Monday, March 30, 2020

by Gary Rosenberg

Our world is the most difficult world to live in as it has been manifested by a heavy collective consciousness of separation:  Separation from God/the Divine, separation from each other, separation from other life forms, separation from Nature and separation from our Inner Being.  All of the discord we see in this world including the latest human drama of coronavirus has its cause in the consciousness of separation.

Behind everything manifested in our world of form is a consciousness - an intention, idea, thought, desire.  This is how we create or co-create with God.  Humanity was designed as a Metaphysical creature of God as expressed in Kabbalah as the 'Thought of Creation.'  God created Humanity as that of Itself with free-will, eternal life and the power to create like the Divine - through thought.  Each of us as a part of Humanity has this power to create our own realities.

However, most of the time we are creating unconsciously which is why we have the world we do.  What I try to do is help people consciously create by becoming aware of their thoughts.  Once you understand and practice this power you have, you will be able to take more control over you own environment, command respect and acceptance and show by example what it is to manifest our true essence - Love.

This is a link to the Universal Laws.  You have to take time to read and think about these Laws.  These are the basic Divine Laws with which we interact every day and help us understand how our world works and how we can, through our thoughts and intention change it.  Always remember the Spiritual world is the world of cause and our world is the world of results.  The spiritual world is the world of thought, energy, vibration.  Our world is the world of manifested form or expression of Divine Power based on thought, energy and vibration. Because we have free-will and because the Universal Laws are impersonal, non-judgmental and always enforce, we get to manifest anything.  

What we don't like we call 'bad.' What we do like we call 'good.' The Universal Laws don't care they simply respond to our greatest desires which typically elicit emotions.  

If what we think elicits emotions of joy and love then we are in touch with our Inner Being and can freely enjoy these thoughts to manifest what we want.  If what we think elicits anger, jealousy, manipulation or fear then we are acting from our ego and this will manifest what we don't want.  The basic process of creation in our world is:  Thought, Word, Deed.  We start with our intention/thought.  We then articulate this in detail eliciting an emotion and then we need to take action.

Once you open yourself up to the wider possibilities of the Spiritual world you will begin to feel a freedom and power beyond whatever shackles this world has placed on us.

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