Tuesday, January 31, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

“We move through our world totally oblivious that anything outside of our perceived reality exists…”
Michael Kellogg, The Wondrous Wisdom of Kabbalah

Our world is currently experiencing the forces of differing perceptions of reality.  This is nothing new, though the magnitude of noise and alarm we hear regarding this human endeavor may be greater than what we have been used to.  The reason for such alarm and surprise on the part of many is due in part to the lack of awareness of what is happening outside our much insulated worlds of thought, experience, knowledge, information and beliefs.

Whether it’s the surprise election of Donald Trump, Brexit, the rise of populist movements all over the Western World, the depletion of jobs for many in a Global economy centered on technology, climate change, ISIS or a changing world order one will react to any of these situations depending on their awareness of the world.

Let’s consider the definition of awareness as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary.
Awareness:  knowledge that something exists or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience.

Now let’s further define and dissect some of the words and concepts presented in this definition.  We can start with knowledge.  Knowledge:  understanding or information that has been obtained by experience or study and that is either in a person’s mind or possessed by people generally. 

Consider the different scenarios that can affect a person’s knowledge:  Family, community, education, work, books, media including news and entertainment, religion, personal experiences, interaction with other people either diversified or limited, travel, health and financial situation.

Now consider the possible influences or people who might affect these different scenarios depending on their own perceptions of reality including teachers, religious leaders, business associates, friends, parents, media bosses, doctors and celebrities.  And, let’s not forget that each of the influencers may most likely have an agenda. So, in just acquiring knowledge we can see that an individual acting simply like a sponge has ample opportunity to acquire skewed or limited knowledge based on many factors.

Exists is a critical part of the definition of awareness.  Exists:  To be.  To have the ability to be known,recognized or understood. If we experience something through our five senses we typically would say that this object exists.  Some would say that if an individual does not experience something in this manner, then the object or idea does not exist. While the object or idea has the ability to be known if the circumstances allow the individual to experience it, should a situation not arise introducing the object to the the person's five senses then for the individual it does not exist.  For each of us there is much in our world of physical form which does 'not exist' as we have not experienced it through our five senses.

However, I would suggest that even presented with an object, our five senses can be fooled based on our beliefs.  Consider the term understanding:  Something that you have reason to believe.  This definition bases belief on reason or the ability to think and make judgements, particularly good judgments.  In a world of distractions, media manipulation, sales pitches, special interests, obscured facts, hyperbole, incessant desires, fears, responsibilities and opinions basing our beliefs on good judgement can be a challenge.

As an example, let’s look at climate change which has encompassed our lives for the past 20 years.  For many climate change is a forgone conclusion based on what they know.  For others it is still a dubious question.  Each side can point to dozens of scientists who will support either side of the debate; is climate change real and is it man made.  Consider another argument:  What if climate change was a fabricated reality to divert our attention from something that is taking place daily and is actually manipulating the weather?  Consider that the Arctic ice is melting yet the East Coast and Mid-west have frigid snow covered weather conditions.  In other parts of the country floods are rampant due to an overabundance of rain, tornadoes and other violent storms cause damage and dislocation in the South. And, throughout the world changing weather patterns are causing devastation for whole populations.

Nearly every day in my community the skies are covered with aerosol sprays of Nano-particles of aluminum, barium and other heavy metals which we ingest.  This is geoengineering and it has been going on for decades and most heavily for the last 15 years.  If you doubt me look at the pictures below.  These are pictures of the sky above my home taken at different times. 

Geoengineering is designed to manipulate the weather.  This technology can change weather patterns in specific geographic areas.  And it is supported by our government. Congress passed the National Weather Modification Policy Act in 1976.  These are the departments of our government involved with and supporting weather modification:

The primary Federal agencies concerned with weather modification
activities are the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense
and Interior, plus the Environmental Protection Agency, the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National
Science Foundation. The Department of State is also interested
in the effects on other countries of weather modification efforts.
Some States also conduct weather modification programs.

And, weather modification has been going on for some time.  Consider this piece from the comments section of the Act:

In 1977 the Federal Government will spend about $20 million
compared to $3 million in 1963 -- for such activities as fog,
cloud and precipitation modification; hail and lightning suppression;
amelioration of severe storms and hurricanes and other
related activities.

Could it be geoengineering that is causing what in some parts of the globe is a warming trend and yet in other parts actual cooling?  Who benefits from weather manipulation?  What kind of control do governments and private enterprises have over resources, commodities, and agriculture and whole populations if they can control the weather?  And if they are going to undertake this action in broad daylight how can they keep the public from rejecting this?  What kind of distractions can they create?

I’ve shown people the lines of aerosol spray in the sky and the response is typically, “I’ve never noticed these before.”  Or, “I rarely look up at the sky.” Or, “Aren’t those cirrus clouds.”  Or, “Our government wouldn’t do this.”  Yes, people will see a sky full of aerosol spray, lines of aerosol sprayed by jets flying at high altitudes and because of their belief system totally deny it is taking place.  So, given people’s beliefs and the fact that they are too distracted to even look at the sky, the government has been easily able to spray poisons in our skies and can now claim that this action is being done to “save us from climate change” after two decades of climate change debate and actions.

This isn’t to say that the reduction or elimination of fossil fuels to generate the energy we need for our economy isn’t important.  The original arguments to eliminate fossil fuels are still valid today:  That they are pollutants creating toxins for our environment and our health.  However, to now suggest CO2 emissions are the sole cause of climate change may be a red herring.  In fact climate change is likely man-made, but for different reasons and is actually weather modification.  Yet, there is no discussion of geoengineering in major media.  Nonetheless it is causing havoc with our weather, environment and health and needs to stop.

I point this out to illustrate how our awareness can be limited by what we choose to recognize as reality. Our beliefs which strongly influence our awareness can often be based on wrong or misleading information.  We all have the responsibility and ability to cut through the distractions and find truth if we ask hard questions, pay attention to our physical world around us and become fearless in the way we live and think.  We need to recognize that there is often some truth in in everything we hear and experience, but that often times it is laced with illusion if not outright falsehoods.  Yes, we are experiencing changes in weather patterns, but they may not be for the reasons we are told through corporate media and the government.  And whether you believe in climate change or deny it, know that something is going on with the weather which cannot be ignored.  For more information on geoengineering go to www.geoengineeringwatch.org.

Is this a “Call to arms” to organize and fight geoengineering?  It is if you want to and if you do be sure to educate yourself on the issue.  However, my purpose in discussing this issue is to illustrate what influences our awareness and how a limited awareness can lead us astray. It also recognizes that our knowledge, experience and understanding will always be limited in our world of physical form. Our first step towards greater awareness is to recognize the influences and influencers in our lives, recognize our world is full of distractions and illusions, recognize when we are mistaken and correct it, recognize how we create our realities, recognize others we may disagree with are also faced with the challenges of awareness and always seek truth by never limiting the possibilities of any answer.

I’ve talked before about the power we have to create through our thoughts.  If we have enough desire behind our thoughts our connection with the Universe will manifest these thoughts into realities in our world.  We need to be aware that while we have this power, our thoughts may be manifesting illusions and our realities may be based on other than the truth we seek.

The quote from Michael Kellogg at the beginning of this post makes reference to our inability to perceive the spiritual world.  I’ve used the quote and this discussion to illustrate the challenges we have in perceiving reality in our world of physical form which is the world we claim is real and the world we should be most familiar with.  Yet, the spiritual world and our world are connected and if we are to make that connection we first have to become aware.  We can practice becoming more aware in this lifetime and through this awareness begin to awaken our spiritual essence.  We have the power to create, we have the power to destroy and we have the power to change.  How we use this power is a choice we get to make.  Be aware of this power and choose wisely.

Know you are powerful, know you are love. 

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