Thursday, September 19, 2019


Geoengineering is No Longer a Conspiracy Theory  

We have been duped for decades.  No matter what your understanding of the climate change debate, whatever your concerns may or may not be with regard to this issue there is a major component not be discussed which is exponentially more threatening to our way of life than anything you might think you know. What I am referring to is the greatest affront to Nature that Humanity has manifested since its inception here on Earth.

What I’m talking about takes place right in front of our eyes every day and yet people are totally unaware. What I am referring to is being supported by our government and other major governments across the globe. The full ramifications of this blatant act of human domination is not even fully understood by its proponents. The results of this manifested human action produce toxins which permeate all aspects of our life: Food, soils, water, air, plants, trees and all living species including humans. 

You’re probably thinking, “This must be some crazy conspiracy theory, some nutty people trying to conjure up fear in populations – it can’t possibly be our government is purposely causing such damage to us, can it?” “Who in their right mind would want to do something like this?”
Geoengineering is no longer a conspiracy theory as you will read below. Since the earliest days of human discourse, there has been the desire to control Nature.  My work in Metaphysics is exploring this.  Unfortunately, with advances in technology Humanity has found methods of controlling certain aspects of Nature resulting in imbalances which threaten our very existence. 

For the last 70 years, so called scientists have been using technology to manipulate the weather.  This purposeful manipulation of the weather is called Geoengineering. It allows those who have control of this technology to enhance, direct, stall and speed up weather conditions such as hurricanes through stratospheric spraying of nano particles of heavy metals and microwave blasts.  It also allows the weather controllers to create fake snow, ice and hail through a process called chemical ice nucleation.

This Human desire to control the weather has exacerbated whatever else has been done to our environment by other anthropogenic activity. If all this other activity were to suddenly end and Geoengineering continued, our planet would still be in dire straits.

Geoengineering is the greatest existential threat we face today short of total nuclear catastrophe and has been purposely eliminated from public debate by every major institution including major environmental organizations.  Now that our government has been spraying our skies with toxic nano-particles of aluminum and other metals for decades, corporate media is now saying that geoengineering might be necessary, though not necessarily a good thing. 

What was once thought of as a conspiracy theory is now coming to light in so called “trusted” media, though not in a forthright manner. The desire to deceive is great as is the desire to dominate and with the skies laden with a milky white, the ruling elite now is seeking ways to explain away what damage they have done for decades. The power of those who are promoting this effort is that great.

There is one organization which has been researching and advocating this issue on behalf of all Humanity for nearly 20 years.  That is  This organization has a repository of information on this issue unsurpassed in its detail and relevance.  They have also helped to pass anti-geoengineering legislation for the state of Rhode Island and continue to work to educate the public and our leaders.

I have been personally studying this issue for five years and connecting it with the human desire to dominate which has permeated our world for the last 6,000 years.  It is now time for all of us to awaken to our own power to create the world we want, purposely seek the truth of who we are and shift the collective consciousness of Humanity towards the Goodness of the Divine.  I will discuss this further in the next post.

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