Monday, August 7, 2017

by Gary Rosenberg

Part 1 How Did We Get Here

In my past postings, I’ve talked about Kabbalah and how we humans are a creation purposely designed by the Creator to receive pleasure; to receive the pleasure the Creator bestows upon us as part of the Thought of Creation.  In this design, our creation is not yet completed.  We are not yet the fully spiritual beings the Creator had in mind.  In order to evolve spiritually we need a determined intention and desire for the spiritual as our sole purpose in this world.

Our creation thus far as receptors of pleasure requires us to actively want pleasure and avoid pain.  As receptors of pleasure our egos dominate and insure we are all out for our own self-interest.  This is neither good nor bad – it simply is.  Until we decide that we want to be like the Creator and seek the spiritual evolution to altruistically bestow upon others as does the Creator upon us, our world becomes only a manifestation of our egos’ unending desire for pleasure (food, sex, family, money, power, respect, knowledge).  With their strong determination to achieve personal self-benefit and their total disregard for Universal Laws our egos have helped create the world we have today.

The desire for personal pleasure is so strong and our egos’ inability to ever be satisfied delivers situations, products, feelings and thoughts which actually are detrimental to us.  Our egos have become so powerful that we often deny these manifestations exist, do our best to ignore them or simply get so engaged in what we want or do for our self-benefit that we are not aware we are harming ourselves and each other.

Yet, we have been placed in this world to evolve spiritually.  This process has been in play for millennia and we are still not a spiritually evolved species.  We obviously need more time which given our current environmental degradation may run out sooner than is required for our spiritual evolution in this world.

So, what can we do to extend our lifetime(s) on this planet in order to complete our spiritual path toward fully enlightened beings as is our destiny?  Part of what needs to be done on this path is to maintain our vessel, our physical body as long as we can so as to achieve the greatest possible spiritual growth in this lifetime and with this change the way we live on this planet. 

I will attempt to discuss this in a series or parts to this post and hope that the information and recommendations offered will be of some assistance to people who either find themselves afflicted with physical maladies or would prefer to avoid them.  Please remember as you read this series to try and be non-judgmental, that any recommendations are not to be construed as an alternative to seeing your doctor when necessary and any results you may expect will rely on your determination to change your corporeal life and your desire for spiritual growth.

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