Friday, July 23, 2021



By Gary Rosenberg


Humanity’s purpose is not to dominate the planet, but rather elevate its collective consciousness and awareness as That of the Divine to express through its co-creation powers the Love, Goodness and Beauty of Divine Majesty


What of a world:

Where beings innately understand the interconnectedness of everything within this world.  They choose to live among all that exists in this world granted them by the Divine, live among all living things respecting them and cherishing what these Divine manifestations add to the wholeness of this world. 

These higher conscious beings (Umans) purposely choose to learn to communicate with other forms of life at a conscious level and preserve the world environment so that all may live in peace and joy. Anything taken from the environment for use by Umans is returned to its natural form with gratitude.

In this world Umans do not dominate, they integrate and as such they do not proliferate.  They are aware of their connection with Divine Intelligence and that they have been chosen by this Intelligence to act as co-creators in the Creation Process.  They are continually open to receive Divine Love, Goodness and Pleasure.  As they receive this positive energy, they bestow it on all that surrounds them. This world which Umans find themselves in is their opportunity to learn their powers as co-creators with the Divine, use them wisely and only for good.

As Umans they require food to maintain their physical forms and work with the soils, minerals, forests, rivers, mountains, weather patterns, climate changes, air and energies of this Mother Planet (Hearth) to grow or create the energy sources necessary to sustain their physical bodies. Such sources are bountiful and Umans are grateful for their presence.  They choose not to use other higher conscious animal forms as food and whenever they eat vegetarian forms of food, they express their gratitude for what these Divine manifestations provide them.

Umans see their purpose as stewards of Hearth, the gift to them from the Divine.  They understand that to become the best co-creators they need to learn the ways of the Creator, the Divine and that Hearth is their School.  Their education curriculum includes Metaphysics, The Universal Laws, Physical Sciences, Ecology, Astronomy, Astrology, Farming, Gardening, Uman/Animal interdependence, Sustainable Mining, City Planning, Infinite Energy and its use, Raising of Consciousness including Telepathy, Out of Body Experience and Transplane Travel. 

Umans do much of their communication telepathically and have the ability to intercommunicate through telepathic means with other entities on other planes who help Umans in their own conscious development.

Umans live in cities with large swaths of open space in between and much of nature within these cities.  These cities are built up to use as little land as possible saving it for the Hearth’s energy to flourish.  Umans have all that they need and they have found they need little in the way of material possessions.  For what they all possess is all around them in the beauty of the Hearth.

Within cities, Umans walk a lot.  They understand their own immortality and are never in a hurry to go anywhere or accomplish or do anything.  They rather spend time in the moment of whatever they are experiencing.  They know they are timeless.

Travel for distances, say between cities is done through self-driving transit systems which run efficiently and carry multiple Umans at any time.  Umans have no difficulty getting from one place to the next.

Umans are healthy vibrant beings who cherish good health as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  They never take nor eat more than they need for they know that the Divine always offers them an abundance of whatever they need to exist and lead fulfilling lives.

Umans play multiple roles in their lives based on their schooling, interests, creative spirit and desires.  These roles all add to the collective needs of the Uman society and for this active participation each Uman gets whatever they need whether food, water, housing, clothing, medical attention, entertainment, transportation or education. 

Uman society creates the physical infrastructure to sustain and advance themselves, but they do not have a money or transaction system as Humans do.  Umans’ consciousness is developed such that they never take more than they need.  They gladly add their skills, knowledge and expertise to whatever they are best suited for and interested in to benefit Uman society whether this be teacher, doctor, farmer, miner, mechanic, electrical/energy developer, city builder, scientist, etc. 

Based on the needs of society and the abilities of the Umans, they procreate at a rate which allows for the necessary number of Umans to sustain a healthy and vibrant society.  They have also developed technology which does much of the work necessary for Uman society, so that Umans can focus more attention on raising their consciousness and expressing Divine Goodness in the arts:  Music, carpentry, painting, sculpting, and more.

With such a high level of consciousness money is not required.  Umans simply go to what we might call stores and take what they need.  No one takes more than they need because there is no fear of not ever having what they need.

Umans are not perfect and they do make mistakes.  When mistakes are made, they recognize their mistakes and work to correct them, knowing that this is how they learn.  Umans do not blame others for their mistakes.  Umans are not judgmental.  Instead they forgive others for their mistakes and work to help them correct mistakes as a learning experience.

Umans are peaceful.  What Humans call weapons are non-existent.  Such creations have never crossed their consciousness.


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