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Part 3 – The List

By Gary Rosenberg

As I write this my state of California is burning, the country of Lebanon’s economy is in free-fall, Afghanistan has been abandoned by the U.S. after 20 years of self-serving fruitless intervention, the oceans are dying, our skies are covered by the filth of stratospheric aerosol  spraying of toxins, weather is being manipulated, reservoirs are drying up, the arctic ice continues to disappear, multiple species are becoming extinct and our military is terraforming the planet. 

We are faced with an existential threat from within and without which grows stronger every day and we remain fixated on the fear of Covid – 19. This is truly a sad statement of where humanity sits today.  We are under a mass mind-control operation unlike anything experienced in the history of Humanity’s evolution which will result in our mass extinction and we continue to deny this reality in the hope that our leaders will save us from ourselves.   I’ve discussed all of this with you before and these articles can all be accessed within my blog.

 I will not elaborate on this now.  What I will do is list the actions Humanity needs to take immediately or forfeit our sovereignty and existence as the Human Race forever.

Now is not the time to think that happy thoughts will save us.  That we need to raise our consciousness to a higher level to reach Nirvana.  That everything will turn out OK if we just do good things.  That some great wise leader will save us.  That somehow the disaster facing us will simply disappear. 

That’s not how this world works.  Know that we came from an Ancient Home of higher consciousness and entered the form of Humans for a purpose.  We are already immortal as that of God.  We are here to do work, not to escape.  We have a purpose and have been sent here by our Spiritual Family to fulfill it and help Humanity in its dire need.  We are not here on vacation.  When we leave here we go back to our Ancient Home to rest and consider what we did or did not accomplish.  If we did not accomplish our purpose – guess what, we come back. Now is the time to seek Truth and to act on it.  And, the time to do this is fast running out.


This really is a partial list and as you read through it you may see the need to add other items. It is in no particular order of importance.  The purpose of the list is to help us understand the work we need to do.  We have neglected much. Whatever work we choose to do will help the whole of Humanity and we must do this work with the greatest intention.

As individuals we need to do these things:


People become blind to their political beliefs.  This is a type of tribalism which no longer serves Humanity.  It has been manipulated to divide us among ourselves and keep us from the truth of what is going on in the world.  Know this and open yourself to the truth regardless of where it is presented.


Stop Being Distracted

Put down the cell phone, turn off the TV, let go of social media.  The subliminal messages in these media are powerful and attack your mind daily.

Seek Truth

Seek the truth about our world and who we really are.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to your environment.  Look up at the sky, look at the trees, look at the streams, look at the lakes and the oceans, look at the ground.  How much life do you see?  How much life do you no longer see?  What sounds do you now hear in your environment?  How does it smell?  Where do you find yourself spending most of your time?

Talk to each Other

Openly talk to each other about your observations, concerns, feelings, desires and fears.

Be Quiet

Take time to practice being  quiet and listen to your inner-self.  What is it saying to you?

Question Everything

Seek truth from your inner guidance system – from your inner Knowledge.  This is your connection with Divine Source.

Be Fearless

We are immortal as that of God.  We have nothing to fear.  We never die. What fears we do have are fabrications of our personal minds.  Our inner-mind or Knowledge is fearless.

Embrace Your Purpose

Openly ask the Divine Source, the Universe, what is your purpose? Why are you here?  What are you here to do?  Then be patient.  You will get your answer often in subtle ways.

As a collective Human Race we need to do these things:


This has been expressed in the past many times.  The fact is in The Greater Community and larger Universe we are considered one race, the Human Race.  The Universe sees us as one race.  It is we who insist on seeing ourselves as a divided people.  We view our diversity as division and this is the persistent mistake we make.  There is diversity among the Human Race just as there is diversity in Life. 

However, we are but one race, one species among a Universe of billions of races.  It is this misunderstanding that has been used to our disadvantage and has allowed us to be manipulated into fighting each other and destroying our planet in the process. If we are to have any chance of overcoming the greatest existential threats facing us (and there are many) we must unite as one Humanity sharing one planet with equal value and common interests. 

The longer we persist in our divisions the more certain our demise becomes.

Stop Exploiting the Planet’s Resources

We live in a finite physical world of form.  It has limits.  Those who preach the unlimited abundance of the Universe do not know what they are talking about.  Our world can only continue to provide for us if we act as good stewards in harmony with Nature.  We have not done this.

What is the biggest user of the world’s resources?  Technology.  If you explore The Greater Community you will discover that those worlds of higher intelligent races all experienced destruction of their resources due to their enslavement to technology and the unending requirement of natural resources to demand ever more minerals, water, land and energy for its development.

Technology is neither good nor bad.  It is how we use it and how much of it we demand for our civilization.  We are following the path of many failed civilizations of The Greater Community and this is not the model we want.

In addition to our love affair with technology we love to consume, especially the wealthy nations.  Simply put, this needs to stop.  Most of what we consume is unnecessary ‘stuff’ which we think makes us happy.  The absurdity of human overconsumption is beyond the pale.  It is simply ridiculous and mindless behavior.

 Manage Our Population

At 7.8 billion people and the consumption behaviors of the wealthy nations we are over carrying capacity. While poorer nations tend to have more children per family than do the rich, the rich consumption demands place a greater burden on the planet. 

There has been much discussed about the carrying capacity of the planet but the reality is we cannot continue to procreate as we have in a world of depleting resources.  Managing human populations is necessary.  The question is how it should be accomplished and who will make those decisions?

Work with Nature, Stop Trying to Control It

Mother Nature is messing with us. She’s a cruel mistress. Right now, there’s coronavirus. And SARS, Ebola, lightning, floods, locusts, poisonous snakes, poisonous spiders… all of these horrible things are products of Mother Nature.” John Cumbers, CEO, SynBioBeta

The above attitude which is prevalent with technologists is why our world has, for great reason, become what it is.  This is a consciousness of separation from God that is so prevalent in The Greater Community which is a whole Universe of separation from God.  We are currently part of this Universe and therefore influenced by it.  However, it is this consciousness which needs to change if Humans are to survive.

The consciousness of separation from God which deludes us into thinking we are ‘gods’ has emboldened people like John Cumbers to believe they can successfully manipulate Nature.  This is a “fool’s errand” and has manifested the dying planet we now find ourselves on.

Examples of manipulation of Nature include:

Genetic engineering including artificial intelligence, vaccines, gene therapy, artificial foods, GMOs, biolabs throughout the world creating new viruses for biowarfare and experimentation with all kinds of life. 

Geoengineering or the purposeful modification of the weather with disastrous results including totally disrupting our hydrological system.  There is no more natural weather.  It is all synthetic like so much of the world we have accepted. This is the major cause of ‘climate change’ the government and military do not want you to know about.

Creation of all kinds of chemicals and plastics for convenience.

And, the greatest affront to Nature, Transhumanism or the marriage of humans and machines.

All of this is happening now.  It is not science fiction and it has happened on our watch.  We have accepted it because we thought we wanted it or because we chose not to pay attention.  Now we need to pay attention and take corrective action.

Demand the U.S. Military Come Under Civilian Control

President Dwight Eisenhower warned us of the military industrial complex in his farewell address January 16, 1961.  Since this warning was ignored the U. S. military has raged hegemony over the world in the name of ‘freedom’ and democracy.  It is totally out of the control of our Congress and the people of our country and it has become its own super power.  Every new technology of consequence has been developed by and for the military and what has been handed to industry for consumer use (like cell phones) has a role in controlling populations.  If you want to understand just how powerful and pervasive the military has become read the book Under an Ionized Sky by Elena Freeland.

Stop Wars, Just Stop It

The Peace Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s is dead.  People have become totally complacent. Militaries across the globe directed by a small group of elites instigate wars for consolidation of resources and power.  This ongoing destruction in the face of a dying planet is pathetic.  War wastes necessary resources and is counter to Nature.  People across the globe need to come together and demand the end to war and hold those who instigate these crimes accountable.

Focus on Lives of Simplicity

With diminishing resources we will increasingly be required to live with much less.  Most of what we think we need, we don’t.  Simplicity does not mean boring.  In fact, with so much work to do to heal our communities and the world, life will be anything but boring if we accept what we need to do together to help salvage whatever is left of Humanity on a dying planet. 

A life of simplicity focuses on what we need and not on some manipulated idea on what we should want.  Simplicity means an appreciation for what Nature gives us with the intention to perpetuate this relationship as good stewards. 

We have left Nature.  We have left God.  We have become lost in a world of separation from God with no idea of why we are here and no interest to find out.  We may attempt to ‘find’ God with all kinds of spiritual promises of ascension, meditative practices and thinking good thoughts.  Yet, our world grows deeper into a consciousness of separation. 

Additional Challenges on the to-do List

This is an additional list of problems we have created which need to be addressed so you can understand the urgency of changing our priorities and doing the necessary work of ‘righting our ship.’

Nuclear waste all over the planet

Nuclear power plants which can go into melt-down anytime like Fukushima (still not resolved) and Chernobyl.

Unregulated genetic engineering

Soil depletion and decay

Oceans dying

The Militarizing of our ionosphere and troposphere (Star Wars)

Food shortages which will only grow with instigated droughts caused by geoengineering.

Water shortages

Ozone depletion

Alien intervention to control our planet with the help of self-appointed human ‘elites.’   (I have written about this before.)

There is a reason for all of what is manifesting in our world at this time and only those with the greatest desire to know Truth will make the effort to find out what this is.  Only those with the greatest desire to know Truth will seek the answers to what their purpose is and then get on the path to fulfill it.

The challenges we face are so vast that it will take many of us with determined fearlessness to carry Humanity forward. In order to do this we need to know the truth of our world no matter how hard it is to accept and stop running away in denial.  We need to know that we are not here to escape.  We came here as spiritual beings on a mission to reclaim ourselves and others from the consciousness of separation from God.  We came here to do God’s work and at some point we all return to our Ancient Home to rest and take on our next mission and then the next mission and the next.

We are eternal creations of God with great power and Knowledge as that of God.  It is time we act as God’s creation and wake up from our slumber; reject the mind control of the consciousness of separation and connect with our inner mind – our soul. 

No matter what influences from the Greater Community have intervened in our Humanity, we all still carry God’s Light.  It is what makes us who we are.  It is this Light which gives the Greater Community hope that we spiritual beings in Human form will rise up and take back our sovereignty as the Human Race.  That we will fulfill ourselves as one of the wise worlds of the Greater Community and evolve into an expression of God’s Grace.

These are simply words from a humble member of the Human Race expressed with the hope that at least some who read them might be moved to act.  For it is action we need to take and it is action with the right intention which can yet move Humanity in the right direction.

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