Monday, November 7, 2016

by Gary Rosenberg

Josh and Lizzie spent the majority of their young adult lives working in the hospitality business in the same town.  They made decisions leading them down this path working in the restaurant business which ultimately introduced them to each other.   Both in their early 30s, they knew “everyone” in the local restaurant scene and were involved in their community they called home.

Josh had recently been working the past seven years for a family establishment managing three of their eateries in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Lizzie had been working for an equal amount of time for a local Public House as their manager. They were both familiar with each of these local businesses including their owners.   Josh and Lizzie were well known and respected in their local industry and community.  You see, they both innately understood what it meant to offer service to others and their work and personal interactions exhibited this.  They were both highly successful making their respective employers highly successful.

Josh and Lizzie were a couple and shared many good times, work related ideas and dreams.  One day they were talking about having their own restaurant and asked themselves, “If we had our own place what would it look like.”  They both agreed it would be like The Commonwealth where Lizzie worked.

Several months later they both received a call from the owners of The Commonwealth saying that they were moving back to their home country and were selling their business – and they specifically wanted to sell it to Josh and Lizzie!

After four months of due diligence, securing a loan and engaging The Commonwealth’s employees in the transition process Josh and Lizzie became the new owners of the exact place they both dreamed of. 

Today the business is bustling, the customers are happy, the employees are happy and Josh and Lizzie are the proud and joyous owners of The Commonwealth.

Unbeknownst to Josh and Lizzie when they both came up with the thought and visualization of having a place like The Commonwealth they set in motion the events which made this dream a reality.  The owners could have chosen to put the business on the open market to see what kind of a (better) price they might have received with some competition for their offer.  The bank loan might not have been secured since neither Josh nor Lizzie had much savings for collateral.  The employees could have reacted with negativity.  Many different things could have happened to change the outcome.

However, Josh and Lizzie’s strong belief and detailed imagination in what they wanted and confidence that they could do it set in play Universal forces culminating in exactly what they chose.
What happened with Josh and Lizzie is only one example of the kind of power we all have.  How we create our reality is very simply through our thoughts. 

We all do this every day, mostly unknowingly and in many circumstances creating our realities both positive and negative.  The trick is controlling our thoughts so that the outcomes of these thoughts are what we want.  If we want positive outcomes we need to reject negative thoughts and only accept positive thoughts.  And for any reality we want to create our imagination needs to be as detailed as possible.

U.S Andersen takes us on a journey teaching us just how we can harness the power of our thoughts in his book, Three Magic Words.   What is important to remember is that whether we believe what Andersen has to say or not, the Universe still responds to our thoughts making realities every day.  So it behooves us to harness this power in a manner we choose or we will find ourselves asking, “How did we get here?”

As religious scriptures have told us, “God made us in his/her image.”  What this means is we have the powers to create just as God does.  (Note:  I am comfortable using the term God.  Others have chosen to refer to this Universal power as the Source, the One, the Universal Mind, the Creator and others.  However we reference this power, it is very real and we all are directly connected to it.)

When you look out on the World, keep in mind that this is Man’s creation. That is, God, giving us free will has allowed us to create that which we desire.  As I’ve discussed before, God does not judge us.  We get to create what we choose, though there are Universal laws and consequences for our creations/actions. (Do unto others as you would unto yourself.  What goes around comes around.)   In the everlasting process of Self-realization our Soul never dies, but re-manifests itself in new form to continue with the process.  This inability for our Soul to die is God’s unconditional love for his/her creation. Understanding and connecting with what is our true essence is why we are on this continual path towards Self-realization.  Through our thoughts we get to choose whether this process will be joyful or filled with pain and sorrow.

If Man’s world is full of distress it is because Man’s thoughts are filled with anger, pain, fear and sorrow.  Our media is bombarding us with negative thoughts every hour of every day. Unending wars and harm to others seems to be the reality set upon us.  Mostly this is because Man’s World is manifested by the thoughts accepted by the ego rather than the inner Self or Soul.  And yet there are those who exist in a world of seeming chaos who are happy, joyful and have created beautiful lives.

So, if we want to change the World, we first have to start with ourselves by paying attention to and changing our thoughts.  Create your own reality of beauty and by extension it will touch the World.

Know you are powerful, know you are Love.

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