Sunday, July 18, 2021



Recognizing and Accepting Our Mistakes

By Gary Rosenberg


Before we can attempt to address the world’s problems we have to recognize that we individually and collectively have helped create these problems.  We have to accept this fact without judgement or condemnation.  For as part of the Human Race, we are experiencing an evolutionary/learning process physically and spiritually while interacting with the Universe and its Laws manifesting mistakes from which we are to learn, correct and grow into greater wisdom.

What are these mistakes?  Mistakes are manifestations in our world which we humans have created that we do not like or want; what makes us feel uncomfortable or are dangerous to our existence.  While a planet of 8 billion human beings makes a consensus of what constitutes a ‘mistake’ challenging, there are obvious things we have manifested which adversely affect all of us.  Some of the most detrimental to our existence were outlined in Part 1 (attached).

We find it hard to accept the fact that we make mistakes.  If these things are pointed out to us we tend to become defensive because psychologically making mistakes makes us feel ‘less than’ that which we hope to be. Feeling ‘less than’ others or who we expect ourselves to be feels uncomfortable and so we can fall into the trap of denial or judgement.  This is an easy trap to fall into because we often think of non-judgement as condoning bad actions.  Non-judgement simply means accepting that mistakes have been made and setting the expectation that such mistakes will be recognized and corrected. 

Accepting the mistakes, we make individually and collectively is a recognition that we are imperfect and mistakes will and do occur.  Accepting our mistakes is about taking responsibility for our actions and the harm or pain they may have caused, learning from these mistakes, mitigating them as best we can and moving forward from the experience.

Unfortunately, in our world of separation from God, in our world dominated by ego consciousness admitting to mistakes is met with an onslaught of judgement from many sides of society.  How many times have we seen politicians ‘double down’ on their lies and misinformation?  How many times have we seen people ridiculed as weak when confessing to mistakes they may have made?  How often do we see the media make news of people’s misfortune, especially those in power or celebrities? 

Our world remains very tribal and the greatest ‘mistake’ people can make is belonging to the wrong tribe.  This tribal organization of our world makes us vulnerable to manipulation through division, hatred and fear.  Simply look at our political system.  Truth depends on which party you belong to; which party line you follow.  Such a belief system is ridiculous and opens us to increased separation as a nation which does not bode well given myriad problems we collectively face.

Other tribal delineations we continually see in our society is that of race, religion and culture.  These seeming differences among us are due to genetics, familial and personal choice and communities of ethnic origins.  The most noticed tribal manipulations in this group are that of race and most recently those of African and Asian Americans. 

While physical and cultural differences are the norm in our world, we all remain as part of one race – the Human Race.  As we enter the Greater Community of the wider Universe, the recognition of Humanity as one race among a Universe of races will become imperative.  I encourage you to learn more about this by following the link above. 

This tribalism goes beyond our nation to the whole world and is unsustainable given the existential challenges we as Humanity now face.  United States imperialism needs to be recognized and halted as it is no longer sustainable and was never justified.  We currently have 4.25% of the world’s population and consume 24% of the world’s energy. We have an insatiable appetite for consumption and acquisition of things and produce enormous amounts of waste.  How do you think we have been able to sustain these resource depleting habits?  Likewise Chinese or Soviet desires for world domination will never be sustainable in a world of declining resources.

Yet, who in these countries would ever admit that their desires and plans for world hegemony are real? Who in these countries would ever admit that such desires are mistakes and now world cooperation must be pursued?  Any discussion of such realities is met with denial, excuses and false narratives of ‘threats from others.’  And many of the populations of these countries themselves react with their own indignation at any such suggestion that their country is less than perfect.  Such is the power of judgement.

If we as part of the Human Race are to meaningfully embrace the challenges of ‘Humanity’s to Do List’ we have to accept that we individually and collectively have made mistakes in how we live, how we act, what we desire, what we believe is truth and accept these mistakes without judgement.  Then we need to objectively look at what we have done, look at the world we have created and honestly ask ourselves, “Is this what I want?” 

If we are to collectively have any impact on the current trajectory of our world we each individually need to stop judging and start objectively observing.  We need to fearlessly accept the world as it is and honestly search for the Truth we intuitively know.  We need to understand that we have the power to create our world and based on our thoughts, desires and actions we have helped create this world (see” How we Create Our World” Nov. 7, 2016).  And we need to begin honest conversations without judgment about our concerns, fears, visions and hopes for the future. 

Humanity has much work to do and the longer we avoid tackling our problems the more challenging they become.  Denial, deceit and delusion are the manifestations of an ego consciousness.  They are the result of judgment, ridicule and fear.  Acceptance, humility, compassion, forgiveness, confidence, determination and the strongest desire to know Truth no matter how difficult it may be are what will drive us to our destiny as that of Humanity in this world at this time.

We have the power to make mistakes and we have the power to correct them.  This is the power we hold within us as that of God and this is the power we need to call up as we tackle ‘Humanity’s to Do List’ which will begin in Part 3.


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