Thursday, September 19, 2019


The interest in Geoengineering is growing as people become aware and begin to realize how they have been deceived.  You can view the documentary Hacking the Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality on YouTube.  Currently, CSNBC is framing Geoengineering as something we might consider, while the practice has actually been going on for decades.

I would like to share some thoughts on this topic with respect to my broader work in metaphysics.  Consider that Humans are co-creators as that of the Divine.  We have the power to manifest form in this world of the Earth School with our thoughts interacting with Law – the Universal Laws. We have been given the gifts of free-will and immortality as our true essence.   All of us are creators of our world either consciously or unconsciously.  With such power comes the responsibility to understand how we create and to do so based on the Divine’s wishes which is to manifest the Love, Goodness and Beauty the Divine shines on us every day.  And, to recognize the importance of Law as it teaches us the interconnection of everything in the Universe:  All is One.  What we do to others we do to ourselves.

We are all that of the Divine. That is to say as Divine Creation expands infinitely, somewhere in this process God desires to create Humanity.  Kabbalah talks of the Creature God creates called Adam (Human in Hebrew). This is a purely metaphysical creature of consciousness (I refer to as Human Creative Consciousness or HCC) of which we are all pieces.  This creature was designed to co-create with the Divine in the never ending and expanding creation process.  Six thousand years ago HCC made a metaphysical mistake with the desire to be God, which it could not do and as the Kabbalah story goes, its soul shattered into 600,000 pieces which I view as 600,000 pieces of separation from God and today has grown to 7.5 billion pieces of separation.

This desire to be God has revealed itself in our world as the desire to dominate and all the manifestations of Human domination which has created our world today.  Manifestations of the desire to be God in our world can be seen as:  The desire to dominate manifested in men (which I am still researching), the sense of separation not only from God but from all living things and people, the desire to dominate peoples of all kinds, the desire to dominate markets, the desire to dominate discourse, the desire to accumulate things many times more than what we need, the desire to dominate the world resulting in billions of people, perpetual wars and the desire to dominate Nature.  This desire to dominate is Humanity’s greatest mistake and the cause of much unnecessary pain and struggle.

Geoengineering or Climate Engineering is Humanity’s ultimate manifestation of the desire to dominate, particularly Nature.  While all anthropomorphic activity based on the desire to dominate has and continues to cause much damage to our world, I view Geoengineering as the purposeful act of manipulating Nature – in this case the weather.  And, for 70 years the conscious desire to dominate has done a lousy job of manipulating Nature resulting in total disruption of our hydrological system, the destruction of the ozone layer, the stratospheric spraying of toxic nano-particles of metals and our near- term collapse if we do not shift our consciousness soon.

With such dire results of our deep- seated consciousness to dominate, what can we do?  Let’s remember how powerful we are.  We collectively created this world and we collectively can change it. Remember our power to co-create.  Remember our free-will and remember we are immortal.
This means that in the Earth School we get to come back again and again until we learn the lessons necessary to create a world of love and joy as the Divine wishes for us. Part of how we shift our collective consciousness is to shift our own consciousness.  This shift requires Conscious Creation. Conscious Creation is necessary if we are to achieve a critical mass of consciousness to make the shift away from domination and separation and towards cooperation and Oneness.

By first understanding our powers to co-create and purposely living by the Universal Laws we can begin to be aware of how our thoughts and actions affect others.  We can begin to look for the consciousness behind any of the manifestations in our world today.  Personally, I find I read and listen to the news totally different today than I did before I shifted my own consciousness 4 ½ years ago.

In my mind, Geoengineering is the culmination of all the mistakes that the Human consciousness of domination has manifested.  It interconnects with all that the consciousness of domination and separation has resulted in the last 6,000 years that has triggered a continuum of cause and effect which is now exponentially affecting all life on the planet.

Innately we all know this.  Most people choose not to face our mistakes as parts of Humanity because it elicits emotions of fear and guilt.  This is why we need to forgive ourselves, forgive others and have compassion for all that has been affected by our collective desire to dominate.  We need to purposely shift our consciousness towards Oneness, interconnection, collaboration, acceptance, adaptation to an interconnected world, love, joy and move forward with the knowledge that we have the power to make a difference once we choose to make such a shift in consciousness a priority.

This can all be a challenge. The desire to dominate is strong and “All is not as it seems” as there is much untruth in the world today.  We have to continue to question what is spoken and research that which we desire truth.  This is why I am engaging folks in discussion and encourage you to explore this more at  New information on this issue is coming out through corporate media now which is totally deceptive claiming that Geoengineering may have to be used when it is in practice every day in our skies now.

I need to be clear here that I am not trying to paint a picture of gloom and doom.  While we are fast approaching a world much different than that which we lived in the past or even today, we are all immortal and can take solace in the fact that we can choose to do what we wish – with the corresponding results from the Universal Laws.  We get to try again.  However, as we each individually make the shift of consciousness a higher priority, we each receive the results of such desire.  If we continue to ignore our mistakes for whatever reason, the Universal Laws will respond in kind. That’s just how the Laws work. 

Remember, behind everything is a consciousness.  The dominant consciousness today is quickly manifesting an uninhabitable world.  Before we can change that which we manifest in our world we need to raise our consciousness, recognize our true essence as That of God, know our power to co-create, know the Divine loves us unconditionally and fearlessly seek truth.  Even in the midst of such challenges we can still experience joy as we continue to learn in the Earth School, for joy is what the Divine intended for us.  From struggle comes joy as we understand our true essence as co-creators and fully embrace the power and responsibility of that which we are.

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