Sunday, January 27, 2019

by Gary Rosenberg

"Hi Gary, I hope you are well. Interesting day today. Prayers answered!!! I got a phone call from my son. We haven't talked in over 12 years. He has been unsuccessful at getting my phone number from his mom's side of the family. Their sole aim was to cast me away, and it worked. The other day he found an old copy of my NY driver's license. He thought his girlfriend could use it to locate me, and it worked. He called the house phone today, talked with his grandmother and she gave him my number. We had a great hour- long conversation followed by texting each other pictures. It almost feels surreal. Did this just happen? I kept it together all through my conversation with my son, then just collapsed emotionally right after. What a beautiful moment. Then earlier today I randomly picked my own $25 gift card at work followed by being named September employee of the month which landed me another gift card. And I saw two rainbows yesterday. I won't lie, the last week saw some agitation, frustration, confusion over right livelihood etc but Infinite Intelligence is definitely manifesting some things. Be well Coach."

Mark, Life Coaching Client

I have not written in months and apologize for this long lapse, especially with the ambitious agenda I outlined at the beginning of the year.  However, Life chose another direction for me and I followed. 
I have been focusing my attention as a Life Coach incorporating the powers of the metaphysical or spiritual world in manifesting realities in our world.  The quote above from a client describes just one of the results he has experienced in harnessing his own power to co-create in his life.  Mark has made incredible progress in his own spiritual self-realization and is happier than he has ever been. 

I have taken all that I have studied, practiced and meditated on and now share this with those ready to receive and use this knowledge for their own growth in all aspects of their lives.  The exciting part of this venture is what I have learned I can now teach to others with good results. 

What I do as a Life Coach is what so many sages, mystics, spiritual leaders, Yogis, Gurus and others have been doing for millennia.  I have simply chosen to follow their lead in extending this practice to others.  Essentially, I am now taking all that I have written about and practiced to purposely help others co-create their own lives.

It has all been very exciting. Now I am ready to share more thoughts with all of you.
As we celebrate the New Year let us take time to reflect on our connectedness with others, Nature and all Creation.  For Moses,  Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and all spiritual leaders, teachers and prophets have consistently been sent to guide us towards out true essence which is Love, Oneness and our connection with all that the Divine has created.

In 2019 I will share concepts, ideas and teachings revealed to me which will take us on a journey into the metaphysical world of thought, co-creation, consciousness, joy, pain and all that we as humans co-create with the Universal Creative Consciousness which is what we call God.

As our world manifests itself in what seems like chaos it becomes more important to understand just how we, through our connection with the Human Creative Consciousness have created the world we live in today.  And, given our gift of free will, how we can and must change it – bring it back into balance.

We have the power to individually and collectively do this, just as Mark found the power to individually change his life.

 - Gary


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