems and philosophical discourse for millennia.  As I have said before, I’m not being judgmental.  Our ego and desires are part of our creation and we are not yet fully created spiritual beings, so we encounter numerous challenges along our path in the never-ending process of self-realization or Creation.  Until we become aware of our true Self and allow this nature of our being to lead, we will not only continue our struggles with but will find they will increase exponentially.

The ego and desire are discussed in other religious systems and while Kabbalah places emphasis on desire in Creation, this aspect of our being has been well documented in religious, philosophical and literary writings.

The Vedanta views our ego consciousness as the mischief maker and the root of all illusion.  “He who cherishing objects, desires them, is born again here or there through his desires.  But for whom those desires are satisfied and who is established in the Self, all desires vanish even here on earth.”  Mundaka Upanishad, Vedanta, Heart of Hinduism, Hans Torwesten.

Buddhism considers three types of desire:  Kamha tana or the desire for sensual pleasures; bhava tana or the desire to become something such as ambition for money or power; and, when we get disillusioned with trying to become something there is vibhava tana or the desire to get rid of things such as suffering or anger.  Buddhism sees these as all aspects of desire.  Buddhists do not say one should reject their desires, but rather reflect on them in a detached manner where one can better manage them through the Self.

“Free from desire, you realize the mystery.  Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.”  From Tao Te Ching.

The opposite of ego is often seen as humility. Both the Old and New Testaments give references to living humbly.  In the book of Micah, we read, “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).  King Solomon declared, “Humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life” (Proverbs 22:4).  Jesus Christ is the often-cited Christian example of humility.  Jesus is seen as not coming to earth to be served, but to serve, making “himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant” (Philippians 2:7). We see an expression of Christ’s selfless attitude in the Garden of Gethsemane when He said to His Father in heaven, “Yet not as I will, but as you will” Mark 10:45Philippians 2:5-8). “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:29).

Our ego and our desires unchecked make us blind to truth and slow the evolutionary process of the Self towards Truth.  Much can be learned with some non-judgmental observation or detachment as we pay attention to our world.  One important observation which is cited as stage four of the evolutionary process in Kabbalah is Creature’s (Man) desire to have everything.  By everything Kabbalah means to not only be like the Creator, but to be the Creator.  When this desire manifests we get into trouble.

This desire to be the Creator is seen in much we attempt to create from pharmaceutical drugs, genetic engineering, GMOs, cloning of animals and soon humans, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, geoengineering/weather manipulation, being all powerful and ruling the world.  These manifestations are an attempt to manipulate and control Nature instead of embracing and integrating with Nature as the whole of which we are a part.

In Ken Weber’s book, A Brief History of Everything he starts with the concept of holon.  Everything is a holon.  Everything is a whole independent functioning creation and part of a larger created system of which it both participates and depends on for its survival.  As an example, atoms create molecules which create cells which create tissue and organisms.  These are basic building blocks of life.  They are all wholes and parts of larger structures.  When anyone of these basic building blocks are disrupted for any reason they affect the larger structure or organism of which they are a part.  Likewise, if the larger organism neglects these parts, not only will the parts malfunction, but the organism will eventually die.

From the perspective of the larger biosphere of which we humans as wholes are a part, Wilber discusses the process of transcendence in which humans can decide to differentiate and integrate or dissociate and alienate.  To differentiate and integrate we recognize our physical manifested difference with those of the larger biosphere, but also the importance of integrating with this biosphere and all other holons associated with it in a fashion of integrating our actions to support the larger whole.  When we dissociate and alienate we see ourselves as greater or more important than the larger biosphere of which we are a part, become alienated from the whole with total disregard for our actions as we seek to satisfy desires for personal pleasures, control, power and sovereignty.

Wilber cites the Mayan civilization which dissociated and alienated the larger biosphere. They didn’t transcend and include.  They repressed and denied.  Since the biosphere has always played an integral role in the survival of the human holon, they secured their own destruction by slashing and burning forests. 

In the book, Self-interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era, author and Kabbalist Michael Laitman discusses the act of altruism or bestowal exhibited by even the smallest living entities such as atoms, molecules and cells.  This act of bestowal is a natural phenomenon where the individual wholes instinctively understand their roles as parts of the larger system as pertains to the health and survival of the whole as well as themselves.  He relates this basic premise of God’s bestowal of goodness to systems theory, “No system can persist without its parts yielding to the interests of the system.”
By focusing on our personal desires and self-interest we leave ourselves vulnerable to those who want to manipulate this self- interest, us and Nature.  We become susceptible to illusions, lies and untruths as seeking truth threatens our perception of self-interest, pleasure and desire.

A spiritually evolved being would not desire to be the Creator, as the Creator is the essential component of the whole of the Universe and there is only One.  A spiritually evolved being would understand that they were a whole and a part of a bigger system (biosphere).  They would understand that as a part of a larger collective whole they have a responsibility to altruistically give to the whole (bestow) and how important the whole was to their own survival.

Humankind’s denial of the desire to be God as manifested by an elite group of powerful people misses this critical point in our evolution.  We already are very much like the Creator with the ability to create realities with our thoughts.  What we lack is the attribute to altruistically bestow goodness onto others and the whole as the Creator does onto us.  This is our challenge and this is our goal, one we need to act on in determined fashion every day.

For now, most of us are caught up in our own personal desires and with this a blind eye to how our desires are effected by Universal Laws and helping to manifest the world we see today.  Our ego is joyously manipulating us through fear, denial, doubt, powerlessness, greed, ambition and total disregard for the kind of world being created for ourselves and future generations.  All of which our consciousness will survive and re-manifest in another lifetime either back here on Earth if we as a species survive our current dilemma or another realm as we continue on our spiritual path.

However, is what we have helped to create on this planet in this lifetime a manifestation of our true essence?  Are we satisfied with this manifestation?  Are we so caught up in our egos that we will take our blindness with us to our next lifetime?  Can we become fearless enough to unleash our desire of our Self to seek and know Truth and deny those who are willing to destroy this world and with it us to simply satisfy their own egos?  When do we harness our inner desire to be like the Creator and manifest its goodness above and beyond everything else in the actions we take?

My next blog writing will continue this discussion. For now, contemplate what was discussed without fear, judgement, denial or guilt and pay attention to what thoughts come into your mind.  Reject any negative thoughts and go deeper.

Always be fearless, be joyful, try not to judge, emanate love and bestow God’s goodness onto others.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

Part 4 – The Power of Thought and Spirit

“Nothing is impossible to the mind of man, for the Conscious Mind controls the Subconscious Mind
and the Subconscious Mind is all-powerful.”
Uell S. Andersen, Three Magic Words

When I was diagnosed with a tumor on my lung I was not doing well.  I was physically tired, had stomach problems, was anxious, often angry and generally not the happiest of people.  Additionally, my wife had been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer.  I was about to enter a whirlwind of life changes and was mostly on “cruise control.”

I started with the conventional medical procedures and had a CAT scan done, which identified a small spiculated tumor.  I was then about to go through the next conventional procedure of a biopsy when Raymond Frances saved me from a potentially miserable life experience, if not certain death.

I had not contacted Raymond for months after earlier hoping to help him with a national education campaign due to my ill health.  When I emailed him to tell him about my situation he emailed me back within three hours and said, “Do not get a biopsy.  It will only spread the cancer.  If you do not do something soon you will be dead in two years.”  That was June 2015. 

I began doing research on lung cancer and the prognosis was not good.  With conventional surgery and cancer treatment I had a 3% chance to live 5 years.  Most people live about a year.

Then something happened.  I was tuned in to my impending mortality and all my fear left.  It came to me that all I wanted to do with the time I had left was focus my attention on my spiritual evolution.  It didn’t make any difference how much time I had left.  Whatever time God, The Divine, the Creator, the Universal Mind would give me, I was dedicated to connecting with my true essence which is spirit, which is love.

At that moment, I began putting together a plan of action with a team of people including Raymond Francis, Dr. Suprabha Jain and Pranic Healer John Ortiz.  I read two of Raymond’s books which were instructive and hopeful and started a regimen of his supplements specifically designed to fight cancer. Dr. Jain tailored a fifty-hour integrated wellness program for me and John Ortiz provided the positive energy levels with his own connection to Universal forces and practical solutions that worked.  My whole attitude towards my situation became fearless determination.

This was my spirit at work.  I began seeking out books, articles and people who were spiritually motivated.  I eliminated as much negative energy from my life as possible.  Reading and watching the news was out.  Watching comedies was in.  Synchronicity surrounded my life as I found people, books and experiences that resonated with me seemingly appear everywhere.  My spirit was in high gear.

I was totally dedicated to my newly found purpose in life.  Dying, while no longer fearful was no longer an option.  I had too much to do.  Too much that gave me joy.

I began meditating, reciting or thinking positive affirmations daily, experimenting with my diet, tried alternative healing methods, attended the Self-realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, read all kinds of books on the soul, the power of the mind, religions and a year’s long course in Kabbalah.  I went places and did things that resonated with my spirit and avoided those that did not.

My path showed me that our connection with the Universal forces is our thoughts.  That with a strong and pointed intention and enough desire expressed repeatedly with our detailed thoughts we can manifest new realities for ourselves and others.  This was truly God’s gift to us.   We only had to recognize it and dedicate ourselves to managing our thoughts instead of letting them manage our life.

Most importantly, by trusting in the Divine’s unconditional love and letting go of trying to control what happened to me, I let go of all fear.  Dying was no longer something to be feared or run from.  It became just part of the life process and as long as I was allowed to remain in this lifetime I would practice evolving spiritually every day. 

Fearlessness, spiritual faith, love for others, respect for my body through care and my new- found purpose began producing results.  I had experiences of bliss, I began to be less judgmental, I found myself spending more time with people who resonated with me, my health began getting better, the cancer cells in my blood were reduced by over 60%, my experiences of anger or depression were now limited to minutes instead of hours, days or weeks and my energy levels had been vibrant.

My Pranic Healer told me that studies have found people will heal and extend their lives if they are happy and/or have a strong purpose in life.  My spiritual path gave me both.

The world of toxins we live in today, be they physical or our thoughts are a manifestation of our ego.  Always remember that even in this world there are thousands of people who are happy and whose lives are beautiful.  If you were to spend time talking with these people you would find much of what is thought in their minds is reflected in their lives.  It is these thoughts that come from their soul and the spiritual world which trigger their subconscious mind and create all that emanates around them.

Kabbalah tells us that the spiritual world is the world of causes and the corporeal world is the world of results.  The reason we find seemingly little progress towards a better world is because we keep trying to fix it using the thoughts, ideas, materials and purposes of the world of results.  In order to change our lives here, we need to reach beyond to the spiritual, the world of causes.  And when we do we will experience wonders in our lifetime, both large and small.  This is God’s bestowal.  This is God’s love.  We only need to believe in our own power of love, trust in the Divine, be fearless and let our imaginations fly.


Today my wife and I are both doing well.  We don’t worry about what could be.  We focus on the present and the joy that surrounds us every day.  I have chosen a new life project to become a Life Coach and help others who may be stuck in any aspect of their lives using the same principles which have helped me.   You can reach my website at or contact me at

Always be fearless, be joyful, try not to judge, emanate love and bestow all God’s goodness onto others.

Friday, August 11, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

Part 3 – The Actions Necessary for Survival

The information offered in this post is based on my 10 years of research and experimentation, the experience with my own health challenges and the work of some remarkable people including 
Raymond Frances (, Dr. Suprabha Jain ( and Pranic Healer John Ortiz.  I owe my life to these people who were able to tap into my inner strength and determination to help me heal and manifest a new reality beyond most people’s expectations.  

Beyond Conventional Medical Practices

Raymond Frances is an MIT trained microbiologist who at age 48 was diagnosed with some unknown immune disorder that 35 doctors announced would end his days.  Today he is near 80, actively traveling and consulting with health organizations throughout the world, written four books and has a business offering nutritional supplements designed to help in boosting the immune system to fight most disease.

In the process of healing himself, Raymond Frances developed a new and profound health theory:  There is only one disease and this is cellular malfunction.  All of the more than two thousand diseases the medical establishment has identified are the result of malfunction at the cellular level.  Cellular malfunction may manifest itself in numerous ways and numerous parts of the body, but it is the only disease we suffer from.

There are two causes of cellular malfunction.  Either our cells become toxic or they are deficient in the nutrition required to function properly.  In our world, most of us suffer from both toxicity and deficiency.  Raymond’s work identified 6 pathways to health:  Nutrition, toxin, psychological (our thoughts), genetic and medical.  Understanding this methodology will help you with any health challenge you may have and depending on your determination can heal you.

Keep in mind that the major cause of cellular malfunction and disease is constant inflammation.  If our body is continually trying to deal with inflammation our cells will eventually malfunction.  Toxins are a major cause of inflammation.  While I touch on aspects of this methodology since I used it to help heal myself I will not go into detail in this post.  If you want to learn more I highly recommend you get one or more of Raymond’s books including:  Never Be Sick Again and Never Fear Cancer Again.

Three Actions to Heal and Maintain Health

You recall in Part 2 I mentioned that toxins accumulate over time in the tissues of animals.  This is why we have cellular malfunction manifesting as cancer in lungs, breasts, prostates, livers, kidneys, brains, pancreases, colons and other tissues of the body.  So, try to keep in mind that cancer is a medical term.  What is really going on in our cells and thus our bodies are toxic build up and/or deficiency.   This toxic build-up over years places enormous stress on our immune system until it loses its ability to ward off oxidation, free radicals, deterioration and eventually if not attended to, death.


Since the world we have created is constantly bombarding us with toxins, we need to continually be in a process of detoxifying our bodies to eliminate toxins nearly as fast as we ingest them.  And, we need to avoid unnecessary toxins which can include alcohol, sugar, cigarettes, recreational drugs, animal flesh (which also accumulates toxins), processed foods, fluoride, chlorine, numerous chemicals in health and beauty products, food additives, pesticides, herbicides and more.

One of the simplest ways to start to detoxify is to drink 10 to 12 glasses of filtered water daily.  This filtering needs to go beyond what the filters our refrigerators provide and also needs to include filtering of fluoride which is a toxin that has no benefit and has been used in rodenticides and pesticides to kill pests like rats. (You also should use fluoride free toothpaste.)  I recommend a Berkey filter system which is a simple gravity (carbon) system with optional filters for fluoride.  Berkey water filtering systems have been used in disaster recovery sites and can make pond water potable.  Check out their website at  My research indicated that this system is the best value and few others can compare with the numerous toxins this system filters from your water.

There are supplements you can use to help detoxify, especially heavy metals.  These include chlorophyll, chlorella, spirulina, selenium, N-Acetyl Cysteine, moringa, milk thistle and herbal detox teas.  There are others, but these are ones I use.  One note of caution, if you have gout do not use any product with chlorophyll including chlorella and spirulina as they will aggravate the condition.  I found this out the hard way.  I’m using moringa with good results.  It is a highly rich super-leaf.  You can get moringa powder at

You can also do periodic colon cleanses once every two or three months.  I will not go into detail on colon cleanses and you can research this online.  I use Super Colon Cleanse One which is step one of a colon cleanse system offered by HealthPlus (  I found that using this one step in the multi-step process does just fine.  If you choose to try this, start with just 3 to 4 days and see how you feel.  While they recommend no cleanse for more than 10 days I found three days cleaned me out pretty well.  Toxins accumulate in the colon, so a periodic cleanse can be helpful.  This cleanse is a simple herb complex you can mix with water or juice to drink.

Every day our bodies are drenched in electro-magnetic fields (EMF) from cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, WiFi, computers, stereo systems, TVs and every electrical appliance and gadget you can think of. 

While the debate on the health effects of constant EMF exposure continues, past efforts and research have shown some positive correlation with large dosages of EMFs and diseases of the nervous system as well as cancer.  This from Dr. Mercola’s website:

Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York believes it is likely that up to 30% of all childhood cancers come from exposure to EMFs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns "There is reason for concern" and advises prudent avoidance".

In November 1989, the Department of Energy reported that "It has now become generally accepted that there are, indeed, biological effects due to field exposure."

The EMF issue gained more publicity in 1990 when alarming reports appeared in Time, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and popular computer publications. ABC's Ted Koppel and CBS's Dan Rather both aired special segments on EMFs.

In a draft report issued in March 1990, the EPA recommended that EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen -- -a "probable human carcinogen and joined the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs.

After the EPA draft report was released, utility, military and computer lobbyists came down hard on the EPA. The EPA's final revision did NOT classify EMFs as a Class B carcinogen.  Rather, the following explanation was added:"

At this time, such a characterization regarding the link between cancer and exposure to EMFs is not appropriate because the basic nature of the interaction between EMFs and biological processes leading to cancer is not understood."

Curiously, this rather unusual logic appears on the same page as the following: "In conclusion, several studies showing leukemia, Lymphoma and cancer of the nervous system in children exposed to EMFs supported by similar findings in adults in several/ occupational studies also involving electrical power frequency exposures, show a consistent pattern of response that suggest a causal link. " See full article at
Those who benefit most from the sale of technology emitting EMFs use their political and monetary power to obscure the truth about their dangers.  We’ve seen this play out before with cigarettes, food additives, sugar, pesticides and other toxins in our environment.

To protect yourself from EMFs, limit your cell phone use and use a wired head set when talking on your phone.  You also need to take time each day to ‘ground’ yourself.  This means you allow The EMFs entering your body to leave similar to the ground in the wiring in a home allowing electrical current to enter the ground outside. 

You can do this by taking your shoes off and standing or sitting with your bare feet on the ground for 15-30 minutes daily.  Or you can purchase an Earthing Universal Mat from Dr. Mercola’s website as I have  This can be used while you’re at your computer or you can choose to sleep on it allowing your body long term relief from EMFs.

The bottom line is if you are not detoxifying everyday your body is accumulating toxins. It is never too late to start your detoxifying regimen and if you are sick with acute or chronic disease you need to start detoxifying immediately to lower the toxic load on your body.


As your body is eliminating toxins through a detox regimen it needs to be receiving the necessary nutrients to support its daily functions including a healthy immune system.  Diet is critically important and something most Americans take for granted.  We rarely shop, prepare and cook food much anymore seeking shortcuts through fast food, frozen foods, delivered foods and junk foods.  

The reality is food is the” stuff of life” and if you are sick or want to avoid being sick you need to pay more attention to diet.  This means food becomes a priority at the top of your lists including how you spend your time, your budget, shopping and your bucket list.  I can’t stress the importance of food in the healing and prevention process.

Dr. Suprabha Jain was very clear on the importance of diet when she tailored a program to regain my health.  Her center even had a kitchen where we prepared food.  With what I learned from this experience I have chosen a vegetarian diet as I found too many possible toxins to be in animal flesh including fish.  I also found that my vibration level, so important in my spiritual growth and overall well -being was higher once I left meat behind.  Interestingly enough many Oncologists will tell their cancer patients to eat a plant-based diet. 

My personal experience with a vegetarian diet is that it does not provide me with enough protein, so I have added one egg a day which works well for me.  Nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes have oxalates, lectins and phytates which in overabundance can cause irritation to the stomach and stomach lining.  This is not to say you shouldn’t eat these foods, however, as with anything do so in moderation and pay attention to how your stomach is digesting them.  I have since modified my diet and eliminated all whole grains and added eggs.  I’ve also pretty much eliminated all sugars including fruit and eliminated dairy.  If you are eating whole grains you may find these are hard to digest. You  might consider  organic white Basmati rice as it has the same glycemic index as brown rice.  

A vegetarian diet is not right for everyone and requires dedication in time and education to prepare well balanced meals.  However, you can reduce the amount of meat in each meal or increase the amount of vegetarian meals you eat a week depending on your current diet.  I found that dairy is not a required food group.  We do not need to eat or drink animal milk just as animals do not need to ingest human milk. These are choices I have made and have experienced positive results.  You can modify and experiment with your diet as you begin to eat lower on the food chain.  A more vegetarian oriented diet will also help your body detoxify.

Organic foods are important to eliminate toxins like pesticides and herbicides as well as increase nutritional value.  Not only do conventional foods have toxins, they are grown with petrochemical fertilizers of primarily nitrogen, potassium and phosphate.  These three elements grow foods fast, producing multiple harvests with little nutritional value.

Eating a diet of only organic foods can increase your food budget substantially.  For me I simply make a choice and reduce or eliminate less important parts of my budget.  I think Americans’ expectations for cheap nutritionally empty foods needs to change.  This is a choice we make.  However, understanding that people have limited budgets you can make choices as to which foods you buy grown organically and which conventionally. 

Here are some suggestions.  Any fruits or vegetables that you will not or cannot peel should be organic.  Berries and grapes are notorious for pesticides and strawberries are the worst.  Leafy vegetables should be organic.  Corn and soy products should be organic as those grown conventionally are GMO.  The Environmental Working Group has a great free smart phone app called the Dirty Dozen which can be downloaded and referred to.  It is updated regularly and is a good quick reference when out shopping.

There are nutritional supplements you can take including multiple vitamins, but keep in mind that these are supplements.  Your major source of nutrition should come from diet.  Having said this, given our overly toxic environment, quality supplements can become more essential.  I look for supplements with the least amount of incipient, non-productive ingredients as possible.  These are ingredients found under headings like, “other ingredients.”  They are used primarily to lower the cost of production and some of them can be harmful.  Some incipient ingredients to avoid include magnesium stearate, vegetable stearate, di-calcium phosphate, sugars like dextrose, glucose and maltodextrin and artificial colors.

There are certain supplements and protocols that can be helpful in boosting your immune system to fight cancer.  You may want to check out the website for the Cancer Tutor to learn more about this (  If you would like more information on the supplements I take or recommend you can contact me at

A note about tumors.   There is a lot of misinformation about tumors.  Our medical system believes most malignant tumors need to be eliminated surgically and prior to this, confirmed as malignant with a biopsy.  However, disrupting the tumor this way can lead to the requirement for chemo-therapy or some other highly toxic method to try and kill the cancer cells which may have spread throughout your body.

A tumor is the body’s way of protecting itself from the malfunctioning cancer cells until it can figure out what to do with them. It is called encapsulation and is the genius of our body responding to an attack.  Once this encapsulation is broken with a biopsy or surgically removed the microscopic cancer cells can have an opening to spread to other parts of the body. 

Our past discussion talked about toxicity and deficiency as a cause of disease.  So, what the body with a tumor requires is detoxification and the necessary nutrition to boost the immune system.  This has been my method for the last two years.  However, this was my choice.  As I am not a trained doctor I would not recommend this for others.  Individuals fighting any disease need to consult their doctor, do the necessary research and make their own choices.

Our bodies are remarkable living organisms which have incredible powers to heal.  If we start early in our lives and avoid toxins where we can, detoxify and give our bodies the necessary nutrition required to maintain strong immune systems we can overcome adversity.  Even if we have abused our bodies they will still respond to the processes of detoxification and good nutrition.


We have all heard about the importance of exercise and health.  Burning excess calories, getting our heart rates up and movement are important for our body’s health.  This doesn’t mean running, bicycling, lifting weights or any activity at extreme levels.  It means providing your body with the opportunity to move. 

This could mean dancing, Tai Chi, Yoga, hiking, walking, playing with your kids even cleaning the house.  Movement is what the body desires and some kind of movement for at least 30 minutes a day should be part of your life routine.

Note that heavy exercise for 30 or more minutes whether weight lifting or aerobics increases the presence of free radicals.  This is normal.  However, free radicals cause disease and with their presence your body requires anti-oxidants to reduce or eliminate them.  So, after exercise eat some fruit, berries or take an anti-oxidant supplement.

Americans tend to over-exercise and this is not necessary to maintain good health.  Moderate exercise with a program of detoxification and good nutrition will help keep your immune system and you in good shape.

Part 4 of this series will discuss the power of our minds and spirit, which for me was and is the most important aspect of my healing process.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

Part 2 – The World We Created

In our never- ending longing to satisfy our desires we have created a world full of toxins, depleted soils, acid rain, shrinking forests, “concrete jungles,” electro- magnetic radiation, nano particles of aluminum, barium and other heavy metals prayed in our skies, pesticides, herbicides, methane, carbon monoxide, 165 million tons of plastic in our oceans and more in our landfills and on and on and on.  Our world has become a toxic soup.

We and other living creatures ingest these toxins every day.  Over time they accumulate in living organisms and eventually kill them.  Toxins are present in nearly everything we touch, see, taste or breathe.  While “authorities” may say that any item containing toxins do so only in very small amounts, the accumulation of multiple toxins daily over years puts stress on our immune system and ultimately causes disease.

What are these toxins which we have overtime seem to have accepted as part of “progress?”  Below I list some of the most prevalent, but will not entertain descriptions of each.  If interested you can research these toxins online.  The purpose of this list is to help you understand the overwhelming amount of stress we place on our planet and ourselves daily:

Methane, carbon monoxide, chlorine, fluoride, ammonia, chromium, numerous food additives and food dyes, sugar, aluminum, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, glyphosate, atrazine, chlopyrifos, metachlor, metam sodium, simazine, gardoprim, versatile, dioxins, triclosan, phthalates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), EMFs, recreational drugs, sodium laureth sulfate and radon.  Whew, and there’s more, but you get the idea.  And, we didn’t even list or discuss the potential future toxins from accident prone infrastructure like the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster or the decaying canisters in nuclear waste dumps.

These toxins accumulate in everything in our environment:  Animals, soils, plants, water and air.  So, we are ingesting many or all of these chemicals in some form every day.  Think about that.  Understand that these chemical toxins accumulate in the tissues of animals including humans over time and over longer periods of time eventually kill them.

Similar to the global warming debate and inability of our world to agree on and initiate a solution, cleaning up the chemical toxins on our planet has met with the same lack of resolve.  People tend to shrug and say things like, “Cleaning any of this will have a huge impact on the economy.  This is the trade-off we pay for progress.  Other societies are polluting worse than us.  Science shows that these small amounts can’t hurt us.” Or, people simply deny any of this since it is so overwhelming and an inconvenience to think about, let alone act on.  Most people simply leave it to science to find a cure sometime in the future. 

Yet, the incidence of cancer marches on.   Cancer continues to be a leading cause of death in both more and less economically developed countries.  Lung and breast cancer are the most frequently diagnosed and leading causes of cancer death in men and women.  In the U S cancer has increased 27% in children under 19 since 1975.  In more developed countries prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men and lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer among women.  Other frequently diagnosed cancers worldwide have been stomach, liver, colorectum among males and stomach, cervix uteri and colorectum among females (source:  Wiley Online Library, Global Cancer Statistics, 2012).

Thus far this discussion has focused on physical toxins.  We haven’t even touched on the toxic thoughts and ideas generated in our society and the world daily on the news, TV networks, social media, movies, books and conversation.  All this negativity impacts us more than we think and leads to negative energy which adds to the stresses placed on our mind and physical bodies.

With the potpourri of toxins in our environment, food, water and thoughts and more surely added as we “progress” in society, we will not cure cancer nor many other diseases.  We can at best extend lives, and the conventional medical methods used to do this do not lend to quality of life.  However, armed with the right information we can strengthen our immune systems in such a way that they can better be prepared for the daily onslaught of stresses the life we have created pours on us daily. The last two parts of this series will focus on how to survive and even thrive in a toxic world.

Monday, August 7, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

Part 1 How Did We Get Here

In my past postings, I’ve talked about Kabbalah and how we humans are a creation purposely designed by the Creator to receive pleasure; to receive the pleasure the Creator bestows upon us as part of the Thought of Creation.  In this design, our creation is not yet completed.  We are not yet the fully spiritual beings the Creator had in mind.  In order to evolve spiritually we need a determined intention and desire for the spiritual as our sole purpose in this world.

Our creation thus far as receptors of pleasure requires us to actively want pleasure and avoid pain.  As receptors of pleasure our egos dominate and insure we are all out for our own self-interest.  This is neither good nor bad – it simply is.  Until we decide that we want to be like the Creator and seek the spiritual evolution to altruistically bestow upon others as does the Creator upon us, our world becomes only a manifestation of our egos’ unending desire for pleasure (food, sex, family, money, power, respect, knowledge).  With their strong determination to achieve personal self-benefit and their total disregard for Universal Laws our egos have helped create the world we have today.

The desire for personal pleasure is so strong and our egos’ inability to ever be satisfied delivers situations, products, feelings and thoughts which actually are detrimental to us.  Our egos have become so powerful that we often deny these manifestations exist, do our best to ignore them or simply get so engaged in what we want or do for our self-benefit that we are not aware we are harming ourselves and each other.

Yet, we have been placed in this world to evolve spiritually.  This process has been in play for millennia and we are still not a spiritually evolved species.  We obviously need more time which given our current environmental degradation may run out sooner than is required for our spiritual evolution in this world.

So, what can we do to extend our lifetime(s) on this planet in order to complete our spiritual path toward fully enlightened beings as is our destiny?  Part of what needs to be done on this path is to maintain our vessel, our physical body as long as we can so as to achieve the greatest possible spiritual growth in this lifetime and with this change the way we live on this planet. 

I will attempt to discuss this in a series or parts to this post and hope that the information and recommendations offered will be of some assistance to people who either find themselves afflicted with physical maladies or would prefer to avoid them.  Please remember as you read this series to try and be non-judgmental, that any recommendations are not to be construed as an alternative to seeing your doctor when necessary and any results you may expect will rely on your determination to change your corporeal life and your desire for spiritual growth.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Kabbalah, Bestowal, Creation of the Spiritual Creature and Our World
by Gary Rosenberg
Two years ago, I had an awakening.  This was an event with a strong message from the Universe that it was time to accelerate my spiritual path; that my spiritual journey in this world and in this physical form had limited time to realize my true spiritual existence. This event was similar to those awakenings people have experienced in the past and continue to today.  It was not unusual, though many may doubt its authenticity.  I am glad I listened and have been on a remarkable re-discovering and remembering of my (our) true essence.
Prior to this event, I was a political junky with a well-defined and inflexible universe.  I was opinionated, angry, hurtful, depressed and generally miserable, though I never admitted this.
Until the Universe spoke in an unconditional manner and I listened.  Today I am alive, healthy and happy.  I accept things I could not accept about myself and others and try to view the world in an objective manner without judgement.  I have learned much along this path and want to share this with others who may be interested which is why I started my blog
This path has introduced me to some wise and incredible people, presented me with books, articles, stories and other spiritual writings and most recently attracted me to a wonderful online course on Kabbalah with Bnei Baruch which for the last ten weeks has been both inspiring and profound.  While I had tried to read books on Kabbalah in the past they never resonated with me.  Then while researching online for an unrelated topic I stumbled on the Bnei Baruch website.  This like most things in life was no accident. The course and related readings hit a chord.  This was Truth explained in a different manner than other religious and mystic writings I have encountered, but was the same Truth.  So, in this writing I want to share some of my thoughts on how Kabbalah explains the world as I understand it.  Hopefully some of this will resonate with you.   As you read this keep in mind that there is no one path to God.  Everyone is on their own path of self-realization and whatever paths we all choose they all will lead to the same place:  Our Creator/Love/Joy.
My understanding of Kabbalah is that of a student.  I do not profess to be any kind of expert in this spiritual discipline and share this writing now as it may help us grasp current human actions in our corporeal world and lend some comfort that we can still choose to be happy in a world seemingly dominated by fear, anger and hate. It is never too soon or too late to expand our mind and spirit with the ideas and words of God’s many messengers.  The Kabbalists were such messengers some 9,000 years ago and what they had experienced then and teach us today still has relevance for humankind.
Keep in mind that describing any spiritual experience as the Kabbalists had is nearly impossible through our language and corporeal physical senses.   This is why I required a studied course to grasp its basic teachings.  Combine this with my early understanding of Kabbalah and I have ventured out on a questionable task by writing this post, but I felt inspired to do so and hope at least some of this resonates with you.  This is a very abbreviated discussion around Kabbalah and I am leaving out an enormous amount of detail as it is not the purpose of this writing to teach Kabbalah, but to touch on the wisdom of Kabbalah.
In Kabbalah creation begins with God’s thought which is referred to as God’s thought of creation.  God’s intention is to bestow love, joy and pleasure.  So, God creates a vessel to bestow upon it pleasure.  Kabbalah’s cosmology is based on the Creator’s whole purpose to bestow joy and pleasure onto this vessel which overtime evolves into a spiritual creature.  God creates this vessel or creature (Humans, though we are not yet the spiritual creature Kabbalah talks about) to be a receptor of the pleasure or Light of God’s bestowal.    We have all been created to receive pleasure. This is the attribute of humans.  Our whole purpose is to receive pleasure bestowed upon us from God.
This means we are designed to receive pleasure for self- benefit and in this way God gets to bestow as was her original thought.  Our ego was designed as the receptor of pleasure.  It wants pleasure and is motivated by pleasure.   If we look at the world today we can see manifestations of people acting in their own self-interest. Humans are constantly seeking pleasure and avoiding pain even if this has a detrimental effect on others and Nature. 
However, the process of creating the spiritual creature is rather complex and I will not attempt to discuss this.  What we need to understand is that a world emanating self-benefit, self-absorption, self-satisfaction and self-interest is all by design.  Everything that we as humans have manifested is the result of our egos focus on their purpose of personal desire for pleasure.
What is God’s bestowal?  In answering this question, I will refer you to my post of November 7, 2016, ‘How We Create Our World.’  I will be touching on some points made in this last article.  If you read the post you will remember that we create our reality with our thoughts; that the Universe responds to our thoughts in non-judgmental fashion manifesting in our world what we want (think). 
The Universe is always responding to our thoughts and if they are made with strong enough desire and consistent enough detail we can create what we come to see in our world as our reality.  This interaction we have between the Universe and our thoughts is really God’s bestowal.  God wants us to be happy and to bestow pleasure on us, that’s how he designed us.  However, God (the Universe/Creator/the Giver) is non-judgmental.  She does not decide, “Well, this person’s thoughts/desires really might do them harm in the long run or harm others or are really selfish, so I will not respond to them.”   God bestows us what we desire as requested by our thoughts.  This is how we interact with God’s constant bestowal.  God remains non-judgmental.  It is we who decide what is good or not, what we want or not.
God’s goodness is giving us what we want as expressed through our thoughts.   What is it we want?  Generally, we want food, shelter, clothing, sex, money, power, knowledge and ultimately pleasure.  There is nothing wrong with this. We gravitate towards pleasure and away from pain. These desires are neither good nor bad, they simply exist.  However, by continually wanting pleasure we find that over time we can never receive enough pleasure and therefore are rarely if ever satisfied.  Our ego constantly tells us we want more, we can do more, we deserve more. However, we never really seem to get fulfilled.  We always want more and in fact our whole society is based on wanting more; our economy would not grow if we did not consistently consume more.  Our world is in the state it is because people, all of us and those in power are unfulfilled by God’s bestowal because our egos are designed to want constant pleasure.  So, being unfulfilled people reach for other sources of pleasure and as they do this their egos become more powerful.  Sometimes the wealthiest can’t have enough money to make them happy, so they turn to power and this power can manifest itself into exploitation of others.
The enlarged ego’s desire for more can result in fear of not having enough, anger and hatred of others who seemingly have more than us, jealousy of others who are richer, smarter or more powerful than us and this constant yearning for more pleasure manifests itself in our world in ways which may be by our definition harmful to ourselves and others. Whole nations’ collective egos can be influenced in this way manifesting into the exploitation of the planet, other peoples and wars. 
So, has the Creator created a monster in this creature we call humans simply so that she can bestow unconditional love and pleasure on us – creating us to be the receptors of this pleasure?  Not exactly.  You see the fully developed or evolved spiritual creature has not yet been created with the human being.  Our spiritual evolution involves our desire to be like the Creator.  That is to have the attribute of bestowal.  This presents a whole host of problems because we have been designed with the attribute of reception of pleasure for self-benefit.
The evolution of this spiritual creature as explained by Kabbalists is a detailed and lengthy process taking what in our world would be described as many lifetimes. This process solves the problem of creating the attribute of bestowal within us – to become altruistic like the Creator.  We are all on this path towards bestowal knowingly or unknowingly.  We often may not understand this path, though we constantly get messages from the Universe to remind us in the form of thoughts, events and people who are God’s messengers.
Many of us have experienced the human ability to bestow in acts of kindness which we either bestow on others or have bestowed on us.  These acts of kindness are moments when our point in the heart, which the Kabbalists refer to as our soul in development, expresses its true nature.  While this is in conflict with our ego, these moments of altruism do occur.  The challenge is how to create realities for ourselves where altruism is constant in our lives.  And, while we will always maintain the attribute of reception, so that we continue to receive God’s Light bestowed on us, our spiritual evolution will see the two attributes bestowal and reception eventually in balance.
In our current state, we cannot fully accept and absorb God’s Light to fill our vessel and with this infinite pleasure.  The Kabbalah is a system which allows our vessel, through many steps to achieve the fully created spiritual creature capable of God’s infinite bestowal and pleasure.
How can we develop our attribute of bestowal and with this our soul?  Remember that the Laws of the Universe are always in play.  So, if we are constantly bestowing love and goodness on others in an altruistic fashion, the laws of attraction and reciprocity (what goes around comes around) respond and we get acts of bestowal shined upon us giving us what we need - pleasure.   What we can do is practice bestowal on those we encounter in our daily lives whether this is manifested in our actions or simply conveying positive thoughts of love, goodness and joy.
In fact, our whole purpose in this lifetime and future lifetimes is to learn how to receive God’s love and joy in order to bestow, to become like that of God with the attribute of bestowal.  We already have the powers of God to create through our thoughts.  The world we as humans have created for good or bad is a manifestation of thoughts both individually and collectively.  Imagine what might happen if we individually and collectively increased our thoughts and manifestations of bestowal.
As we look upon our world of corporeal reality remember that each one of the billions of us as well as our collective societies are trying to solve the problem of how to transcend our attribute of reception (of pleasure for self-benefit) and develop our attribute of bestowal.  This problem sets up all kinds of conflicts within us individually and collectively which we see manifested in many ways in our world. 
This conflict in solving the Kabbalistic problem exists because there are parts of bestowal and reception in all of us.  As we travel down our paths towards the self-realization of bestowal in a world of seeming destruction and evil, take comfort in knowing that bestowal is always there for us to embrace if we truly have the intention and desire to bestow onto others without self-benefit – and by doing this bestow upon God.
Always remember that God loves us unconditionally, our true essence is immortal, we can choose to experience love and joy even in the most difficult times and we have the power to create through our thoughts.  The process of self-realization never ends, so we might as well enjoy it and spread joy and goodness to others along the way.
Know you are powerful, know you are Love

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

“We move through our world totally oblivious that anything outside of our perceived reality exists…”
Michael Kellogg, The Wondrous Wisdom of Kabbalah

Our world is currently experiencing the forces of differing perceptions of reality.  This is nothing new, though the magnitude of noise and alarm we hear regarding this human endeavor may be greater than what we have been used to.  The reason for such alarm and surprise on the part of many is due in part to the lack of awareness of what is happening outside our much insulated worlds of thought, experience, knowledge, information and beliefs.

Whether it’s the surprise election of Donald Trump, Brexit, the rise of populist movements all over the Western World, the depletion of jobs for many in a Global economy centered on technology, climate change, ISIS or a changing world order one will react to any of these situations depending on their awareness of the world.

Let’s consider the definition of awareness as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary.
Awareness:  knowledge that something exists or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience.

Now let’s further define and dissect some of the words and concepts presented in this definition.  We can start with knowledge.  Knowledge:  understanding or information that has been obtained by experience or study and that is either in a person’s mind or possessed by people generally. 

Consider the different scenarios that can affect a person’s knowledge:  Family, community, education, work, books, media including news and entertainment, religion, personal experiences, interaction with other people either diversified or limited, travel, health and financial situation.

Now consider the possible influences or people who might affect these different scenarios depending on their own perceptions of reality including teachers, religious leaders, business associates, friends, parents, media bosses, doctors and celebrities.  And, let’s not forget that each of the influencers may most likely have an agenda. So, in just acquiring knowledge we can see that an individual acting simply like a sponge has ample opportunity to acquire skewed or limited knowledge based on many factors.

Exists is a critical part of the definition of awareness.  Exists:  To be.  To have the ability to be known,recognized or understood. If we experience something through our five senses we typically would say that this object exists.  Some would say that if an individual does not experience something in this manner, then the object or idea does not exist. While the object or idea has the ability to be known if the circumstances allow the individual to experience it, should a situation not arise introducing the object to the the person's five senses then for the individual it does not exist.  For each of us there is much in our world of physical form which does 'not exist' as we have not experienced it through our five senses.

However, I would suggest that even presented with an object, our five senses can be fooled based on our beliefs.  Consider the term understanding:  Something that you have reason to believe.  This definition bases belief on reason or the ability to think and make judgements, particularly good judgments.  In a world of distractions, media manipulation, sales pitches, special interests, obscured facts, hyperbole, incessant desires, fears, responsibilities and opinions basing our beliefs on good judgement can be a challenge.

As an example, let’s look at climate change which has encompassed our lives for the past 20 years.  For many climate change is a forgone conclusion based on what they know.  For others it is still a dubious question.  Each side can point to dozens of scientists who will support either side of the debate; is climate change real and is it man made.  Consider another argument:  What if climate change was a fabricated reality to divert our attention from something that is taking place daily and is actually manipulating the weather?  Consider that the Arctic ice is melting yet the East Coast and Mid-west have frigid snow covered weather conditions.  In other parts of the country floods are rampant due to an overabundance of rain, tornadoes and other violent storms cause damage and dislocation in the South. And, throughout the world changing weather patterns are causing devastation for whole populations.

Nearly every day in my community the skies are covered with aerosol sprays of Nano-particles of aluminum, barium and other heavy metals which we ingest.  This is geoengineering and it has been going on for decades and most heavily for the last 15 years.  If you doubt me look at the pictures below.  These are pictures of the sky above my home taken at different times. 

Geoengineering is designed to manipulate the weather.  This technology can change weather patterns in specific geographic areas.  And it is supported by our government. Congress passed the National Weather Modification Policy Act in 1976.  These are the departments of our government involved with and supporting weather modification:

The primary Federal agencies concerned with weather modification
activities are the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense
and Interior, plus the Environmental Protection Agency, the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National
Science Foundation. The Department of State is also interested
in the effects on other countries of weather modification efforts.
Some States also conduct weather modification programs.

And, weather modification has been going on for some time.  Consider this piece from the comments section of the Act:

In 1977 the Federal Government will spend about $20 million
compared to $3 million in 1963 -- for such activities as fog,
cloud and precipitation modification; hail and lightning suppression;
amelioration of severe storms and hurricanes and other
related activities.

Could it be geoengineering that is causing what in some parts of the globe is a warming trend and yet in other parts actual cooling?  Who benefits from weather manipulation?  What kind of control do governments and private enterprises have over resources, commodities, and agriculture and whole populations if they can control the weather?  And if they are going to undertake this action in broad daylight how can they keep the public from rejecting this?  What kind of distractions can they create?

I’ve shown people the lines of aerosol spray in the sky and the response is typically, “I’ve never noticed these before.”  Or, “I rarely look up at the sky.” Or, “Aren’t those cirrus clouds.”  Or, “Our government wouldn’t do this.”  Yes, people will see a sky full of aerosol spray, lines of aerosol sprayed by jets flying at high altitudes and because of their belief system totally deny it is taking place.  So, given people’s beliefs and the fact that they are too distracted to even look at the sky, the government has been easily able to spray poisons in our skies and can now claim that this action is being done to “save us from climate change” after two decades of climate change debate and actions.

This isn’t to say that the reduction or elimination of fossil fuels to generate the energy we need for our economy isn’t important.  The original arguments to eliminate fossil fuels are still valid today:  That they are pollutants creating toxins for our environment and our health.  However, to now suggest CO2 emissions are the sole cause of climate change may be a red herring.  In fact climate change is likely man-made, but for different reasons and is actually weather modification.  Yet, there is no discussion of geoengineering in major media.  Nonetheless it is causing havoc with our weather, environment and health and needs to stop.

I point this out to illustrate how our awareness can be limited by what we choose to recognize as reality. Our beliefs which strongly influence our awareness can often be based on wrong or misleading information.  We all have the responsibility and ability to cut through the distractions and find truth if we ask hard questions, pay attention to our physical world around us and become fearless in the way we live and think.  We need to recognize that there is often some truth in in everything we hear and experience, but that often times it is laced with illusion if not outright falsehoods.  Yes, we are experiencing changes in weather patterns, but they may not be for the reasons we are told through corporate media and the government.  And whether you believe in climate change or deny it, know that something is going on with the weather which cannot be ignored.  For more information on geoengineering go to

Is this a “Call to arms” to organize and fight geoengineering?  It is if you want to and if you do be sure to educate yourself on the issue.  However, my purpose in discussing this issue is to illustrate what influences our awareness and how a limited awareness can lead us astray. It also recognizes that our knowledge, experience and understanding will always be limited in our world of physical form. Our first step towards greater awareness is to recognize the influences and influencers in our lives, recognize our world is full of distractions and illusions, recognize when we are mistaken and correct it, recognize how we create our realities, recognize others we may disagree with are also faced with the challenges of awareness and always seek truth by never limiting the possibilities of any answer.

I’ve talked before about the power we have to create through our thoughts.  If we have enough desire behind our thoughts our connection with the Universe will manifest these thoughts into realities in our world.  We need to be aware that while we have this power, our thoughts may be manifesting illusions and our realities may be based on other than the truth we seek.

The quote from Michael Kellogg at the beginning of this post makes reference to our inability to perceive the spiritual world.  I’ve used the quote and this discussion to illustrate the challenges we have in perceiving reality in our world of physical form which is the world we claim is real and the world we should be most familiar with.  Yet, the spiritual world and our world are connected and if we are to make that connection we first have to become aware.  We can practice becoming more aware in this lifetime and through this awareness begin to awaken our spiritual essence.  We have the power to create, we have the power to destroy and we have the power to change.  How we use this power is a choice we get to make.  Be aware of this power and choose wisely.

Know you are powerful, know you are love.