Monday, May 3, 2021



by Gary Rosenberg

As we enter the month of May into the second quarter of the driest year California has had in 127 years I recall past years of May when the colors were bright, the grasses green, the air cleaner and the reservoirs near capacity.  We all seem to think that this drought is part of what people refer to as climate change and the warming of the planet.  However, on a warming planet there should be more rain, unless something is drying out the moisture caused by evaporating water from the oceans.  More on this later. 

We will find 2021 to be a year of new revelations.  These revelations will say a lot about Humanity and the world we live in.  They will be fraught with lies, deceit, illusions and some deep truths for those seeking Truth.  2021 in numerology is the number 5.  The number 5 means change and we will see some major changes taking place in our world this year.

While things seem to be going back to ‘normal’ this is not a time to become complacent.  The change taking place in 2021 is at all levels of existence and will manifest increasing disruption in our world.  For we are fast discovering we have entered the Greater Community of Separation.  This is a Universe of billions of manifested worlds of highly intelligent beings who like us exploit their planets for material desires and now find themselves wandering the Universe in search of resources to survive.  They are far superior to us in intelligence and spiritually and emotionally immature.  They have been here on Earth for quite some time and while most humans believe such beings exist, they may not want to believe they exist here and now.  We are not and likely never have been alone.

Spirit has already revealed to me deep truths about myself, God and the world of separation we find ourselves in.  Spirit has also made it very clear that all of us, as the species Homo Sapiens have a purpose for being here and now.  We have a responsibility to seek Truth and become clear on our purpose as part of the Homo Sapiens family and the Greater Community.  I will be writing a series on this Greater Community and what this means for each of us as well as Humanity in future mailings.  In the meantime, I encourage you to check out these two resources here and here.

In this writing I want to begin a conversation on what is God and the Power of God.  The biggest challenge we have living in the world of separation from God is understanding what this thing we call God really is.  We give God different names:  The Divine, Divine One, Divine Mind, Source the Creator, All That Is to name some.  Our religions teach us of what to expect from God and how to pray to God.  Many think that God creates miracles and will save us from ourselves and our manifestations. Some see God as a very personal God who interacts with them daily. 

We cannot know God in any of these senses in the World of Separation.  With determined work we can feel God and begin to understand God and our relationship with God.  We can also begin to see the Power of God which lies within all of us as well as cultivate the Knowledge necessary to ascend our consciousness higher as we fulfill our purpose in this world. 

God is all Good, Compassionate, Gracious, Forgiving, Beauty and Powerful.  It is also non-judgmental and impersonal.  It has formed the World of Separation by design and we are here because we have chosen to be here.  God has created worlds within the Greater Community with all the necessary intelligence, volition and capacity to function on their own without Its intervention.  This is called Nature. All intelligent beings in these worlds have the Knowledge to create and with free will the freedom to create whatever they want with the corresponding results.  God does not intervene, for non-intervention by God is what free will is about. However, God does send us messages in the greatest times of need through messengers and now is the time to pay attention to one such message given nearly 40 years ago.  For this message has much relevance for our circumstances today.

As we enter a period of disclosure of many things it behooves us to not take these disclosures lightly or simply trust those making such disclosures.  For there are many agendas of the Greater Community playing out in our world at this time.  We all have the capacity to seek and know Truth and it requires a sincere desire to do so.  Such desire will become increasingly important now and in the future. Open yourself up to the Universe with the greatest intention to seek and know Truth and start now.  Truth is what will guide us though the illusions, deceptions and deceits of what lies ahead.  It is Truth which will open doors of understanding and possibilities allowing us to traverse the huge challenges we face.

Everything manifested in our world emanates from God.  Everything in our world including the Greater Community is interconnected.  The great problem Humanity has experienced for Millennia is that we neglect to see this interconnection.  This is what the World of Separation challenges us with: To remember the importance of the interconnection with Nature, all life and the role we all play in this unfolding creation. 

What has formed this interconnection of this creative masterpiece we call Life is the Power of God, the Power to Create.  What is important for us to understand is that all intelligent beings have this Power to Create as that of God.  All intelligent beings have free will.  And this Power to Create like God is non-judgmental and impersonal.

Anyone with the greatest intention can tap into this Power and manifest what they want. And most who do not understand how this Power to Create works are manifesting things in this world unconsciously.  The combination of intelligent beings of free will from the Greater Community with their own agendas, desires and intentions interacting with the Power to Create has manifested our world as we see it today, not God. 

It is important that we understand how the Universe works.  As the challenges mount, and they will, we owe it to ourselves and Humanity to start understanding our true essence as that of God, the true meaning of the World of Separation and why we are here.  We are blessed with immortality at our essence and God given powers to create.  We must use these powers to create that which we were destined to; to express, to manifest Divine Intention in this world as only we can.

With regard to the California drought.  It is the result of weather manipulation.  Climate engineering is the greatest affront to God.  The desire and belief that any intelligent being can manipulate Nature as designed by God for personal self-benefit is delusion.  Our weather has been manipulated for decades and it has totally disrupted the hydrological system of Nature.  It needs to stop. Start researching geoengineering here.

It is time to awaken our inner selves, our inner Knowledge.  It is time to light the fire.

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