Sunday, August 13, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

Part 4 – The Power of Thought and Spirit

“Nothing is impossible to the mind of man, for the Conscious Mind controls the Subconscious Mind
and the Subconscious Mind is all-powerful.”
Uell S. Andersen, Three Magic Words

When I was diagnosed with a tumor on my lung I was not doing well.  I was physically tired, had stomach problems, was anxious, often angry and generally not the happiest of people.  Additionally, my wife had been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer.  I was about to enter a whirlwind of life changes and was mostly on “cruise control.”

I started with the conventional medical procedures and had a CAT scan done, which identified a small spiculated tumor.  I was then about to go through the next conventional procedure of a biopsy when Raymond Frances saved me from a potentially miserable life experience, if not certain death.

I had not contacted Raymond for months after earlier hoping to help him with a national education campaign due to my ill health.  When I emailed him to tell him about my situation he emailed me back within three hours and said, “Do not get a biopsy.  It will only spread the cancer.  If you do not do something soon you will be dead in two years.”  That was June 2015. 

I began doing research on lung cancer and the prognosis was not good.  With conventional surgery and cancer treatment I had a 3% chance to live 5 years.  Most people live about a year.

Then something happened.  I was tuned in to my impending mortality and all my fear left.  It came to me that all I wanted to do with the time I had left was focus my attention on my spiritual evolution.  It didn’t make any difference how much time I had left.  Whatever time God, The Divine, the Creator, the Universal Mind would give me, I was dedicated to connecting with my true essence which is spirit, which is love.

At that moment, I began putting together a plan of action with a team of people including Raymond Francis, Dr. Suprabha Jain and Pranic Healer John Ortiz.  I read two of Raymond’s books which were instructive and hopeful and started a regimen of his supplements specifically designed to fight cancer. Dr. Jain tailored a fifty-hour integrated wellness program for me and John Ortiz provided the positive energy levels with his own connection to Universal forces and practical solutions that worked.  My whole attitude towards my situation became fearless determination.

This was my spirit at work.  I began seeking out books, articles and people who were spiritually motivated.  I eliminated as much negative energy from my life as possible.  Reading and watching the news was out.  Watching comedies was in.  Synchronicity surrounded my life as I found people, books and experiences that resonated with me seemingly appear everywhere.  My spirit was in high gear.

I was totally dedicated to my newly found purpose in life.  Dying, while no longer fearful was no longer an option.  I had too much to do.  Too much that gave me joy.

I began meditating, reciting or thinking positive affirmations daily, experimenting with my diet, tried alternative healing methods, attended the Self-realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, read all kinds of books on the soul, the power of the mind, religions and a year’s long course in Kabbalah.  I went places and did things that resonated with my spirit and avoided those that did not.

My path showed me that our connection with the Universal forces is our thoughts.  That with a strong and pointed intention and enough desire expressed repeatedly with our detailed thoughts we can manifest new realities for ourselves and others.  This was truly God’s gift to us.   We only had to recognize it and dedicate ourselves to managing our thoughts instead of letting them manage our life.

Most importantly, by trusting in the Divine’s unconditional love and letting go of trying to control what happened to me, I let go of all fear.  Dying was no longer something to be feared or run from.  It became just part of the life process and as long as I was allowed to remain in this lifetime I would practice evolving spiritually every day. 

Fearlessness, spiritual faith, love for others, respect for my body through care and my new- found purpose began producing results.  I had experiences of bliss, I began to be less judgmental, I found myself spending more time with people who resonated with me, my health began getting better, the cancer cells in my blood were reduced by over 60%, my experiences of anger or depression were now limited to minutes instead of hours, days or weeks and my energy levels had been vibrant.

My Pranic Healer told me that studies have found people will heal and extend their lives if they are happy and/or have a strong purpose in life.  My spiritual path gave me both.

The world of toxins we live in today, be they physical or our thoughts are a manifestation of our ego.  Always remember that even in this world there are thousands of people who are happy and whose lives are beautiful.  If you were to spend time talking with these people you would find much of what is thought in their minds is reflected in their lives.  It is these thoughts that come from their soul and the spiritual world which trigger their subconscious mind and create all that emanates around them.

Kabbalah tells us that the spiritual world is the world of causes and the corporeal world is the world of results.  The reason we find seemingly little progress towards a better world is because we keep trying to fix it using the thoughts, ideas, materials and purposes of the world of results.  In order to change our lives here, we need to reach beyond to the spiritual, the world of causes.  And when we do we will experience wonders in our lifetime, both large and small.  This is God’s bestowal.  This is God’s love.  We only need to believe in our own power of love, trust in the Divine, be fearless and let our imaginations fly.


Today my wife and I are both doing well.  We don’t worry about what could be.  We focus on the present and the joy that surrounds us every day.  I have chosen a new life project to become a Life Coach and help others who may be stuck in any aspect of their lives using the same principles which have helped me.   You can reach my website at or contact me at

Always be fearless, be joyful, try not to judge, emanate love and bestow all God’s goodness onto others.

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