Monday, August 16, 2021



By Gary Rosenberg


What are the ways to get to Knowledge?  What are the ways to discern the true from the false?   It is Knowledge which shows the way to Truth.

To gain Knowledge one must first desire Truth. One must set the intention to seek Truth.

To activate Knowledge, one must practice seeking Truth. 

One must trust God, the Universe and our Teachers.

One must be observant without judgment and pay attention to one’s inner knowing.

In our world of form, of 3D there is much deception, half-truths and illusions all for the purpose of individual self-benefit.  This is due to our separation from God which makes us feel separate from each other, Nature and The Greater Community.

In order to gain access to Knowledge we have to accept our interconnection with everything.  We have to accept that our thoughts and actions affect the wider Universe including the Greater Community.  We have to try and think about how our thoughts and actions affect the Whole.

Seeking truth in our world means asking questions of those we engage with, of ourselves, of our Teachers and of the Universe.  Always seek validation of any statement of truth.

Know that Truth is neither good nor bad.  It is Truth.  Our world is part of God’s Creation which has certain Laws and Truths.  The Universal Laws are always enforced and it is these Laws we need to reference when seeking true from false.

For example, the Universal Law of Oneness tells us that everything is connected.  Nothing goes untouched by what we do, say or think.  What we do on this planet affects the wider Universe in terms of energy, thoughts and manifestations.

Gaining access to Knowledge requires a confidence in ourselves to know what is true or false.  To accept what is real and to embrace this reality as Truth.  Living in denial does not change the Truth and only keeps us from doing the work we are here to do.

There is a bridging of the physical and the spiritual/energy/consciousness worlds.  The physical world is comprised of manifestations or expressions of consciousness/intention. Quantum Physics has shown us this.

Our intuition or sixth sense is a way we can discern true from false.  It can be a feeling or simply ‘knowing.’  To gain Knowledge we must practice this sense or knowing and pay attention how often we are correct or not.

There are those in the world who speak truth.  We need to pay attention to those we gravitate to and validate if what they say or teach is true or false or half -truths.

 Be willing to experience new things, meet new people, listen to ideas without judgment.

Be willing to take risks.

Become a good listener:  Listen to other people, listen to your Teachers, listen to your Inner Self.


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