Tuesday, August 8, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

Part 2 – The World We Created

In our never- ending longing to satisfy our desires we have created a world full of toxins, depleted soils, acid rain, shrinking forests, “concrete jungles,” electro- magnetic radiation, nano particles of aluminum, barium and other heavy metals prayed in our skies, pesticides, herbicides, methane, carbon monoxide, 165 million tons of plastic in our oceans and more in our landfills and on and on and on.  Our world has become a toxic soup.

We and other living creatures ingest these toxins every day.  Over time they accumulate in living organisms and eventually kill them.  Toxins are present in nearly everything we touch, see, taste or breathe.  While “authorities” may say that any item containing toxins do so only in very small amounts, the accumulation of multiple toxins daily over years puts stress on our immune system and ultimately causes disease.

What are these toxins which we have overtime seem to have accepted as part of “progress?”  Below I list some of the most prevalent, but will not entertain descriptions of each.  If interested you can research these toxins online.  The purpose of this list is to help you understand the overwhelming amount of stress we place on our planet and ourselves daily:

Methane, carbon monoxide, chlorine, fluoride, ammonia, chromium, numerous food additives and food dyes, sugar, aluminum, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, glyphosate, atrazine, chlopyrifos, metachlor, metam sodium, simazine, gardoprim, versatile, dioxins, triclosan, phthalates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), EMFs, recreational drugs, sodium laureth sulfate and radon.  Whew, and there’s more, but you get the idea.  And, we didn’t even list or discuss the potential future toxins from accident prone infrastructure like the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster or the decaying canisters in nuclear waste dumps.

These toxins accumulate in everything in our environment:  Animals, soils, plants, water and air.  So, we are ingesting many or all of these chemicals in some form every day.  Think about that.  Understand that these chemical toxins accumulate in the tissues of animals including humans over time and over longer periods of time eventually kill them.

Similar to the global warming debate and inability of our world to agree on and initiate a solution, cleaning up the chemical toxins on our planet has met with the same lack of resolve.  People tend to shrug and say things like, “Cleaning any of this will have a huge impact on the economy.  This is the trade-off we pay for progress.  Other societies are polluting worse than us.  Science shows that these small amounts can’t hurt us.” Or, people simply deny any of this since it is so overwhelming and an inconvenience to think about, let alone act on.  Most people simply leave it to science to find a cure sometime in the future. 

Yet, the incidence of cancer marches on.   Cancer continues to be a leading cause of death in both more and less economically developed countries.  Lung and breast cancer are the most frequently diagnosed and leading causes of cancer death in men and women.  In the U S cancer has increased 27% in children under 19 since 1975.  In more developed countries prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men and lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer among women.  Other frequently diagnosed cancers worldwide have been stomach, liver, colorectum among males and stomach, cervix uteri and colorectum among females (source:  Wiley Online Library, Global Cancer Statistics, 2012).

Thus far this discussion has focused on physical toxins.  We haven’t even touched on the toxic thoughts and ideas generated in our society and the world daily on the news, TV networks, social media, movies, books and conversation.  All this negativity impacts us more than we think and leads to negative energy which adds to the stresses placed on our mind and physical bodies.

With the potpourri of toxins in our environment, food, water and thoughts and more surely added as we “progress” in society, we will not cure cancer nor many other diseases.  We can at best extend lives, and the conventional medical methods used to do this do not lend to quality of life.  However, armed with the right information we can strengthen our immune systems in such a way that they can better be prepared for the daily onslaught of stresses the life we have created pours on us daily. The last two parts of this series will focus on how to survive and even thrive in a toxic world.

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