Monday, March 30, 2020

by Gary Rosenberg

If we learn anything from living in this world of form, this world often referred to as “The Earth School,” it is that much that is manifested comes from our individual and collective ego.  The ego is a level of consciousness focused on the individual as separate from the whole.  The ego sees the world as a place where it can satisfy all its desires: for domination, exploitation, consumption, physical and emotional pleasures, power and anything which places the individual supreme over everything else. The ego also harbors much individual fear:  fear of loss of any kind, fear of being unaccepted, fear of death, fear of hunger, pain and powerlessness. 

Yet, the ego was designed by the Creator in humans as a small part of ourselves, individuation to allow each of us with the power to create like the Creator (the Divine) through our thoughts in our own very personal way.  We humans are more powerful than we know and it is the world we see today that we have co-created as that of the Divine by interacting with Its Universal Laws, mostly unknowingly and unconsciously.

What is it that the Divine created us to manifest in our world?  Humans have originally been created as that of the Divine to manifest in our own way Divine Love, Divine Beauty and Divine Joy.  The manifestation of such Divine Presence is the expression of the Divine In our world which only we can do.  This individual expression can be seen in numerous creative ways:  Music, art, theatre, teaching, architecture, people helping each other in communities, gardens, a smile, laughter, dance and so many other ways only humans can create.

The Divine is continually bestowing Its love, beauty and joy on us daily.  It is up to us to open up and receive It.  And, once we receive It, we are to bestow it on others.  This reciprocal action of receiving and bestowing Divine Love insures it continues to grow in exponential fashion.

So if this was the intention of the Divine what has happened in our world to manifest so much pain, suffering and imbalance with Nature?  The Divine in its wisdom gave us free will which with our small ego was to allow us free expression to participate in the eternal Creation Process in a way which insured a diverse though interconnected Universe.  However, at some point as Humanity, a purely conscious creature of the Divine was in the process of co-creating it made a Metaphysical Mistake which manifested a huge collective and individual ego and the world of separateness we live in today.

So, what does this have to do with the current coronavirus pandemic?  In a world dominated by ego we lose site of how everything in the Universe is interconnected and how this interconnectedness intimately affects our own existence.  Our home planet, Earth is a microcosm of the interconnected Universe.  While we have been shown over and over again how this interconnectedness is affected by our actions through the efforts of ecologists, scientists and spiritual leaders, Humanity has been insistent through its collective ego that domination, exploitation, consumption and personal power is the historical and required method of human existence.

This status quo of a Humanity driven by ego rather than Inner Being has been manifested in our world for over 400,000 years and driven by a small number of ruling elites with powerful control over most people due to their comprehensive understanding of how the human mind works and how to manipulate it.  Yet, more and more people are freeing themselves of this manipulation and purposely reconnecting with the Divine Mind, Divine Love and Divine Joy in ways which are truly magnanimous.

Through a series of cause – effect, cause – effect, cause – effect (Universal Law of Cause and Effect) events over millennia we now find ourselves with yet another (mostly) human manifestation with global consequences – the coronavirus.

Is there a purpose behind the coronavirus?  Is this virus as deadly as the experts and media would have us believe?  Is there really only one cause of the virus (i.e. a bat)? Is its danger fabricated or real? How does the virus compare with other viruses in recent human history?  Is the quarantine/lockdown and destruction of local and global economies warranted?  What is the aftermath of this debacle?  Who will be hurt and for how long?  Will we have further lockdowns with the inevitable appearance of future viruses?  Who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this devastation to individuals, communities, businesses and whole societies?

These and other questions will be answered in forthcoming posts.

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