Thursday, November 10, 2016

by Gary Rosenberg

“I am strong, I am brave, I am immortal”
                                                                                -Positive Affirmation

“If you won don’t gloat, if you lost don’t despair.  Treat others as you would yourself”
                                                                                -Shared on Facebook

This presidential election has exerted much energy on all of us and most of it has been negative through a barrage of negative thoughts and words.  Many of our friends are hurt and may be fearful.  It is during these times when I try to dig deeper and look at a much larger reality of humanity and the Universe.  As I do this I find comfort in knowing that I and the world around me will change as quickly as my next breath.  And, that I and all of us have the power to create positive realities every day.

This is a time to be fearless and call up our true essence which is Love.  I think it may be helpful to have a discussion on how our human manifestation of this presidential election plays a role in the wider human drama.  As I do this I will entertain some of the concepts discussed in my earlier writings, many of which have been attributable to resources cited in those posts where you can refer.

Politics is a very tribal activity.  Our tribes are the political parties we affiliate with.  We define our tribes and ourselves by our rules. We view  our rules as the right rules and generally the other party’s rules as the wrong rules.  In fact we make it even simpler:  I’m from party A and therefore I am right.  You are from party B so you are wrong.  This is an oversimplification, but is basically how politics is played out in our society.  Add egos and lust for power and you can understand the gridlock we have in Congress.

The Universe does not define right or wrong.  In fact the Universe (God, Universal Mind) remains non-judgmental.  Through the self –realization process or evolution of the Soul we get to experiment, make errors and discover or remember our true essence.  Ultimately, we are immortal – our essence, Soul or pure consciousness never dies only re-manifests itself in another form as the self-realization process continues eternally. This is an infinite process and is constantly changing.

The Universe does not punish us.  Any pain or punishment we experience we cause through our thoughts and actions through the laws of cause and effect or Karma and the law of attraction.  God does not punish us.  We are immortal and get to make as many errors as is required to grow and evolve spiritually.  God loves us unconditionally.  Any realities we experience through the self-realization process we create through the act of free will, not God.

The bottom line:  In God’s world (which is our world) we get to do whatever we want, make whatever errors we do, cause pain or joy, fear or love transition (die) and then get to try again infinitely.  Love is always there for us no matter who we are.  Everyone has a Soul and all of us are connected through our Souls. Our paths towards self-realization are all different, but they all lead to the same place – eventually.  And, whole societies are going through their self-realization processes and have established their own paths as we see through differing cultures.

Once we understand this we need not be fearful.  Fear keeps us from being the creative beings we are.  We get to practice our creative powers (through our thoughts) make mistakes, learn and continue on our path.  It is important to try and not be judgmental of others who are on their path.  This often requires forgiveness of our self and others. We need to forgive to detach our self from the negative energies of anger, fear and hatred.  When Gandhi was shot he gave the Hindu sign of forgiveness as he sank to the ground.  Practicing forgiveness is a powerful energy in the self-realization process and is a great connector to the Universe.

Now we can get back to the presidential election.  For decades there have been powerful people who through their thoughts and vision were creating a Globalist political, social and economic structure of control over whole societies.  I have written on this in past posts, so I will not go into detail here.  What we need to understand is that these Globalists have been able to exploit countries for their resources, labor and markets.  In this process they have gained much power and have concentrated power in numerous nations.  Essentially the Globalist power structure has limited the creative and intellectual power of individuals and sovereignty of nations.  What we are experiencing now is a wholesale rejection of this vision both in Europe and the US by those most disenfranchised by the Globalist agenda.

Think of this rejection as a demand by our collective Souls for the freedom (freewill) to choose whatever self-realization path we want.  This has manifested itself in unpredictable election results both in Europe and the US and will continue.  This is the drama playing out and as part of this human drama we all have a role to play.  Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Prime Minister Theresa May, individual voters, you, me and all of us have our roles.

However, this process can be a manifestation of fear or Love and I see a lot of fear.  Fearful people give up their power to others to solve their problems and deliver their hopes and dreams.  Fearful people make errors, act out in hate and anger and eventually may find themselves disappointed in their realities resulting in a “how did I get here” situation.  This is what I think is happening in our presidential election.

Let’s consider how we as a society with our collective thoughts may have manifested this election and its outcome.  By observing the physical manifestations in our American culture we can get a pretty good reading of the strongest thoughts permeating our society.  To keep it simple let’s draw up a list:

Reality TV
Numerous TV shows and movies with violence
Numerous movies about war
TV shows like ‘Pure Genius’ which show technology and technologists as the new gods
An education system which emphasizes the learning of technology to prepare for employment with corporations rather than teaching civics, logic, reasoning and critical thinking to develop an educated and knowledgeable citizenship
An ever increasing infatuation with technology and movement to integrate humans with this technology
Decades long efforts to manipulate the environment, weather, human genome and nature in general
Inner city deterioration in which the poor are left with drugs, crime, decrepit housing and schools with little hope of advancing their lives while we keep them dependent on government programs
A society focused on consumption and accumulation of material things
A fascination with spectacles
An obsession with making a lot of money and becoming a billionaire
A news media focused on bottom line profit over seeking and reporting the truth.  (Numerous media organizations while noting that Trump may not be good for the country, was great for their bottom line.)
A cult like fascination with guns
Major investments in our military, security agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA), camera surveillance and prisons

And, a large indifference for our democracy as illustrated by the recent data on the 2016 voter turn-out:
117 million eligible voters didn’t vote.  Of the 241 million people eligible to vote only 200 million registered.  51 to 52% or a bare majority voted this time.  (Thanks to my friend George Mokray for bringing this to my attention.)

Now, remember the list above is neither right nor wrong as far as the Universe is concerned and we must not pass judgement.  However, when thoughts manifesting this list of activities are generated over and over the law of attraction will manifest realities accordingly.  Greed, fear, material obsessions, ego centricity and lust for power; all of these are the overwhelming negative energies our society continuously sends out to the Universe.

This is not to forget the positive energies emanating from our society, but these are obviously not enough to affect the law of attraction or we would not be in the situation we are today.  If we are to change our manifested reality as a nation, we need to change our collective consciousness and this starts with a determined discussion of who we are as a nation.  This discussion needs to be spiritually driven, inclusive and nonjudgmental.  It requires a different type of leadership at all levels of society and may likely be received with fear and distrust.  It will be a challenging effort, but is necessary if we are to create a new vision and reality for our country.

So, what role Donald Trump will play in this drama as President of the United States we really do not know at this time (Full disclosure:  I voted for neither Trump nor Clinton).  Based on our observations of the campaign he tapped into a sea of fear from a large group of the electorate who viewed themselves as disenfranchised and ignored by the power elite and as victims of Globalization.  I don’t see Donald Trump as the change agent others do and believe he has been driven by ego rather than Soul.  This is not a judgement only an observation.  Keep in mind as we view events through the scope of the Universe there is no right or wrong.  Whatever actions Donald Trump takes will result in Universal consequences for him – at some point. 

In the larger Universe what is taking place now is an enormous amount of change for our world.  How we as a society respond to this change will help define who we are spiritually.  Will we continue in our tribal ways seeing things as black and white or will we work to empower each other to achieve our greatest goal which is spiritual growth?   

This is a hard question.  It requires us to reexamine the rules we set for ourselves, our communities and our country.  It requires us to stop looking at our Presidents and our political leaders to “save us” and rediscover and remember our own power to create the kind of realities we want.

I found no candidate who articulated a vision for who we are as society other than slogans directed to parts of the electorate they wanted votes from.   I believe this is because neither candidate has yet connected with their Soul and remains too attached to their ego. I found anger and vitriol tapping into the fears of people.  I found defensiveness, deceit and detachment to the real concerns of an electorate hungry for change.  If we are to empower those disenfranchised and all of us we need a vision coming from a deeper place within our collective Souls.

Empowering people means leading in a way that allows them to know their power to solve their own problems and that everyone has value as members of society and humanity.  This vision did not resonate from either candidate.  The negative energy from this presidential campaign overpowered the positive that was possible.  This is how we got the results we did.

In the scheme of the Universe what transpired in this election matters only in that it is a manifestation of thoughts.  It matters that we understand the power we have to create our realities whether our thoughts are derived from fear or Love.  It matters that we understand that each of us is a change agent and can affect what goes on in our lives and our communities.  It matters that we recognize that the events of November 8, 2016 are already changing.  It matters that we understand that this election is part of a larger consciousness of change in our world and that we always have the opportunity to direct our thoughts, energies and visions to create whatever realities we want. 

I know we ultimately are on a path to Good.  While this path is never ending we get to create Good at every point along the way.  The choice is ours.  If we err, we get to try again.  If we succeed we get to spread joy and Love.  Ultimately everyone wants this.  Many times they have to remember that they want this.  As we travel this path never despair, never fear, remember your power and your true self and enjoy the ride for God loves all of us unconditionally.  We are all immortal and the Universe is full of wonders and beauty we have yet to see.

Know you are powerful.  Know you are Love.

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  1. Hey Gary, I came across this blog and was gratified to see the direction you are going. It seems that since we last spoke (over a year at least) you have had the good fortune of passing through the golden door of universal awareness (despite the circumstances that might have led you there). You now see that your journey has not changed, only your perception of the journey. When last we spoke you were in a state of mild anxiety attributed to external concerns and health issues. Something obviously happened to awaken you to a greater reality. I pretty much agree with everything you've written but I especially enjoy the perspective in which you present your ideas. It is not so much from your head (although your thoughts are intellectually sound) but more from the inner self which we know is connected to the universal Whole. In our political discussions of the past, you were driven by a burning anxiety and fear of the conspiracies plaguing our society. Your awareness of the sociopathic personalities of the ruling classes produced a sense of heightened frustration. Now you seem calm and at peace with the reality of the situation and while you thankfully still feel the obligation to point out and report the conditions that surround us in the political world, you are now seeing it as part of an evolutionary process rather than a downward spiral towards despair. In any case, it would be good to reconnect at some point and discuss our mutual views of reality. Best, Bill