Tuesday, June 1, 2021



By Gary Rosenberg


Our world is changing at break-neck speed. Anyone paying attention will understand that we humans are faced with unprecedented life challenges since our inception on Earth.  The history of Humanity has seen much discord, destruction and despoliation of the planet.  However, nothing in history compares with the existential threats we face today – including extraterrestrial intervention.  Avoiding these challenges not only threatens our individual freedoms, it is destroying our life support system called planet Earth at an exponential rate.

Our greatest threat to our existence is the perpetual and persistent division among people and nations.  We have failed to find ways to cooperate and prefer to dominate each other and Nature.  This consciousness of separation is the one great challenge which will determine our future.  If we fail to see ourselves as one Human Race with a shared planet, we will be doomed to a future of misery if not extinction.  If we fail to treat each other with respect, dignity and equality – including all national leaders, rich and poor alike, all different races and cultures we will not even be able to take the first step to correcting the enormity of mistakes we face.  If we do not come together as one Human Race we will be manipulated and controlled by the extraterrestrial presence which has been here for some time, for we are part of a Greater Community of worlds much more intelligent and technologically advanced than we are.  They are very interested in the resources of our planet which we have squandered.

Humanity is facing Great Waves of Change and we are woefully unprepared.  We are unprepared because too many are in denial of our real problems and those in power are desperately trying to hold on to their perceived power and refuse to tell people the truth.  All of which will soon become irrelevant as the changes occurring in our world will affect everyone – there is no escape.

What Humanity needs today is world-wide wise leadership.  This leadership will not come from our political systems, from our institutions, from our world organizations, from our churches, mosques, synagogues, from our corporations or from our schools.  It will have to some from us within our own communities and it will have to have the courage to know truth and speak this truth to power and to the people.

There is much that has been written about the world’s problems and unfortunately most of what has been written only speaks partial truths.  The human dilemma is much greater than our leaders, scientists, academics, corporations or news media would have us believe.

If you are willing to rise beyond your fears and beyond your cultural and media-based beliefs in the search for truth consider this:

The greatest single anthropogenic cause of our dying planet is not being discussed, yet it is in front of us daily if we only looked up.  All the spraying in the sky is part of geoengineering called solar radiation management.  While geoengineering is not the only cause of a warming planet it is the single most dangerous.

“The single greatest factor for forest fires is geoengineering (nano-particulates).  Aluminum particulates destroy root structures and effect the up-lifting of nutrients to the plant/trees.

Geoengineering destroys the ozone layer, so we are experiencing much higher UV radiation.  This burns foliage.  The south/Southwestern sides of trees have bark burned off. 

Ionizing of atmosphere makes the air more electric and causes more dry lightning.  Climate engineering is not the only factor, but needs to be considered as the single greatest factor effecting the biosphere.

Aluminum kills aquatic insects which are food for fish.  Higher UV radiation is causing algae blooms killing more fish. Plankton population is down 60% world -wide.  83% of species are dying off. 

 We are fast approaching Earth’s sixth great mass extinction.”

-Dane Wigington, Geoengineering Watch

As you look at the sky pay attention.  What do you see?  I remember as a child bright-blue- skies.  No more.  Consider that whatever they are spraying in the sky every day we all breathe.  It gets in our lungs.  It gets in our blood. So, do you really think this has no effect on your health?

Then there is chemical ice nucleation or the ‘engineering of winter.’ “The climate engineers have the power to chemically cool-down surface temperatures when enough atmospheric moisture is available to them. The more heavily and extensively the geoengineers utilize chemical ice nucleating materials, the more extreme the surface cooling that they can create. This is not speculation, but verifiable fact proven by patented processes.” 

“Mainstream media covered the fact that Chinese scientists are engineering snowstorms, are we to believe that the US government and others aren't doing the same?”  - Dane Wigington

I’ve written a lot about geoengineering because in my mind the arrogance of Humanity to think it can control Nature is beyond the pale.  And, what we see now by our arrogance is a dying planet – it’s hydrological system totally disrupted and manipulated by climate engineers which is why weather has become so bizarre.

We are faced with the sixth mass extinction and this trajectory does not move in linear fashion.  It is exponential in nature which means while many are hoping we go back to ‘normal,’ Nature is unraveling at blinding speed and one day it will simply be gone. This day is likely coming soon, particularly since people continue mass denial of our reality. People need to come to grips with this.  There are many behaviors, especially in the rich Western nations which will have to just stop.  There are solutions that need to be sought after immediately.

There are over 400 nuclear power plants in the world.  Consider that the Fukushima power plant which went into melt-down 10 years ago after a Tsunami hit it remains inoperable spewing radioactive waste.  Japan still doesn’t know how to fix it or what to do with the radioactive waste and is dumping it in the Pacific Ocean.  What happens to all the nuclear power plants if there is a mass human die-off and no one is around to manage them?  How do you avoid mass nuclear melt-down in this situation?  What would this mean for the remaining planet?

The planet has exceeded its ‘carrier capacity’ and at 8 billion people is not sustainable.  This combined with the wealthiest countries consuming well beyond their needs, the United States with 5% of the world’s population consumes 25% of its resources, has resulted in resource depletion at an alarming rate.  Environmental degradation and pollution of all kinds have manifested increased disease and illness at unprecedented rates.  There is no one thing that causes disease.  Our bodies are encountering constant attack by multiple toxins daily. And ecological collapse is only making these challenges worse.

Supply chains are being disrupted as well as our food supply, oceans are on the verge of collapse, plastics are now found in nearly every part the planet and air pollution is worse than we are told.  Then we have the dirty- dozen of human activity which is unsustainable by any serious calculation:  Debt based banking, the rape of the planet, mass-consumption economies based on ‘buy-it, trash it’ consciousness, loss of soils, poisoning of oceans, mass genetic pollution of the planet with GMOs, the conventional medical system, widespread pharmaceutical contamination of soils, animals and people, overpopulation and loss of fresh water across the world. 

If that’s not enough to glaze your eyes, consider the one thing humans are obsessed with which uses most of our finite resources – technology. One technology which uses the most resources is the manufacture of the car. In 2020 world-manufacture of cars was 78 million and something close to this number is manufactured each year.  The love affair with the car is a luxury we will soon no longer afford.

Next consider another technology humans have a love affair with – computers and cell phones.  Computer technology including cell phones require 50 of the 90 elements found on our planet, many of which are rare.  In 2020 over 275,000 new computers were shipped.  By 2024 it is estimated there will be almost 18 billion cell phones in use worldwide.

We have become so dependent on our technology that we fail to understand what this dependence is doing to our environment.  Not only does the production of technologies destroy the land by strip mining, it is inefficient and produces substantial waste products.  To extract gold which is required for computers requires 80 tons of waste for just one ounce of gold.

As the world economies push forward with their agenda of ever new advanced technologies more and more finite resources will be extracted and this is an unsustainable growth model.  Our love affair with technology requires a sense of sanity and reality check with what it is doing to our environment – the same environment which feeds us.  The fact is, most technology is not needed for a sustainable and prosperous humanity.  Technologists convince us we need such things as 5G to run the Internet of Things and driverless cars.  Do you really need your refrigerator connected to the Internet?  Why do we need driverless cars?  The materials extraction for the 5G network will be enormous and the EMF emissions are a concern for health issues.

Our totally disconnected civilization from Nature, from the planet which feeds us dumps 2.12 billion tons of waste into landfills each year.  This is because most of what is produced still is not recyclable, even certain plastics.  We are running out of landfill space and this garbage has no where to go.  Most of it is not biodegradable.  How often do we even think about the bags of garbage we toss each week?

These are some of the numerous challenges we face as Humanity.  These challenges have been allowed to mount because of a collective consciousness of separation from each other and the world we live in.  We leave most of the important social decisions to our elected leaders and all too often simply follow their pronouncements, laws, rules, dictates and engineering of society without question.  We just do what our culture tells us to do and rarely think about the effects of our individual and collective actions on the whole of Humanity.  This consciousness of separation will have to change if we are to confront the world we have allowed to manifest under our watch. 

There is another component to all of this which I will address in a separate writing and have touched on in the past – the entrance of Humanity into the Greater Community of Intelligence in the Universe.  The knowledge of such intelligence intervening in our world has been known by our government at least since 1947.  The documentation and evidence are clear and only the purposeful cover-up of this knowledge has kept people in the dark.  We have come to the point in time when we can no longer ignore this reality and so I will attempt to explain this in a separate writing.  However, extraterrestrial intelligent life is yet another challenge Humanity faces in the 21st Century.

The challenges seem daunting and have mounted in complexity in part because we as Humanity have failed to address them with all honesty.  We do have the power to begin to meet these challenges if we can connect to our true essence as that of God and open ourselves to embrace the truth of our world no matter how difficult it may be.

The greatest challenge Humanity faces is in the uniting of the planet as one Human Race in a manner that respects all people and recognizes the value of each person in this world, that seeks inclusiveness in problem solving and decision-making, that understands our human strengths and limitations, that demands truth and knowledge be known, that is compassionate and seeks equality among all as human beings.  And, most importantly recognizes our individual responsibility as good stewards of the planet and as a member of the Human Race in everything we do.

Unifying the planet is a daunting task in a world of declining resources as many people, particularly those in the wealthy nations will have to sacrifice much, most of which are things that are considered luxuries by the majority of the world.  However, when people understand the reality of the world we collectively face, they will better accept the changes to simple lifestyles than the alternative which is extinction. 

We are each more powerful than we know and collectively we are increasingly powerful if we open our hearts to Divine Guidance at this time of unprecedented change. 

My next message in Part 2 will focus on actual things we can and need to do to move forward in embracing the challenges we face together.



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